Ambassador of Germany: Russia should pay Ukraine if it refuses to supply gas

German Ambassador: Russia must pay Ukraine for refusal to supply gas

Anka Feldgusen advised Independent to become both a producer and exporter.

German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldgusen made a resounding statement.

According to the diplomat, Russia should start paying if it no longer intends to use Kiev's gas transit services.

At the same time, she believes Ukraine would still be in danger of going without transit, as Europe plans to roll out blue fuel within 15 years.

In a conversation with journalists, Anka Feldguzen recommended Kiev to change the energy system and become not only a producer, but also an exporter of energy.

& # 8220; Transit & # 8211; it's always bad because you can stop it. To produce, to be a major exporter for Europe & # 8211; this is much more important than & # 8221;, & # 8211; she said in an interview on & # 8220; Radio NV & # 8221 ;.

According to Feldgusen, Germany plans to put pressure on & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; with the aim of extending the transit contract concluded in 2019 for an additional 5 to 10 years.

She stressed that the fuel transit through Ukraine & # 8220; will end soon & # 8221 ;.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the United States and Ukraine named the pipeline & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221; an energy threat to Europe.


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