Banks of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia have suspended work with Russian Mir cards

Banks of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia suspended work with Russian “Mir” cards

The reasons for this decision are given.

At the end of last week, the largest Turkish banks Is Bankasi and DenizBank stopped supporting and managing cards from the Russian payment system “Mir”.

As RIA Novosti explained in the East Bankasi Help Center, such a decision was taken in the context of the sanctions policy of the United States and Great Britain towards Russia.

At the same time, Denizbank ATMs simply return the card after reporting an error in the ATM transaction.

Meanwhile, after Turkish banks, the decision on the suspension of service cards “Mir” also accepted at People's Bank of Kazakhstan (Halyk Bank) and Vietnamese BIDV.

The press services of the two banks confirmed this information, and also explained that the financial organizations serve Mastercard, VISA, Western Union, JCB payment cards and UnionPay, but “World” not in the lists.

Their service is not carried out by vending machines or terminals.

Also about the suspension of the service “Mir& #8221; announced in Armenia. The Central Bank of Armenia explained that commercial banks in the country take this decision independently and also because of sanctions.

Meanwhile, at the request of “Izvestia' 8221; the Central Bank of the Russian Federation explained that foreign partners themselves decide on the management of the infrastructure for accepting “Mir” cards.

But the Bank of Russia indicated that it plans to continue to maintain a dialogue about expanding the geography of card acceptance.

ATOR, in turn, advised Russians to #39;take money with them when visiting or on business trips.


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