Bloomberg: Russia's first default since 1918

Bloomberg : Russia has defaulted for the first time since 1918

According to American journalists, Russia has defaulted on its sovereign debt in foreign currencies.

The American agency Bloomberg published an article in which it reported that Russia had defaulted on its sovereign debt in foreign currencies.

According to reporters, the grace period to pay about $100 million in arrears ended last night on government bonds.

If payment doesn't #39;has not been transferred, the situation is considered a default.

The agency calls this the first default of the Russian Federation on foreign debt since 1918.

< p>At that time, the Bolsheviks who came to power did not pay the debts of the Russian Empire.

The statements of the agency were denied in Russia.

< p>According to financial analyst Mikhail Belyaev, a default is impossible in Russia, because the country has money, although it has recognized obstacles to payment.

The The analyst admitted the possibility of a technical default and noted that the country could be subject to selective default.

“Default means that according to some rating agencies , we are on the default list, we will not be able to place new issues of our eurobonds”, – quotes expert.

He noted that this threat would not affect the Russian economy, since now the placement of euro -bonds is generally impossible.

Previously, TopNews wrote that Bloomberg said that Russia is on the verge of default.

American journalists announced a technical default.< /p> Join our VK group to keep up to date with events in Russia and around the world


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