Brits switch to reusable toilet paper

Britons switch to reusable toilets paper

Prices of hygiene products have risen by 33%,

Ordinary Britons have felt the consequences of the economic crisis that has arisen against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions.

< p>Thus, the prices for toilet paper increased by 33%, in the end, the inhabitants were advised to use a machine washable and reusable one.

According to the British edition of The Mirror, the maker said a fortune can be saved on new paper.

Erase used paper should be in the machine with hot water. You can first soak the “ecological” product in vinegar or a solution twice a week.

Skeptics said that “it is dangerous for health and unsanitary” , some are ready to run away from customers if they see such a product in the toilet.


And the journalist Vladimir Kornilov in his TG channel asked about how to wash the British, ie. are they ready to wash the product with the laundry.

Britons switch to reusable toilet paper

People are also concerned about the increase in cremation services. Now the price has risen by more than 1,000 pounds at a time.

The Japanese have started to pay much more for salmon and caviar in sushi than before, because the Federation of Russia has banned flights over its territory.

< p>How total – We're struggling to deliver our favorite products.

Britons switch to reusable toilet paper

Topnews has previously reported that Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper in reason for Russian gas.< /p>


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