Bloomberg: EU Found Reasons to Borrow Russian Assets for Kyiv's Needs

Bloomberg: EU Found Reasons to Borrow Russian Assets for Kyiv Needs

Publication Says There Are Risks of Losses, Not profits.

EU lawyers have informed EU countries that there are legal grounds to use at least 33.8 billion euros of Bank of Russia assets , which were frozen during the sanctions.

According to the EU legal service, they can be transferred to Ukraine to restore the country. According to Bloomberg, citing sources, the condition of such an agreement will be the absence of expropriation of assets. That is, in any case, the principal amount of assets and interest on it will have to be returned to the Russian Federation.

On Wednesday, January 25, lawyers discussed this possibility with the ambassadors of European countries. It turned out that there are risks that instead of profiting from the new management of funds, losses will occur, and then they will have to be compensated against the funds of the company. #39;EU and member countries of the Union.

< p>Recall that the EU and the G7 countries were looking for a way to use the frozen Russian assets for the expenditure of restoration of Ukraine, but they did not find a legal basis.

Brussels offered to pool all the funds, then try to earn on them, and spend the difference on Kyiv.

The edition reports that experts estimate the assets of Russians abroad at 300 billion dollars, or about 33.8 billion dollars – they are deposits in Europe.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the European Commission had proposed the creation of a structure that would manage the frozen Russian assets.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the EU actions are nothing but, like “stealing”.


Germany has declared full independence from Russian energy carriers

L&#39 ;Germany has announced full independence from Russian energy sources

The Minister of Finance has proposed a new agreement between the “liberal democracies”.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner in a media interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos said that Germany has overcome its dependence on energy resources that were previously supplied by Russia.

As he said in an interview with BBC reporters, which appeared on January 19, Germany is still dependent on imported energy, but Russia is not among the suppliers, and Russian imports do not affect the country's energy situation.

Dependence remains only on “world markets”, Lindner stressed.

According to the Minister, Germany has gone to the resumption of local coal-fired power plants and plans to open three nuclear power plants have been postponed.

< p>In addition, the authorities have increased the capacity which has been granted to the storage of natural gas supplied from abroad, in particular – from Norway and the United States.

Lindner said that Germany understood that after Chancellor Angela Merkel the country needed to strengthen its competitiveness.

Talking about the Merkel period, he said that then the country was developing “the forces of the past”.

“Now we are developing the forces of the future”, he stressed.

< /blockquote>

Recall that Germany refused to import Russian oil at the beginning of 2023, gas stopped flowing from the German side after the sabotage of the Nord Stream & #8220; gas pipeline.

In addition, the head of the German finance ministry called for a global trade agreement between several liberal democracies and for the restoration of relations with the United States, born of the law aimed at reducing inflation.

Lindner called for stopping “competition” between the parties on the amount of the subsidies. This can become a threat to the stability of public finances in Europe, the minister believes.

'We don't need a trade war, we need trade diplomacy', & #8211; he said.

As TASS recalls, the Inflation Act passed in the United States gave large subsidies to companies – manufacturers of electric vehicles, batteries and energy equipment, provided the goods are manufactured in the United States. In Europe, they decided it was the harbinger of a transatlantic trade war.

According to the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the EU should form a Union protectionist policy in response to American economic innovations.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that from February 1, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Federation from Russia, oil supplies below the ceiling established by the EU and the United States are prohibited.


In the United States, they spoke of the “suspicious actions” of the oligarchs of Russia shortly before the start of the NWO

The United States spoke about the “suspicious actions” of the oligarchs of Russia shortly before the start of the OSV

Shortly before the start of the operation special, the number of asset transfers from Russia to the United States has increased sharply.

Before the start of the NWO, Russian officials and businessmen carried out a number of “suspicious transactions”, which may indicate attempts to evade sanctions.

< p>US authorities released a report on international transfers made by Russian billionaires in early 2022.

According to the documents, from January to April 2022, there was a sudden stop in the volume of transfers, and some large owners have transferred assets to children and relatives.

According to FinCen analysts, the volume of such transactions is estimated at billions of dollars, and in most cases it is not known where these funds come from in Russia, and it is not clear if they can be associated with corruption.

One of the suspects on the suspect list seriously increased credit card spending in Switzerland from December 2021 to February 2022.

According to some reports, the money was spent on luxury and art.

Purchases were made until the start of the NWO and the imposition of sanctions.

In the beginning of 202 For 2 years, a number of large entrepreneurs sent large transfers to their relatives who live abroad, including in the United States. United States.

For example, the child of a businessman living in the United States received $1 million as a transfer last February.


Recall that the CBO started on February 24 2022.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the conversation between Zelensky and Macron on February 24 was leaked on the web.

The excerpt appeared in the documentary cinema .


Media: February 5 Europe awaits new shock linked to Russia

Media: Feb. 5 Europe expects new shock associated with Russia

According to Chinese journalists, EU awaits epic fiasco, despite mild winter .

The Italian media reported that on February 5, 2023, Europe will face a new problem because of the Russian Federation.

Violet Silvestri, journalist for Money, managed to these conclusions.

She noted that due to the reduction in natural gas prices, the European Union was able to breathe a sigh of relief, but now the countries of the Old World are facing a new shock, as the ban on the transport of Russian petroleum products, including diesel fuel, comes into force on February 5, 2023.

Silvestri wonders where the European Union will take the missing fuel, pointing to a another shock in the energy sector.

The new ban on the import of petroleum products from Russia was the result of the European embargo on Russian crude oil by way of maritime.< /p>

A year earlier, the European Union supplied around 220 million barrels of diesel fuel from Russia, which is essential for the European economy.

&#8220 ;Replacing the amount of Russian fuel equivalent to around 14,000 Olympic swimming pools filled with diesel is a major challenge”, – writes Violet Silvestri.

Due to the sanctions, Russia may reduce its production, including diesel fuel, which may lead to its shortage in the world and a sharp increase in the price of this type of fuel.< /p>

p> < p>Against this background, it has become clear that the world economy is no longer in danger of recession, which means an increase in energy demand and even greater difficulties for the EU to find a substitute for Russian fuel.

Meanwhile, the Chinese edition of Sohu writes that Russia may punish the EU for its gloating over hot weather and cheaper gas.

Thanks to hot weather in Europe, fuel consumption has decreased and its cost has decreased. However, journalists consider that the EU's joy in this regard is premature, and the euphoria will be replaced by panic over the “epic fiasco”; region.

Thus, the current warm winter does not mean the absence of problems for the European Union in the future, and the region remains dependent on Russian gas supplies. At the same time, Brussels has no new blue fuel suppliers and, apparently, this is not expected.

“Even if the Europe is surviving safely this winter, how will it survive the next one?” – Chinese journalists are interested.

In the context of energy austerity, the European economy cannot exist for long, because the European Union needs energy. 39;a stable supply of cheap fuel that Russia can provide.

Chinese The publication recommends that Europe quickly restore relations with Moscow, because the coming winter could get worse. ;turn out to be much colder than this.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Putin allowed hostile countries to pay their debt for gas in foreign currency.

An account special will be created for this purpose.

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Media: Kazakhstan failed to establish oil supplies bypassing Russia in 2022

Media: Kazakhstan has been unable to organize oil supplies bypassing Russia in 2022

Previously, authorities in Kazakhstan have advocated repeatedly looking for alternative routes.

Kazakhstan authorities failed to organize oil supply bypassing the Russian Federation last year.

As written” Izvestiya”, Kazakh authorities have repeatedly spoken of finding alternative supplies of black gold bypassing the Russian Federation.

However, the tankers could not find routes that would suit the direction.

According to the publication, finding such routes can take years and huge investments, which are estimated at billions of dollars.


According to the authors of the document, Kazakhstan has several means possible ways to source oil by bypassing the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).

Among these routes, journalists cite the increase in rail supplies through Russia, the transportation of oil through Azerbaijan with the subsequent delivery of fuel through the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku-Supsa pipelines, as well that an increase in supplies to China and Iran.

Recall that the geopolitical situation and its own But there are problems with the CPC, whose pipeline connects the ;western Kazakhstan at the port of Novorossiysk.

In March last year, berths were damaged in the port of Novorossiysk due to a storm, and in June shells from the Great Patriotic War were found in the water area.

As a result, the transportation of oil through the pipeline was stopped by the decision of the Primorsky District Court of Novorossiysk.

Previously TopNews wrote that the head of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry s refused to help Russia.

According to Mukhtar Tleuberdi, the country does not support sanctions against the Russian Federation, but it will not help Moscow to circumvent them either.< /p>


What will change from January 1, 2023 in Russia: the media called the laws that came into force on New Year's Eve

What will change from January 1, 2023 in Russia: the media called the laws that came into effect from the New Year< /p> For waste disposal, you risk losing your vehicle.

In keeping with tradition, packages of new laws come into force on January 1 of the New Year in Russia. In particular, the deputies tried to finalize previous bills and make life easier for Russians from the first days of 2023.

Moskovsky Komsomolets reported on the new bills that entered into force on January 1, 2023.

A term for the Ribbon of St. George

MPs have determined the procedure for using the Ribbon of St. George. You can use it during public celebrations dedicated to Victory Day or when the purpose is to perpetuate the memory of Russian soldiers. They were authorized to wear it both at patriotic events and at “other” events (which ones, it is not specified).

The law does not describe how or on what you can wear the St. George ribbon. But the responsibility for the public desecration of the tape is determined. I will punish the Russians, as for the public desecration of other symbols of Russia's military glory.

The offender may be subject to a fine of up to 3 million rubles or a prison term of up to 3 years.

News for Judges

From January 1, 2023, several laws come into force that facilitate the process in court. For example, judges were only allowed to read in court the introduction and operative part of the verdict.

The procedure for conducting trial court hearings by videoconference is also prescribed. In a remote format, it will also be possible to hold a meeting to choose a restraint measure for the detainee. The judge himself, the defendant and his lawyers can request such a meeting format.

Confiscation of trucks for illegal dumping

In Russia, in From January 1, 2023, he was allowed to record on photo and video the dumping of garbage from motorcycles, trucks in the wrong places. Violators will be prosecuted and risk confiscation of the vehicle.

The initiator of the bill was the authorities of the Moscow region, which suffer from landfills along the roads and in the forest. Fines for ordinary citizens who throw trash in the wrong place have been increased in summer 2022.

When photographing and fixing a driver violation video , and also if he cannot prove that he was not driving, he will have to pay a large fine – up to 120,000 rubles (per legal entity).

Ministers of the regions will report on corruption attempts

From January 1, 2023, in Russia, heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be required to report any attempts of corruption to the leadership. Those who report attempted bribery are promised state protection.

Apartment owners will know who is registered with them

From January 1, 2023, apartments owners of premises in Russia will be able to obtain data about those who are registered in their houses, apartments – permanently or temporarily.

According to the old laws, the owner can rent its premises to citizens or organizations, but to find out who is registered there, if registered not agreed, impossible. As soon as the request for registration was received by the police, it was forwarded to the registered person and he had to give his consent.

News from the media2

Housing transactions became an event dangerous – it was impossible to find out who was registered in the apartment. There were also problems when receiving an inheritance.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in October 2022 a bill was submitted to the State Duma. #39;State, according to which it was proposed to exempt those who had not served from mobilization.

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Putin allowed hostile countries to pay their gas debt in foreign currency

Putin allowed hostile countries to pay their gas debts in foreign currency

The decree on this subject was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing Russian gas suppliers to hostile countries to accept payment of debts for fuel supply in foreign currency.

Amendments were included in Executive Order “ Russian natural gas suppliers”.

According to the document published on the legal information portal, a special account will be created to accept settlements.

It will be opened in a foreign country currency that was previously specified in the fuel supply contract – natural gas.

At the same time, accepting payments in foreign currency will not be the basis for changing the payment procedure, which requires paying for gas supplies in rubles. And this is not a reason to renew contracts on the old terms.

Recall that the introduction of payments in rubles was approved in Russia in March 2022 and entered into force in April.

The conditions affected hostile Russian states that disagreed with the Russian NWO in Ukraine.

After the introduction of new conditions, a number of them refused Russian fuel.

However, already in June of this year, as reported by ROFILE. RU, most of “Gazprom” switched to the ruble payment system.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Uzbekistan rejected the idea of ​​a gas deal with Russia and Kazakhstan in early December .

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Russians will be forced to pay tax on deposits in 2023

Russians will be forced to pay a tax on deposits at the end of 2023

Izvestia found out how the new free fees will be calculated.

In the new year 2023, Russians will have to pay tax on deposit income for the first time.

Thus, the new free payment will cover income from deposits. interest in the amount of 75,000 per annum. The condition will be the leading rate, which should not exceed 7.5% for the time being.

As they write “Izvestia”, the tax will be charged at a rate of 13%, and will be invoiced according to the rates in force. The calculation of the maximum interest income that will not be taxed will also change.

Previously, to calculate its amount, it was necessary to multiply 1 million rubles by the level of the key interest rate at the beginning of the year. 39;year. Now, when calculating the key rate, the key rate will be taken into account for the whole year.

Accordingly, according to the publication's experts, Russians will pay for income received in 2023 until December 2024.

Second change: when calculating the tax, it is not the amount of installments that will be taken into account, but only the income received by the citizen .

Recall that the initiator of the new tax in 2020 was Russian President Vladimir Putin. The first payment of the new tax was due to be made this year, but authorities have exempted Russians from payment amid the current economic situation.

As Topnews wrote in January of this year, the tax on deposits will affect Russians with deposits of 700,000 rubles or more.

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Foreign Affairs: Russia and China end era of US economic sanctions

Foreign Affairs: Russia and China Ended US Economic Sanctions Era

The publication reported how America's favorite instrument was leveled.

The authors of the American edition of Foreign Affairs, after analyzing the results of the American sanctions against Russia and China, declared that the latter had defeated “the favorite weapon of the United States” .

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's director of international global forecasts Agatha Desmarais, 'the economic weapon of choice' The United States has lost the economic war and the era of sanctions is coming to an end.

The reason she called “permissiveness”, which was demonstrated by the US authorities in the use of these “punitive measures”. According to Desmarais, she “aroused resistance from the world”.

In support of her view, she gave three “compelling answers”; Beijing and Moscow on Washington sanctions.

First of all, they included the creation of bilateral currency exchanges. Thus, China and Russia may not have used the US dollar in their calculations.

The second was the emergence of non-Western payment systems. China has its own alternative version of SWIFT CIPS, which is already used by more than 1,300 banks from over a hundred countries for settlements. Russia and China will find a valid response to sanctions in this area, the analyst believes.

The third measure, Demarais, called for the introduction of a sanctions-protected digital currency. She explained that Washington cannot limit the use of virtual payment instruments issued by credit institutions from other countries.

China has become a leader in this domain, the digital yuan is already used by more than 300 million people in twenty cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Desmarais, analyzing what happened, points out that the fact that the United States following only its own interests in the measures, using the restrictive measures as a weapon, provoked a protest from the world community, and the American dollar was removed from the exchange of currencies. #39;money between the two countries.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin told a joke about Western sanctions against Russia.

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