The G7 countries have decided to introduce a ceiling price for Russian oil. Moscow reacted

G7 countries have decided to introduce a price cap for Russian oil. Moscow reacted

Security Council Vice President Dmitry Medvedev assessed the prospects of the decision.

Ministries of Finance of – G7 members, namely Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan and the United States, have decided to impose price restrictions Russian gas supplied to Europe and other countries.

According to Sky News, citing a statement released by the British government, finance ministers have called for the emergence of a coalition to support the price cap of the Russian product.

The G7 document indicates that such a political intention is supported by all participants and it is included in ” complete ban” for maritime transport services of crude oil and petroleum products “of Russian origin” worldwide.

The condition for authorizing these services is purchase at a price “below the ceiling determined by the coalition of countries” that accept and implement this “ceiling”.< /p>

Based on the verdict of the G7 countries, the purpose of the measure is to reduce Russian revenues and the ability of the Russian Federation to “finance its war of aggression”.

As for the scheme of establishing the 'ceiling', but the initial limit will be formed based on a number of technical data and agreed by the whole coalition.< /p>

The second measure of the G7 was a call on oil-producing countries to increase their production, thereby reducing market volatility.

It is known that the measures should be introduced as early as February 5, 2023. And on September 1, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak said that the Russian Federation refuses to supply oil to participants in the 39; establishment of the “ceiling”; price.

Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his TG channel assessed the prospects for Russian gas supplies to the European Union, if the& #39;EU decides to introduce restrictive measures, “ ceiling” on fuel prices.

The politician believes that in this case Russian gas will simply disappear from the EU. According to him, "aunt von der how is Leyen" said the time has come to introduce measures on the Russian gas pipeline.

“It will be like with oil. There will simply be no Russian gas in Europe”, – said the deputy head of the Security Council.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that “Gazprom” played on the demands of Siemens and signed the “verdict” to Europe.


Daily Mail: In the UK, Putin has been accused of problems with road repairs

Daily Mail: Putin has been accused in the UK of road repair problems

UK roadbuilders cannot buy bitumen to seal potholes.

In the UK, truck drivers cannot afford to buy bitumen to repair potholes.

According to the Daily Mail, truck drivers cannot 39;have not enough money to do so.

The culprit is the situation in the UK, they named Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The publication notes that before the start of the NWO, around 60% of the bitumen used to repair roads in the UK came from Russia.

Now authorities must ration consumable materials and source them from other markets, increasing costs and turnaround times.

The road maintenance cost in England and Wales has increased by 22%. %. In addition, the repair time was delayed.

Experts estimated the cost of correcting the situation at 14 billion dollars.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Berlusconi had told a joke about himself, Putin and Biden.


The joke was made on TikTok.

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Central Bank Deputy Chairman Says Russians' Currency Accounts Became “De Facto Ruble”

Vice President of the Central Bank said that Russians' foreign currency accounts have become

According to Dmitry Tulin, deposits should be made only in a certain currency .

The first deputy director of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin, in a media interview, said that the “economic essence”; foreign currency deposits in Russian banks evolved against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions. Thus, they actually turned into “ruble”.

As RBC reports from his words, the risks of keeping deposits in “friendly” at the same time is weak.

Tulin explained that it is increasingly difficult for banks to meet their obligations in “toxic” currencies, and that the deposits themselves “are transform into rubles indexed to the exchange rate”.< /p>

If we are talking about the establishment of a commission for the storage of foreign currency by banks, then it is logical, but the measure is unlikely to be “popular”.

< p>Thus, according to the expert, banks for the benefit of the client“extrude” of “motto” customer funds. And such a "good deed" does not benefit the credit institutions themselves.

Customers, in his opinion, are safer to use the currency of countries that do not apply sanctions against the Federation of Russia, and although the risks of them changing their minds theoretically exist, practice shows others.

“The geographical distribution of geopolitical risks is quite stable and predictable”, estimates Tulin.

According to the Central Bank, in June 2022, the share of foreign currency deposits of individuals fell to 11.5%, forecasts for the next year are 10%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the deposit tax will hit Russians with deposits of 70,000 rubles or more.


US companies are trying to secretly circumvent sanctions via Turkey to do business with Russia

US companies are trying to secretly circumvent sanctions via Turkey in an effort to do business with Russia

US companies have found a way around the bans.

Turkish media revealed the secret schemes of the work of American companies that left Russia due to a special operation in the Russian Federation. According to publications, the companies have found a way to circumvent the sanctions and continue to develop their activities.

As the Turkish Yeni Safak writes, citing sources in the circles of local business, American companies offer Turkish companies a certain commission. Later, they continue to work along the following chain: Russia – Turkey – Dubai – USA.

In the past few months alone, the number of illegal commercial programs from the United States has increased dramatically, according to Turkish media.

In particular, Americans are interested in cereals, iron , steel, petrochemicals, mineral fuels and precious metals. and stones for sale with Russia.< /p>

US companies are trying to secretly circumvent sanctions via Turkey to do business with Russia

Meanwhile, H&M, which was about to to leave Russia, began to actively recruit new employees. As Readovka writes, the network seeks employees for civil law contracts: under it, people are offered a three-month job.

< p>A month, H&M employees are offered 15 thousand rubles – people work in three shifts.

It is also worth noting that new collections have appeared in Moscow stores. And there are no new parties in the regions yet.

H&M and rental contracts continue to work until October 26th. Until that date, the head office management plans to hold a meeting and decide on the work in Russia.

H&M people continue to be informed of the closure of the stores (since July 18), and they promise to pay four salaries in case of dismissal.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in Russia, due to the sanctions imposed on the country, airlines began to dismantle planes for spare parts. So, Aeroflot, according to the media, is in the process of dismantling several aircraft, including the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and the Airbus A350.


“Gazprom” played on the demands of Siemens and signed a “condemnation” to Europe


Analysts point to an unprecedented rise in prices.

The price of gas in Europe has renewed its historic high due to the upcoming shutdown of the Nord Stream.

Russian energy expert Boris Martsinkevich said that Gazprom had played on the requirements that Siemens had presented to it. Namely, the Russian supplier was able to update the historical maximum of fuel prices on the eve of the shutdown of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

So, according to Martsinkevich, at the end of August, the price for 1,000 cubic meters of fuel exceeded the $3,500 mark. Already on August 29, the price fell to less than 3,000 per thousand cubic meters, but still remains extremely difficult for the modern economy of Europe.

The analyst believes that information about field repairs in Norway influenced prices, as well as information about the immediate discontinuation of “SP-1”.

According to &#8220 ;Gazprom”, the gas pipeline will be suspended on August 31 for at least three days. The reason for this is the repair of the last turbine, which is currently working for fuel supply.

Such a requirement, according to Martsinkevich, was presented by the maintenance equipment company Siemens. According to its terms, the turbine must be serviced after 1,000 hours of uninterrupted operation.

“If the inspection reveals no serious defects, it will continue to operate”, explained the 39;expert.


He believes that the company simply took advantage of the terms of the contract, so there can be no question of any political will from Moscow.< /p>

We now know that “SP-1” operating at 20% capacity and remains the only pipeline delivering directly to Germany. Other channels including GTS (Poland) and Ukraine operate backwards or with restrictions.

Speaking on Radio's YouTube channel Aurora, Martsinkevich joked that Siemens could send “a serious specialist”. 39; #8221; Olaf Scholz. Certainly, in case the German Chancellor is not at that time somewhere in Qatar or Canada.

“Siemens… I was looking for LNG there – there's none in Canada, but Scholz came looking,” the analyst joked.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that according to the Finnish YLE, the Russian supplier started to burn fuel that is not requested by suppliers . And the British edition of the Daily Express reports that Russia could deliver a mortal blow to the EU on September 2.


Italian media talk about Putin's 'secret triumph'

Italian media reported &ldquo

Corriere della Sera spoke about the development of agriculture in Russia.

The Italian edition of Corriere della Sera described the development of agriculture as #39;agriculture in Russia of “secret triumph” President Vladimir Putin.

According to journalist Federico Rampini, Putin 'paid' for revealing 'inconvenient' reports that the agricultural sector in Russia “is full of health”.

At the same time, this year, Moscow will export grain in record volume, despite “terrible scenarios” 8221;.

Rampini noted that Russia under Putin had experienced “an incredible revival” in agriculture.

He recalled that the export of agricultural products from 2000 to 2018 in Russia has been multipl ed by 16, and now the country produces more grain than the United States.

It has a favorable effect on Russia in this vein is global warming.

Despite the damage that climate change may cause to some regions, overall it benefits the country.

&# 8220;Russia, together with Canada and the Scandinavian countries, is in a winning position & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; Rampini is sure of that.

He added that in 2022 Russia's grain exports are expected to exceed last year's level.

< p>Earlier, TopNews wrote that Putin chose the tactics of Alexander I in Ukraine.

Foreign journalists talked about it.


Der Spiegel: Russia wastes 13 million euros of gas every day

Der Spiegel: Russia wastes 13 million euros of gas every day

According to reports, a company was secretly created in Germany to nationalize Gazprom Germania.

According to the German publication Der Spiegel, Russia burns 4 million cubic meters of gas every day. The total cost of fuel burned is estimated by energy expert Sindre Knutsson at 13 million euros per day.

According to the expert, about 1/8 of the total gas supplied through “Nord Stream”.

is destroyed.


He noted that Russia is forced to burn a large amount of gas due to Western sanctions.

The flare is located right at the entry point of the fuel to the pipeline laid along the Baltic bottom. Knutsson called the burning Russian gas torch another symbol of the confrontation between the Russian Federation and the West.

In this context, Welt am Sonntag writes that the German authorities have created a holding company in order to carry out the possible nationalization of the former subsidiary “Gazprom” – Gazprom Germania.

The organization is reported to have been created in secret.

Now Gazprom Germania has been renamed Securing Energy for Europe. The company is under the supervision of the Federal Electricity Network Agency of Germany.

Recall that “Gazprom” withdrew from the assets of Gazprom Germania.

Last May, sanctions against this company were announced in Moscow, which will cost consumers 5 billion euros per year.< /p>

Earlier, TopNews wrote that & #8220;Gazprom” began to burn gas that did not reach Europe.

Finnish journalists told about a huge flare on the Russian border.

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Daily Express: Russia could deliver mortal blow to EU on September 2

Daily Express: Russia Could Deal Mortal Blow to EU on September 2

EU countries fear Russia simply won't activate SP- 1 after September 2.

Thibaut Spirle, an analyst at the Daily Express, believes that in early autumn, or rather before September 2, the Russian authorities will be able to cut off gas through “Nord Stream” & # 8211; 1”, which will deal a mortal blow to the European Union.

The reason for this will be the maintenance of the pipeline, which, tentatively, will last about three days. This, by the way, as the author reminded, that the pipeline has already stopped working for 10 days due to repairs this summer. This fact has just caused a stir in the EU, forcing them to hastily fill their gas storage facilities to the maximum.

Today, EU countries are concerned that Russia simply won't include “SP-1” after September 2, the bloated reserves may simply not be sufficient, leading to an energy crisis that will be difficult to manage.

“Will Russia turn on the gas again? The EU is in turmoil as Russia could deliver the killing blow. European leaders fear the Kremlin will extend the shutdown [“SP-1″] for a longer period. Deadline”, says the article translated by PolitRussia.

The observer explained that the closure of “SP-1” will lead to the complete depletion of EU reserves by early next year, and the alternatives in the form of new gas suppliers to the European Union will not will simply not solve the problem.

But even in the event of a short-term gas shutdown, it will also play a negative role in the energy market, as it will lead to an increase in the price of fuel, which is already extremely expensive in the world. ;EU.

Meanwhile, Liam Peach, an economist at a consulting firm, said in an interview with Bloomberg that the Kremlin's decision to halt gas exports to the EU. EU via “SP-1” will not negatively affect the Russian economy. This is all due to the realized surplus over high oil prices and export levels.

Moreover, according to the expert, Russia will have enough for at least a year under current market conditions. The analyst pointed out that the Russian Federation can earn up to $20 billion per quarter, despite reduced volumes.

The Economist explained that compared to 2021, this year, revenue from the sale of energy resources is 28% higher, and in 2023 is projected to be $255.8 billion, which will show a decline, but revenue will still remain higher than in 2021.

In Europe there will be a situation with rising energy prices, which have already tripled in price. This trend only leads to the conclusion that “Armageddon” is getting closer to Europe, especially for the end consumer and businesses.

Earlier, Topnews reported writes that Chinese experts had come to the conclusion that the appearance of Russian oil in New York was a slap in the face for the United States.


Sohu: The appearance of Russian oil in New York was a slap in the face for the United States

Sohu: Appearance of Russian oil in New York was a slap in the face for the United States

Russian oil found its way to the New York market, which has caused displeasure in the White House and India is the culprit.

Observers of the Chinese edition of Sohu have come to the conclusion that the presence of Russian oil in the United States is a slap in the face for Washington.

The authors of the article explain that the American partner, represented by India, continues to buy oil from Russia and has even increased them with the start of the NWO in Ukraine.

On this occasion, it There has been no reaction from Washington in terms of restrictions as Delhi may finally push to join Russia's side.

As a result, Russian oil ended up on the New York market, which caused displeasure in the White House, and also became a slap in the face for Americans.

In addition, the United States is concerned that India is hiding the origin of this oil.

It is noted that an Indian vessel encountered a Russian tanker at sea, after which they delivered the cargo to a port in Gujarat.

There it was turned into a product used to make single-use plastic and then shipped to New York.

“It's a real slap in the face of Americans. For the first time, India has violated anti-Russian sanctions in such a gross manner that the United States has made its displeasure clear. Washington has already expressed concern about New Delhi. It is unclear how India-US relations will develop further,” the publication stresses.

Nevertheless, in this context, it is unlikely that India refuses to buy oil from Russia, since now this market is for purchases of energy resources is one of the most profitable, Sohu quotes the PolitRussia portal.

The Chinese edition recalls that the Russian authorities have reduced the export duty on oil to 53 dollars per ton.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Russia had boosted the oil prices by closing the valve to three European countries.