MTS accused of raising service prices by 20% since the start of the year and sanctioned

MTS has been accused of raising service prices by 20% since the start of the year and sanctioned

The telecom operator had to pay his fees.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service found MTS guilty of setting a high monopoly price for communications services. It was established that in 2022 services for operator subscribers increased by more than 20%.

According to Interfax, the increased cost of services affected 28 million subscribers. It all started in January 2022 – services grew by 9.5%. Then MTS made it simple: you have to pay your own fees.

In August, MTS again increased the cost of some rate plans. On average, by 8.4% at a time.

And the remaining rates increased in September and October – 9.7% on average

The rise was 20% overall, with a consumer price index at the end of August of 10.5%.

the operator did not not communicated expenses of an amount sufficient to justify the increase in rates to the agency”, – FAS said in a statement.

The Anti-Monopoly has filed a lawsuit against MTS. The company was found guilty of violating the law on the protection of competition.

The company now faces a fine, the amount of which will be established within the framework of the 39;an administrative investigation.

Now the FAS has ordered MTS to reduce the tariffs for services – to an economically justified level.

As Topnews wrote earlier , in August 2020, MTS began shutting down unlimited rates for subscribers. The company explained that it made such a decision based on the analysis of the base.

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Nissan announces withdrawal from Russia

Nissan has announced its withdrawal from Russia

Experts have listed the future problems of car owners.

The media, referring to the management of the automaker, announced the departure of Nissan from Russia.

The Japanese manufacturer announced that it intended to sell the St. Russian AvtoVAZ will already deal with operating products.

According to experts quoted by “”, there may be problems with the supply of spare parts for these foreign cars in the future, so they call the production of electric vehicles Almaz-Antey in St. Petersburg one of the best decisions, experts say.< /p>

Meanwhile, Nissan announced the day before that the businesses would be transferred to the United States, and all operations of the representative of the 39;company in Russia – Nissan Manufacturing Rus LLC will be transferred to NAMI. The amount of the transaction is not known, but it is known that in addition to the plant in St. Petersburg, the sales and marketing division in Moscow is also sold.

The amount of losses, according to the publication, will be 686 billion dollars.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, explained that NAMI may involve to; other partners in production in order to load the factory. It will maintain production and the jobs of nearly 2,000 employees.

As for the supply of spare parts for Nissan repairs, the Volga Automobile Plant announced its intention to sign contracts for their supply with Nissan dealers. AvtoVAZ will manage the central warehouse of spare parts, supplies of parts and consumables.

Experts in a conversation with the publication explained the problems that may be encountered by brand car owners.

According to Sergey Tselikov, general director of the Avtostat analytical agency, it is likely that it will be difficult to supply large spare parts, including within the framework of warranty repairs, especially if 39; these are rare coins. But there will be no problem with brake pads, filters and other consumables.

It is impossible to buy them in advance, he explained. The expert explained that at present, the market is fearful even among Chinese brands, of which they only work directly for those linked to the PRC government. It is also possible that Iran and India will enter the market.

In turn, independent automotive industry consultant Sergey Burgazliev said that ” attractive” ; it would be a decision to open in St. Petersburg an electric car project e-Neva & # 8211; Almaz-Antey development. Now it needs to be finalized and pre-production samples designed.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Nike brand left Russia altogether earlier.


Medvedev called the West's new sanctions 'a crossbow in his own ass'

Medvedev called the new Western sanctions

The deputy head of the Security Council did not hesitate to utter harsh words addressed to European politicians.

Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev posted a message on his TG channel about the introduction of new EU sanctions.

The politician called the restrictive measures a “dumb business” #8221; ex-partners, which is not capable of inflicting heavy damage to the RF, because it has long been accustomed and learned to deal with the penalties. Russia has “every opportunity for further development”, believes Medvedev.

According to him, the measures harm the West itself, for example, inflation pushes Europeans to rallies, people are in “desperation”, the politician believes.

Well, the biggest difficulties are due to their own sanctions experiencing "frozen enemies" RF, which has developed a "catastrophic" situation.

“Typical crossbow in your own ass”, – Medvedev praised the eighth EU sanctions package.

The consequences of such measures are disastrous for the West itself.

& # 8220; Gasoline, groceries, utilities rise sharply in price. People in desperation go to rallies. Politicians shrug helplessly. Beautiful words are repeated – it seems that “you have to pay for democracy”. Without answering, however, the question why on earth such a “democracy” is necessary & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; says the politician.

As a result, the Deputy Head of the Security Council believes, the measures will harm the whole world, but there is no point in calling on Russia's Western enemies & #8220; , they have no prudence.

Therefore, Russia can only wait for “a lost economic battle” and end it “with complete and unconditional surrender”. his opponent.

“Scatter fragments of such indiscriminate use of sanctions weapons – all over the world and innocent people…. Without normal international trade, chaos and poverty will be felt in various parts of the world”,– says the politician.

Medvedev thinks the West failed to 'rip to shreds'; The Russian economy, Europe itself, is experiencing a 12-month recession.

Recall that the EU imposed sanctions against 30 Russian natural and legal persons, responding thus to the admission of four new subjects of the Federation into the Russian Federation. The document was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Among the “injured” artists Yulia Chicherina, Nikolai Rastorguev and Oleg Gazmanov.

Earlier, Topews wrote that Medvedev recalled “the deaf” West, when Russia uses nuclear weapons.


The EU approved the eighth package of anti-Russian sanctions: it included Pamfilova, Gazmanov and Rastorguev

EU approved eighth anti-Russian sanctions package: Pamfilova, Gazmanov and Rastorguev were included

Among the individuals and politicians were Eally Panfilova, as well as the musician Chicherina and Rastorguev.

The European Union introduced the previously agreed eighth set of sanctions against Russia.

The reason for this was the accession to Russia of four regions (DPR regions, of the LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye) following the results of past referenda .

A decision was announced in the Council of the EU.

The upcoming sanctions package includes a cap on Russian oil prices, an extension of the import ban on Russian steel (including finished products or steel equipment), as well as #39;an organic import of wood from the Russian Federation, paper, cigarettes, plastics and cosmetics, jewelry and chemicals, leather, ceramics and other goods.

The sale of civilian firearms, vehicles and military equipment in the Russian Federation has also been banned.

In addition, the provision of IT services, engineering and legal rights to Russian companies, maintenance of crypto wallets of citizens and residents of the Russian Federation, has also been banned.

Sanctions are also provided for people who help circumvent the sanctions.

In addition, under the sanctions also p several natural and legal persons fell, including artists. Among the latter were Russian patriots such as Yulia Chicherina, Nikolai Rastorguev and Oleg Gazmanov.

The sanctions list also includes the philosopher Alexander Dugin and the head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova.

< p>Among legal entities, sanctions were “Goznak”, company “Irkut” and the Machine-Building Plant “Avangard”.

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The responsibility for the attacks on Nord Stream lies with the United States

Vinu because the attacks on Nord Stream were blamed on the United States

Researcher Eric Zuesse came to this conclusion.

According to researcher Eric Zuesse, the United States blew up “Nord Streams”.

The specialist said so in an interview with Haber 7.

It is sure that Washington has launched a strike against the European Union.

So the Old World will now have to spend more money on energy supplies .

“Europe will have to constantly and heavily overpay because the United States blew up “Nord Streams””, ” 8211; he noted

The expert added that Washington had been trying for many years to sabotage the situation in a more cunning 'diplomatic' way. 8221; ways & #8221 ;.

Zuesse noted that Russian natural gas is more suitable for industry in Europe than in the United States, and Moscow is now & #8211; the only supplier of blue fuel for the EU.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Russia would retaliate if the United States were involved in the attack on “Nord Streams”.< /p>

This development makes Washington “a military adversary”; Moscow.


NR: If the United States is involved in the attack on Nord Stream, Russia will retaliate

NR: if the United States is involved in the attack on Nord Stream, Russia will retaliate

National Review believes that this option makes the United States a “military adversary” of Moscow.

Western media offered a version of the “Russian response” if evidence of US involvement in the incidents with leaks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines is found.

According to National Review columnist Antonio Wright, Russia could react in mirror and attack the already American gas infrastructure.

According to him, the incidents could force Moscow to treat the United States as a full-fledged military adversary. Such is the damage caused by the alleged “immediate lack of participation in the explosions,” Wright said.

The second consequence of – these are completely spoiled relations with the allies, including Germany, participating in the “Nord Stream-2” project. Wright thinks Berlin would not forgive Washington for such an act.

In turn, a retired colonel, ex-adviser to Pentagon chief Douglas McGregor, told media that the United States and Britain could have been the attacking party.

On Judjing Freedom's YouTube channel, he explained that “it's the Royal Navy, the United States Navy” who “obviously”. The fact is that the “SP” durable, and it takes hundreds of kilograms of TNT to damage them.

Moscow's response, he said, is nonsense, nobody cares. Including Germany, which needs Russian gas.

Recall, as Topnews wrote, three incidents, one in Danish and two – on Swedish soil happened last week. The pressure in the gas pipelines has dropped dramatically, which is why the authorities in Bornholm have announced sabotage or an emergency, but while the investigation is ongoing, the exact reasons are not known.< /p>

The Kremlin reported a glaring fact about the gas pipelines and demanded an immediate investigation and prosecution of all those responsible.

According to the Representative of the Russian Federation to the ;UN Vasily Nebenzi, it cannot be held without the participation of Moscow.


In the DPR, the assets of the leader of the Opposition Platform for Life, Pshonka and the “master of Donbass” Akhmetov were confiscated

The assets of the leader of the Opposition Platform for Life, Pshonka and the

More than 140 people were confiscated.

The authorities of the Donetsk Republic have confiscated the assets of the leader of the “Pro-Russian Opposition Platform – For Life” Yuriy Boyko, ex-prosecutor general of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka, leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko, businessmen Sergei Kurchenko and Rinat Akhmetov, former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andrei Klyuev, and more ;about 140 people.

It is known that at the beginning of the summer, Kyiv decided to confiscate the property of Pshonka and Boyko, because. they were suspected of having links with the Russian Federation.

Now the State Defense Committee of the DPR has taken a similar decision.

In total, there are 142 people on the list who have been affected by the sanctions. In the text, which is posted on the portal of the DPR government, all participants are deprived of "property rights and other real rights", which affect "real estate" on the territory of the DPR.

All of them become state property and their loss will not be compensated for the owners.

It is known, according to RBC, that Pshonka was a member of the inner circle of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Boyko called for negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv at the start of the NWO.

Akhmetov was considered “the owner of Donbass”, according to Forbes, in March 2022, he had $4.2 billion and declared his confidence in Ukraine winning.

Kurchenko fell under EU sanctions for taking the control of large metallurgical, chemical companies and power plants in the Donbass.

Klyuev is suspected of having embezzled 1.5 billion hryvnia during a fictitious transaction, of which 610 million were appropriated by a company he controls.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Russian Federation had confiscated six apartments in Moscow belonging to the former leader of the ;Uzbekistan.


Media: Pressure in Nord Stream could drop due to sabotage – pipes could collapse to bottom

Media: Pressure in Nord Stream could have dropped due to sabotage – pipes could have exploded at bottom

2″. < p>The media have suggested that the cause of the drop in pressure in the two 'Nord Stream' gas pipelines could be sabotage.

As the German edition Tagesspiegel writes, citing an insider of the German representative office of the project, an investigation is already underway, which the country's federal security agencies have joined.

< p>The authors report that “all evidence against” the fact that two emergencies #8211; it's just a coincidence. The source said a scenario in which what happened could not be a “targeted attack” cannot be imagined.

Remember that about the incident of “SP-2” became known by the media. The incident took place in Danish territory, not far from Bornholm, on September 26.

The pressure in the gas pipeline dropped sharply, and after a while the same thing happened at “SP-1&#8221 ;. Since September 2, as reported by “Gazprom”, due to a breakdown of the compressor station “Portovaya” no gas is pumped here, according to “Kommersant”.

The Danish Maritime Authority has declared a danger zone for shipping and introduced a restrictive perimeter of 5 miles .

Local authorities, according to the source, believe that there was sabotage, which was carried out by special forces & # 8211; by divers or from a submarine. There are two versions of the attack.

The first – Ukrainian or Kyiv-related forces should be held accountable, the second – the sabotage was committed by the Russian Federation, but under the guise of a "foreign flag".

According to RIA Novosti, Nord Stream AG assessed the state of ;emergency at " North Stream” and “Nord Stream-2” as an unprecedented situation.

According to the text of the appeal, the destruction that has occurred on three lines of gas pipelines at once is such that it does not ;is unclear when the infrastructure will be restored.

Speaking of leaks, Western media mentions one in Denmark and two – on Swedish territory, while all are "close to each other".

The Kremlin also reacted to the emergency. According to the official representative of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, the violations detected require immediate investigation and are of concern to the presidential administration.

Peskov admitted that the pressure has dropped “significantly” #8221;.

“We are extremely concerned about this news”, – quoted by the media.

The Kremlin spokesman also said that the nature of “some damage in the pipeline” is still unknown.

< p>Earlier, Topnews wrote that & #8220;Nord Stream” suspended by Russia for an indefinite period.

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Banks of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia have suspended work with Russian Mir cards

Banks of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia suspended work with Russian “Mir” cards

The reasons for this decision are given.

At the end of last week, the largest Turkish banks Is Bankasi and DenizBank stopped supporting and managing cards from the Russian payment system “Mir”.

As RIA Novosti explained in the East Bankasi Help Center, such a decision was taken in the context of the sanctions policy of the United States and Great Britain towards Russia.

At the same time, Denizbank ATMs simply return the card after reporting an error in the ATM transaction.

Meanwhile, after Turkish banks, the decision on the suspension of service cards “Mir” also accepted at People's Bank of Kazakhstan (Halyk Bank) and Vietnamese BIDV.

The press services of the two banks confirmed this information, and also explained that the financial organizations serve Mastercard, VISA, Western Union, JCB payment cards and UnionPay, but “World” not in the lists.

Their service is not carried out by vending machines or terminals.

Also about the suspension of the service “Mir& #8221; announced in Armenia. The Central Bank of Armenia explained that commercial banks in the country take this decision independently and also because of sanctions.

Meanwhile, at the request of “Izvestia' 8221; the Central Bank of the Russian Federation explained that foreign partners themselves decide on the management of the infrastructure for accepting “Mir” cards.

But the Bank of Russia indicated that it plans to continue to maintain a dialogue about expanding the geography of card acceptance.

ATOR, in turn, advised Russians to #39;take money with them when visiting or on business trips.


“The black lion can enter”: Manturov urged Russians to change their mentality and enjoy meat from fly larvae

“The black lion may come”: Manturov urged Russians to change their mentality and enjoy meat from fly larvae

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce assessed the need to change the taste preferences of Russians.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, believes that Russia should develop meat production from an “alternative” sources.

According to RBC, during the session of the Innofood exhibition in Sochi, the manager announced the need to change the mentality of Russians.

For example, Manturov does not see anything wrong with including protein from fly larvae in the “the black lion” diet.

He thinks that if other countries of the world use it in food, so the Russians must “ ;work with their mentality, and go “in step with the times”.

“The black lion can” enter. But we have to try,” the Commerce Department chief said.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce added that one person can adapt to anything.

The official was prompted by the hamburgers presented at the ;exhibition with an alternative meat cutlet.

The presented product included a concentrate of the same black flies, as well as vegetables and aquafabs.

< p>According to Manturov, at the; exhibition “Innoprom” he tried vegetable meat twice and could not distinguish it from natural meat.

As the manager noted, the use of vegetable raw materials instead of animal protein is a global trend, to which Russian producers are fully compatible. However, consumers remain cautious.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced that retailer Wildberries is becoming a distributor of counterfeit products.

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