La Rada voiced a 'pirate' way of stopping the 'Nord Stream – 2'

B Rada voiced a `` hacker & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; s way to stop Nord Stream & nbsp; 2

MP Oleg Voloshin predicted further events after the” conflict “between the United States and Germany.

Ukrainian MP Rada Oleg Voloshin told the media that the country can only count on one & # 8220; real & # 8221; a way to block the Nord Stream -2 gas pipeline & # 8220; colossal gap '.

He explained that the states will have & # 8220; quarrel & # 8221; with Berlin, and at the same time punish German companies with sanctions.

However, these restrictions should be extraterritorial in nature, since Berlin's behavior does not directly affect US interests.

& # 8220; We don't like it, that's why we are punishing you, ”Voloshin said.

He also suggested that such a scenario would have serious consequences for the entire European community, as the United States would demonstrate the possibility of repeating it with a other country.

If America doesn't do it like it is in France or Italy, then it is capable of doing the same.

“This is pure piracy,” said the MP.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Ukrainian president called & # 8220; SP-2 & # 8221; & # 8220; piano flash & # 8221; in the hands of Russia.


State Duma proposed to increase minimum wage to 20,000 rubles

B The State Duma has been offered to increase the minimum wage to 20,000 rubles

A number of parliamentarians were skeptical of the Liberal Party's initiative -democrat.

The group of state Duma deputies of the LDPR faction, including parliamentarian Sergei Leonov, intends to propose to the lower house of parliament on August 11 a bill to increase the minimum wage at 20,000 rubles per month.

According to the head of the Committee on Labor and Veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov of the Telegram channel, according to the authors' idea, the changes are expected to take effect on January 1 of next year.

The document indicates that funds from the National Social Protection Fund, which has 13.5 trillion rubles as of January 1 of this year, may become a source of spending to raise the minimum wage.

The purpose of the project, as follows from the explanatory note, & # 8211; help the most vulnerable categories of Russians.

According to them, the low level of minimum wages leads to a vast underground economy, & # 8220; working poor & # 8221 ;, corruption and stratification of the population.

The developers have said that the minimum wage, even in developing countries in Asia and Europe, is double the minimum wage in Russia.

In response to the proposal, State Duma Deputy Adalbi Shkhagoshev said that at the moment the growth of the minimum wage is unrealistic.

He believes that for such changes it is necessary to wait until the moment when the draft is submitted for consideration, and the new composition of the State Duma will consider it.

& # 8220; I would like to believe that this initiative is carefully crafted and is not tied to elections because we are talking about some very serious numbers & # 8221; – commented on the initiative to Izvestia Shkhagoshev.

As RBC clarifies, the size of the minimum wage from January 1 of this year & # 8211; 12,792 rubles, the living wage, which this year was set immediately at 12 months – 11,653.

In addition, the Russian government decided to increase the minimum wage to 13,617 rubles to from 2022.

The Ministry of Labor, in turn, indicated that from 2022 the minimum subsistence level for able-bodied Russians will be 13,026 rubles, children – 11,592, retirees – 10,277.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that at the end of 2020 there was the method of calculating the minimum wage was changed.


Russia allowed the emergence of a tax on meat

The tax has been authorized to appear in Russia for meat

Experts believe that containing climate change will require such a global measure.

The President's Special Representative of Russia for Digital and Technological Development Dmitry Peskov has said that a new tax may appear in Russia.

The expert named the reason for climate change, which will affect the quality of the produced product. To contain them, comprehensive measures will be necessary, he believes.

As quoted by an expert from TASS, Peskov believes that such an accounting policy, which marks the hydrocarbon footprint, could also affect Russian animal production.

He predicted that in the next few years, producers will be “strongly outraged”, and then the authorities will have to move on to introducing a tax on meat. Under the influence of the climate agenda, the sphere itself will also change, new technologies will emerge in Russian breeding.

Media reports that previously the introduction of a meat tax was proposed by the Beyond Meat company. Founder Ethan Brown believes the measures will force people to eat less of it.

According to the entrepreneur, & # 8220; Piguvian & # 8221; the tax should target meat of animal origin. It will be expressed by receiving payments from companies which in the course of their activities have a negative effect on society.

And developing countries will force the tax to invest in the production of a product from protein vegetables.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the WHO was going to equate meat with carcinogens, along with cigarettes and arsenic.

& nbsp;


Media spoke of the 'punishment' for Ukraine after Nord Stream 2 opened

The media talked about the & ldquo; punishment & rdquo; for Ukraine after the opening of & ldquo; Nord Stream & ndash; 2 & rdquo;

Thanks to the project, Europe will maintain its heavy dependence on Russian gas.

According to columnist John Ruhl, & # 8220; Nord Stream 2 & # 8221; will create a lot of problems for Ukraine.

The reporter noted that after the opening of the gas pipeline, Nezalezhnaya cannot expect violent indignation at the international level, due to & # 8220; new circumstances & # 8221 ;.

In his article for the National Interest, Ruhl points out that the pipeline maintains Europe's heavy dependence on Russian gas.

However, the new transit gas pipeline threatens the energy and national security of countries like Ukraine and Poland.

& # 8220; The desire of the European Union to act as an intermediary [of Ukraine] will diminish & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; writes the journalist.

He pointed out that against the background of the imminent significant reduction in gas transit through Ukraine, Kiev could not only lose economic advantages, but completely lose the access to a power source.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221;. He called the pipeline & # 8220; an asset & # 8221; in the hands of the Russian leadership.


Media: Former YUKOS structure seized $ 5 billion from Russia

media : old YUKOS structure seized $ 5 billion from Russia

This amount includes interest and legal costs.

In The Hague international arbitration, the Russian Federation was ordered to pay against Yukos Capital Sarl.

The amount of compensation determined by the court is $ 5 billion.

According to the Global Arbitration Review, according to the final decision of the court, the Russian Federation & # 8220; illegally expropriated & # 8221; cash loans that were issued by Yukos Capital to its former parent company.

At the same time, the country, according to the arbitral tribunal, has not allowed that & # 8220; justice be done & # 8221; in this situation before the courts of the Russian Federation.

The amount of $ 5 billion includes interest, as well as legal costs.

According to RBC, the Russian side has yet to officially confirm the information.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the former employee of Yukos, Alexey Pichugin, had been removed from the colony & # 8220; Black Dolphin & # 8221; in an unknown direction.

The man & # 39; s lawyers did not comment on what was happening to reporters.


Putin ordered to pay “school” allowances from August 2

Putin ordered to Pay & ldquo; School & rdquo; benefits from August 2

The Ministry of Labor has confirmed that it is ready to cover 17 million children.

Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation to start paying & # 8220; school allowances & # 8221; from August 2.

Lump sum payments that families with schoolchildren will receive will amount to 10,000 rubles. Previously, the transfer was scheduled to start on August 16.

According to the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov, the department is technically ready to start. According to him, 17 million Russian schoolchildren will receive financial aid, says TASS.

The decision was made during a back-to-school preparation meeting. During it, the Russian President announced the need to make the payments earlier than expected, so that the Russians can & # 8220; slowly & # 8221; prepare your kids for school.

& # 8220; So let's do it and start these payments… from next Monday & # 8221;, & # 8211; he said.

Earlier, Topnews reported that Putin signed a decree on payments to families with children.

The document says that from August to December of this year, those Russians who are raising children from 6 to 18 years old will receive a lump sum of 10,000 rubles.

People with disabilities aged 18-23 who are trained in 'basic general education programs' will also benefit.

To register you can use the State Services site or come to PFI from July 15 to November 1.


Political scientist said Ukraine was preparing to 'kneel crawl' towards Russia for gas

Political scientist advised Ukraine to prepare to 'kneel crawl' to Russia to look for gas

Expert is sure Ukrainians can be left without blue fuel even if part of the transit is preserved.

The issue of the probable stopping of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine in connection with the launch of the gas pipeline & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221; has long become a sore point for Nezalezhnaya's political leadership.

In this context, political scientist Dmitry Korneichuk shared his opinion on the development prospects of Ukraine due to the possible disruption of gas supply through Ukrainian territory.

In a conversation on NewsOne, he admitted that there could be a gas shortage in Ukraine. He recommended to Ukrainians & # 8220; to crawl on their knees & # 8221; to the Russian Federation for fuel.

The political scientist believes that Ukrainians run the risk of being left without blue fuel, even if the transit remains at 15-20 billion cubic meters.

According to Korneichuk, for six years now Ukraine has been buying gas through Europe, but in reality it is oversold Russian fuel.

& # 8220; As a result, everything will end in a couple of years with the following thing: we will almost crawl on our knees negotiating with Moscow to let us at least some sort of gas transit & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; said the political scientist.

He stressed that Ukraine can go without gas, but the official authorities do not talk about it and & # 8220; brazenly deceive & # 8221 ;.

Po According to the expert, in the event of a decrease in the transit of gas through Russia to minimum values, the Ukrainians will lose gas and the heating season.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources reported on oil and gas reserves in Russia.

He said how long these natural resources will last.


The Central Bank announced the biggest hike in the key rate since 2014

The Central Bank announced the biggest hike in the key rate since 2014

The regulator will raise it to 6.5%.

The Central Bank has announced its decision to immediately raise the key rate to 6.5%, by one percentage point, as a result, experts recognize the growth as the highest since 2014.

Recall that then the Central Bank Bank is in the context of the devaluation of the ruble and the growth of inflation has taken it from 10.5 to 17%.

The same goes for the inflation forecast, which at the end of 2021 was 5.7-6.2%, according to the Central Bank website.

At the same time, the price hike is predicted to return to pre-pandemic levels, to just 4 -4.5% next year.

Central Bank analysts note that the return of the Russian economy is already in the second quarter of the year at the level that was demonstrated before the start of the epidemic , has led to a gap between production and growing demand.

This, in turn, affected inflation to deviate upwards from the 4% target, and slow the decline.

The regulator's statement says the central bank is assuming a further rate hike. The feasibility of such decisions will be assessed at the next board meeting.

Recall, as RBC wrote, earlier market analysts predicted a rate hike. director, which was set at 0.5 & # 8211; 1 point. The most accurate forecast was given by Bloomberg, assuming growth will be 1pp, which has happened.

It is known that in June the price growth in Russia amounted to 6.5%, which was the maximum value since 2016 … So, for example, by compared with May, potato prices rose 20.3%, building materials 23.9%.

In July growth slowed, which is why Rosstat reported deflation of 0.01%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in the spring of last year Russian banks announced an increase in mortgage and deposit rates.


Russians have been warned about falling prices for clothes and shoes

price drop for clothing and footwear

RBC referred to the gloomy predictions of experts.

Retailers in chain stores in the Russian Federation are reporting a likely increase in prices for clothing and footwear, which could occur this fall and next winter. The minimum price increase will be 10%.

According to RBC, after interviewing experts, the maximum price increase will be 15%. This is the opinion of the head of the Baon Network, Ilya Yaroshenko. Another expert, the boss of Gloria Jeans, Vladimir Melnikov, predicts a rise in prices from 2022 to 18 & # 8211; 20%.

All retailers believe that price increases are inevitable due to the rising cost of logistics and raw materials. So, the founder and one of the owners of the Zenden Group, Andrey Pavlov, said that, according to his calculations, only supplies from Asia (China) to Europe at a price multiplied by 5 to 6.

As for the increase in the cost of raw materials, since January of this year, the price of cotton has increased by 35%. Melnikov clarified that the cost of things in the manufacture of which petroleum products are used has increased.

The publication reports that the spending of Russians on the minimum whole school set also increased by 13%, in mid-July it is estimated at 12,900 rubles.

On average, the price of a student's ready-made set (pencils, pens, office supplies) has increased by 6% since the start of the year and costs 690 rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Moscow is threatened not only by rising food prices, but also by a shortage of goods.