Central Bank Deputy Chairman Says Russians' Currency Accounts Became “De Facto Ruble”

Vice President of the Central Bank said that Russians' foreign currency accounts have become

According to Dmitry Tulin, deposits should be made only in a certain currency .

The first deputy director of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin, in a media interview, said that the “economic essence”; foreign currency deposits in Russian banks evolved against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions. Thus, they actually turned into “ruble”.

As RBC reports from his words, the risks of keeping deposits in “friendly” at the same time is weak.

Tulin explained that it is increasingly difficult for banks to meet their obligations in “toxic” currencies, and that the deposits themselves “are transform into rubles indexed to the exchange rate”.< /p>

If we are talking about the establishment of a commission for the storage of foreign currency by banks, then it is logical, but the measure is unlikely to be “popular”.

< p>Thus, according to the expert, banks for the benefit of the client“extrude” of “motto” customer funds. And such a "good deed" does not benefit the credit institutions themselves.

Customers, in his opinion, are safer to use the currency of countries that do not apply sanctions against the Federation of Russia, and although the risks of them changing their minds theoretically exist, practice shows others.

“The geographical distribution of geopolitical risks is quite stable and predictable”, estimates Tulin.

According to the Central Bank, in June 2022, the share of foreign currency deposits of individuals fell to 11.5%, forecasts for the next year are 10%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the deposit tax will hit Russians with deposits of 70,000 rubles or more.

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