Chinese media suspect Russia of mysterious 'loss' of 300 tons of gold

Chinese media suspected Russia of mysterious 'loss' of 300 tons of gold

According to Chinese journalists, the “gold” sanctions imposed on Russia have had unintended consequences.

According to Chinese media, the sanctions imposed on gold by the Russian Federation have had unintended consequences.

According to Baijiahao, after the West, in the context of growing tensions with Russia, took restrictive measures, especially in relation to gold, strange changes began to occur in the precious metals market.

As journalists write with reference to the World Gold Council, 399 tons of gold were purchased in the third quarter of 2022.

The demand for this metal in the world is very high, which which is explained by the instability of geopolitics.

However, experts find it difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question why strange transactions have taken place in this market lately. At the same time, according to their results, it is not possible to establish where several hundred tons of gold are currently located.

Specialists of a Chinese newspaper claim that an unknown buyer buys a huge amount of metal, and there is talk of billions of dollars in turnover.


This situation is already called the main economic secret of 2022.

“[300,000 tons of gold] was bought anonymously and actually disappeared from view”, – wrote “PolitRussia” with a link to the publication.

Anonymous analysts say mystery shopper could be China – Beijing can buy huge amounts of precious metals to diversify its reserves and invest in independent assets.

Also, most of this gold can be bought by Russia, against which sanctions have been imposed. been imposed.

Recall that the West banned the import of Russian gold. Previously, it was imported in large quantities to the United Kingdom and its trade brought large profits.

Initially, the West predicted that without the sale of gold, Russia would lose gold. #39;huge revenues, but as a result, more and more countries are refusing to invest money in US government debt and as a result the demand for gold has dramatically increased. increased.

“The status of the dollar is in decline, many countries are abandoning US public debt, preferring to keep their money in gold”, – writes Baijiahao.

According to Chinese experts, Beijing can really buy gold from the Russian Federation, but no details of the transactions are officially provided.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Chinese media said that Moscow would hit London with missiles if NATO attacked Crimea.

According to experts, the Russian Federation will give a harsh response in case of aggression against its territory.


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