Czech Republic named perpetrators of EU gas crisis

The perpetrators of the gas crisis were appointed in the Czech Republic in & nbsp; EU

Europe faces two threats before winter.

According to Czech journalist Vladimir Piskachek, representatives of the European Commission have become very distant from the people.

The result of this situation was the energy crisis authorized by the EU authorities.

Piskacek said before the onset of winter Europe was at risk of freezing due to lack of fuel and not finding the funds to pay for it.

According to the publicist, this situation did not develop due to the disruption of supplies.

& # 8220; Gas from Russia, apparently, is arriving as agreed, and no terrorist attack has taken place either & # 8221;, & # 8211; he notes.

The reporter points out that the United States is now reorienting itself towards supplying the more expensive Asian market with liquefied gas, and this is playing a big role in the actions of the European Commission.

He pointed out & # 8220; chaotic approach & # 8221; European officials, who disguise themselves as the fight against climate change.

As a result, according to him, Europe will have to face a choice & # 8211; pay for food or heat. At the same time, Piskacek doubts that additional payments to consumers could improve the situation.

He accused officials in Europe of insolvency and stressed the need to build objects & # 8220; green & # 8221; energy.

Remember that in recent months in Europe, gas prices have skyrocketed.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Putin's words lowered gas prices around the world.

The President of Russia has announced that he is ready to influence the prices of natural gas.


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