Daily Express: Russia will limit gas consumption for the UK

Daily Express: Russia will limit gas consumption for UK

British media: Putin to set standards for resource supply.

The British tabloid Daily Express published an article in which it analyzes the imminent opening and launch of the Russian gas project Nord Stream 2.

The authors of the publication, citing the words of the Russian minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, announces that the construction will be completed in the coming days. As a result, Britain could face the problem of rationing the supply of blue fuel oil due to its dependence on Russian resources.

According to the authors, such a scenario is possible, “the stability of Europe is still in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin. ”

The analyst said that this division of NATO.

In comments to the article, ordinary Brits pointed out that the UK did not need for the first year to develop alternative fuels, especially l & # 39; Energy of tides, wind, sun and water.

Meanwhile, as they testify, 95% of the houses in the country are heated with gas boilers.

“The EU must become hostage to communist Russian gas supplies”, & # 8211; says one of the tabloid readers.

Remember, as Topnews wrote previously, earlier & # 8220; an energy threat to Ukraine & # 8221; called the appearance of & # 8220; Nord Stream 2 & # 8221; Presidents Vladimir Zelensky and Joe Biden.

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