Daily Mail: In the UK, Putin has been accused of problems with road repairs

Daily Mail: Putin has been accused in the UK of road repair problems

UK roadbuilders cannot buy bitumen to seal potholes.

In the UK, truck drivers cannot afford to buy bitumen to repair potholes.

According to the Daily Mail, truck drivers cannot 39;have not enough money to do so.

The culprit is the situation in the UK, they named Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The publication notes that before the start of the NWO, around 60% of the bitumen used to repair roads in the UK came from Russia.

Now authorities must ration consumable materials and source them from other markets, increasing costs and turnaround times.

The road maintenance cost in England and Wales has increased by 22%. %. In addition, the repair time was delayed.

Experts estimated the cost of correcting the situation at 14 billion dollars.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Berlusconi had told a joke about himself, Putin and Biden.


The joke was made on TikTok.

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