Der Spiegel: Russia wastes 13 million euros of gas every day

Der Spiegel: Russia wastes 13 million euros of gas every day

According to reports, a company was secretly created in Germany to nationalize Gazprom Germania.

According to the German publication Der Spiegel, Russia burns 4 million cubic meters of gas every day. The total cost of fuel burned is estimated by energy expert Sindre Knutsson at 13 million euros per day.

According to the expert, about 1/8 of the total gas supplied through “Nord Stream”.

is destroyed.


He noted that Russia is forced to burn a large amount of gas due to Western sanctions.

The flare is located right at the entry point of the fuel to the pipeline laid along the Baltic bottom. Knutsson called the burning Russian gas torch another symbol of the confrontation between the Russian Federation and the West.

In this context, Welt am Sonntag writes that the German authorities have created a holding company in order to carry out the possible nationalization of the former subsidiary “Gazprom” – Gazprom Germania.

The organization is reported to have been created in secret.

Now Gazprom Germania has been renamed Securing Energy for Europe. The company is under the supervision of the Federal Electricity Network Agency of Germany.

Recall that “Gazprom” withdrew from the assets of Gazprom Germania.

Last May, sanctions against this company were announced in Moscow, which will cost consumers 5 billion euros per year.< /p>

Earlier, TopNews wrote that & #8220;Gazprom” began to burn gas that did not reach Europe.

Finnish journalists told about a huge flare on the Russian border.

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