Forbes named Russia's richest family, which earned $ 13 billion

Forbes named the richest family in Russia, which earned $ 13 billion

Last year has not become unprofitable for Russian businessmen.

The Russian edition of Forbes ranked the richest Russian families for the 8th time.

According to reporters, in just one year, clans of entrepreneurs earned $ 42.9 billion (their fortune increased from $ 16.1 billion)

The richest family in Russia is the family of Tatiana Bakalchuk, the leader of Wildberries. The same entrepreneur became the richest woman in Russia, according to Forbes. Over the course of the year, a businesswoman's fortune has grown from $ 1 billion to $ 13.1 billion.

If before Bakalchuk fully owned the business, in 2019 she allocated 1% to her husband, now Vladislav Bakalchuk has $ 130 million in his account.

The Bakalchuk family has five children, they live in the Moscow region. Previously, almost all family members were involved in the Bakalchuk family business, no one reports on their condition.

The Guriev family came in second place, whose fortune in 2020 was $ 1.8 billion, and in one year it reached $ 6.9 billion.

And the former leader of the top – the Rotenberg clan – closes the top three. Their fortune increased by half a billion dollars in a year. It is now $ 5.95 billion.

By the way, experts noted that the year was successful for many Russian business families.

Only the Gutseriev were unlucky – because of the EU and UK. sanctions, the billionaire lost part of his income. Now, the family is in 4th place with an income of $ 3.7 billion.

Meanwhile, the families of Russian officials were not included in the ranking.

As Topnews wrote earlier, this memo in This year, the deputy of the Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly, Konstantin Strukov, led. His family earned 8.6 billion rubles in one year.


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