Forbes named the 100 richest Russian officials

Forbes named the top 100 Russian officials richer

According to analysts, the Russian authorities have been enriched by pandemics.

According to Forbes experts, the real incomes of Russian officials and MPs increased during the pandemic year 2020.

This conclusion was drawn by experts on the basis of the Analysis of the tax return.

The top 100 richest public servants increased their incomes from 65.8 billion in 2019 to 75.9 billion in 2020, and 34 participants in the current ranking were not in the previous list.

The list was topped by the deputy of the Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly Konstantin Strukov , whose family earned 8.6 billion rubles in 2020, or 3 , 5 billion more than a year earlier.

Strukov is the President of & # 8220; Yuzhuralzoloto & # 8221; and In 2020, there was an increase in the price of gold around the world, which helped the official get rich.

Next comes the representative of the ZAKS of Kamchatka Igor Yevtushok , who earned 7.7 billion rubles, with 2.7 billion of this amount going to his wife. In 2019, the family of an official declared income of 5.5 billion.

The three leaders are closed by the deputy of the Sakhalin Regional Duma Dmitry Pashov . In 2020, its revenues increased from 6.2 billion rubles to 6.3 billion. Last March, Pashov was arrested for customs payment fraud.

By the way, among the heads of regions, the leader is the representative of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov , whose family earned 382.7 million rubles in the during the pandemic year 2020.

In government, the richest in 2020 was Denis Manturov , who with his family won 754 million.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Forbes had 117 dollar millionaires in Russia. The list was published in April 2021.


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