FT: Putin's statement lowered global gas prices

FT: declaration Putin was bowled over by global gas prices

Journalists noted the drop in prices after Putin's remarks about his willingness to influence them.

Inosmi drew attention to recent statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said he was ready to stabilize rising energy prices.

According to the Financial Times, the Russian leader's remarks preceded a sharp drop in the global market.

Recall that Putin said that the work of price stabilization should be based on a commercial basis, taking into account the interests of all parties.

According to the Russian leader, soaring gas prices could lead to a restriction of industrial activity and a sharp rise in inflation.

Vladimir Putin supported Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak's proposal to increase gas sales on Gazprom's e-commerce platform not through the European spot market, and through the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange.

After that, gas prices in the market started to fall.

According to trading information, gas prices in Europe, after an all-time high of $ 1,937 per thousand cubic meters on Wednesday, have lost over $ 600 per day, and are also down 10% compared to the estimated price for Tuesday.

Nevertheless, respondents & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; Analysts believe gas prices could climb to $ 2,500 this week in the midst of the approaching winter.

Experts predict that the next season could get even colder than a year ago.

In addition, gas may increase prices due to increased consumption in China, decreased supplies in Europe, as well as due to the Stock market panic.

The rise in gas prices in Europe began in early August. At that time, the price of the thousand cubic meters was around $ 515.

Several factors may have caused the price increase & # 8211; depletion of European underground gas storage facilities, shortage of supply from suppliers and high demand from Asia.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that five European countries had called for an investigation into the record rise in gas prices.

The President of the Russian Federation called the situation hysterical and confusing.

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