Gazprom decided the fate of Nord Stream 2

“Gazprom” has decided on fate of

Prominent expert Yushkov commented on Gazprom's decision.

Russian gas company “Gazprom” found a new use for the onshore part of “Nord Stream – 2” capacity, after deciding to redirect it to supply gas to northwest Russia, according to the company's Telegram channel.

This decision was made due to the fact that due to the political situation and the sanctions policy of the West, the offshore part of the gas pipeline is not used today, and the earliest date for the start of operation of the second string of the gas pipeline is possible no earlier than 2028.

In addition, the company pointed out that with Germany's approval of full commissioning and certification (was suspended after Russia recognized the LPR and DPR) of the offshore gas pipeline & # 8220; SP-2 & # 8221; a single thread with 100% load will work.

It should be noted that today both strings of the gas pipeline are completely filled with gas and are ready for commissioning and fully operational.

The leading expert of the Financial University and the State Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov commented on the decision of “Gazprom”.

He confirmed that the North West region is really badly supplied with gas and the region needs it. However, in reality, to fully supply the region with gas, it is necessary to build a completely new gas pipeline.

And here is the decision of “Gazprom” in this situation, it is an attempt to avoid criticism from the Russians for the construction of a gas pipeline, which, therefore, does not work.

“These are not mutually exclusive North West gasification projects and Nord Stream 2, or the processing complex at Ust-Luga”.

< p>Earlier, Topnews wrote that the media reported that Gazprombank refuses to accept payments for gas in rubles for Austria and Germany.

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