Gazprom shares tumble nearly 30% due to decision not to pay dividends

Gazprom shares plummeted nearly 30% due to decision not to pay dividends

At the low point, the drop was 30.2%.

Shares of the state company “Gazprom” began to fall sharply on the Moscow Stock Exchange on June 30.

It is reported that during trading at the minimum, the fall reached 207.7 rubles, or 30.2%.

The actions of &# 8220;Gazprom&# 8221; collapsed after being informed of shareholders' decision not to pay dividends for 2021.

The company's message notes that “Gazprom” are investment programs and preparations for winter, so it was decided to be ready to pay taxes at an increased rate.

Recall that at the end of May, the media wrote that the company's board of directors considered it necessary to pay a record dividend of 52.53 rubles per share.

If the shareholders agreed, the total amount of payments would be 1.24 trillion rubles.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that 20 companies in the EU opened accounts to pay gas to Gazprombank.

In this context, several Gazprom subsidiaries in Germany have stopped receiving gas from Russia.


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