“Helping retirees is a bit late”: Deputy Central Bank manager angered Russians with his reasoning

Sergei Shvetsov suggested to think independently about making money retired.

The web discusses the statement of the first deputy director of the Central Bank Sergei Shvetsov for his statement on retirees.

At the meeting of the Federation Council Committee, the financier expressed the opinion that helping pensioners in Russia is already “a bit late.” p>

According to Shvetsov, by the time of retirement, the Russians should have their own savings. For this reason, government support should be provided throughout life (during employment).

This will allow future retirees to build up capital and retire – “with a good retirement plan”. But it must be formed by the citizen himself.

Shvetsov also noted that it is time to move away from the “Soviet past”: retirees are already used to relying on the state, and this is Is “socialism”. In Russia, it is necessary to build a system of capitalism, the responsible one is sure.

The deputy head of the president of the central bank called on the authorities to create retirement institutions, cleanse them of unscrupulous gamblers and campaign among citizens to save money.

Shvetsov suggested keeping funds in pension funds, insurance companies, you can get passive income from stocks, bonds – or even from bonds. 39; buy real estate.

“Will help someone to rent it”, & # 8211; Sergey Shvetsov concluded.

The financier's remarks angered the Russians, who demanded on social networks the return of their frozen funded part.

They did not understand the meaning of the declaration, and given the fact that they have passed an election.

“That is, pay for retirement funds, and fucking pensions? “

” Let the offshore areas rely on the grandmother of our state. And what about retirees? Dust “

” I urge the state not to rely on my taxes “

” So why are deductions from the pension fund? “

” After the elections, the Russians started a black streak? “

” We cannot rely on this state “

” And rightly so, state pensions & # 8211; it is for the state. Although, in general, it was expected and I had no illusions that I would never count on it ”, & # 8211; indignant on the web.

According to Topnews, this summer the Central Bank began to frighten the Russians with the economic crisis.

The deputy director of the Central Bank explained the reason for the restrictive monetary policy.

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