In Latvia, which remained without Russian transit, urged to bow urgently to the Russian Federation

 Latvia, which remained without Russian transit, was urged to bow to the Russian Federation as a matter of urgency

The Baltic states were faced with the refusal of the Russian Federation to use local ports.

The Baltic States are watching with concern how the Russian and Belarusian authorities refuse to use the services of local ports. As a result, the ports are threatened with nationalization, according to media reports,

Political attacks by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian leaders against the Kremlin have resulted in a change in the routes of Russian exports. abroad. Instead of the Baltic ports, ships go west via Ust-Luga, Vysotsk and Vyborg.

Meanwhile, it is known that it is precisely the geographical position and the ports that brought three countries out of the backyard status of Europe ago hundred years, and now they are rapidly losing their conquered positions again.

Thus, for Latvia and Estonian ports were the most important sector of the economy, which is now in deep crisis.

The volumes of goods transported through the Baltic Sea ports are decreasing rapidly, during the year freight traffic has decreased by a third, specifies & # 8220; Baltnews & # 8221 ;.


Due to the reduction in freight for all positions, the budget is drained quickly.

& # 8220; The downward trend has already become irreversible and in the near future the Baltic ports could look like a trailer for an American film from the genre dystopia & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; writing edition.

Analysts are talking about a drop in the number of containers, bulk, mineral and liquid cargo, lumber, and the changes are irreversible. Due to Russia's refusal, the Baltic ports are empty, according to media reports.

Belarus behaves similarly. Minsk decided to redirect freight to Russia, and already in 2021 began to run freight trains via Ust-Luga.

After the events with blogger Roman Protasevich, Vilnius and Minsk could not get along, and the trend continues.

This situation worries not only ordinary Balts, but also former Latvian officials. Not all of them support the policy of the authorities.

According to the former Minister of Transport of Latvia, transport expert Andrijs Matisse, urgent changes are needed in relations with the Russian Federation.

“We are not, we will be able to develop transit if we have bad relations with our neighbors”, & # 8211; Baltnews quotes it.

The expert believes that Latvia should take into account its own economic interests, and not send them hostage in relations with neighboring countries.

According to Matisse, Latvia has no choice but to lead & # 8220; pragmatic & # 8221; course, and building & # 8220; constructive & # 8221; relations with neighbors, otherwise the transit sector can not be saved.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Belarusian authorities have opened criminal proceedings against the mayor of Riga and the head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry.


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