InoSMI: Six EU countries for the first time made no new military pledges in Kyiv in July

InoSMI: six EU countries for the first time did not make new military pledges in Kyiv in July

It happened for the first time since the start of the NWO.

According to foreign media, last July Ukraine did not receive another bilateral military pledge from the six largest European countries at once.

This is reported by Politico, citing a study by the Kiel Institute for World Economy.

This situation has developed for the first time since the start of the NWO.

The publication, without naming the states that have refused military assistance, links this situation to the resistance of France and Germany.

According to experts, this suggests that the military assistance to Kyiv may run out just as Kyiv announces decisive counter-offensive.

The article confirms the opinion of politicians and the military of Ukraine that a number of major European countries simply do not have time to provide military assistance to Ukraine at the same level as the United States, Poland and Great Britain.

At the same time, in August, according to Politico, the Europeans pledged to provide military assistance to Kyiv for 1.5 billion euros. However, compared to previous pledges by EU countries, this and experts call this figure miserable.

Note that among EU member states, Poland (1.8 billion euros) and Germany ( 1.2 billion euros) provided the greatest support to Ukraine. In addition, the UK supplied Ukraine with weapons worth 4 billion euros.

One of the scientists from the The Kiel Institute, Christoph Trebesh, pointed to a decrease in European military assistance to Ukraine since the end of April.

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Mikhail Podolyak called the construction “illegal”.< /p> our VK group to keep up to date with events in Russia and around the world


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