'It's like junk in the attic': media found out what would happen to the $ 17.5 billion transferred to Russia by the IMF

 & ldquo; It's like junk in the attic & rdquo;: the media learned what would happen to the $ 17.5 billion transferred to Russia by the IMF

Note experts that Moscow will not be able to monetize the funds.

The International Monetary Fund transferred $ 17.48 billion to Russia as part of anti-crisis aid.

However, the money has been allocated in the form of non-cash receipts to bank accounts, and it is very difficult to transfer these funds into real money.

Recall that about the distribution of anti-crisis money & # 8220; the IMF began to respond in the spring. Grants totaling $ 650 billion are distributed among fund participants based on the country's share of the organization's capital. Russia's quota is around 2.7%.

However, the funds are allocated as & # 8220; special drawing rights & # 8221; which do not have a physical form, so they cannot be removed from the repository.

According to Financial University professor Alexander Safonov, these funds can be used in the form of a so-called firm cash reserve. For example, these receipts can be used to repay debts to the IMF or use them to attract new loans.

Additionally, you can come to an agreement with the fund and transfer that money into receipts.

However, expert Anton Tabakh recalls & # 8220; Moskovsky Komsomolets & # 8221; that Russia repaid its debts to the IMF in 2005 and has not participated in any new credit programs since 1999.

At the same time, little is known about history 39; examples of monetization of such recipes & # 8211; these transactions took place when the IMF agreed to give free grants to another member of the fund.

& # 8220; As a member of this organization, our country does not need the allocated funds: it is like garbage in the attic – there seems to be a lot, but there is nothing to apply them to & # 8221;, & # 8211; Tabakh said, noting that these funds can only strengthen the overall level of Russia's financial assessment.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Rada called the IMF a “predatory organization”.

Kiev has made it clear that it may refuse to repay the loan granted.

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