KFC owner in talks to sell Russian restaurants

Owner KFC negotiates the sale of Russian restaurants

Another product of Yum! Brands, Pizza Hut, has already been sold to a Russian operator.

On the “Yummy! Brands” (USA) there were reports that the management intended to leave the Russian market, and before that, to sell Russian restaurants of the KFC chain to a local operator.

The message says that “Yum!” negotiates the transfer of ownership, including franchise restaurants, franchise and operating system.

It is also known that already in June “Yum! Brands” awarded the rights to Pizza Hut to the new owner, including all franchise assets.

Right now, a Russian company is changing its brand and recruiting employees.

We know that the number of Russian restaurants of the brand reaches about fifty establishments.

As for KFC, the number of outlets is about 1,100.

< p>The company has already signaled that it is suspending its investment programs in Russia due to SVO in Ukraine, and part of the profits from sales in its territory will be intended to help refugees, reports &#8220 ;Profile”.

Topnews wrote that on March 9, the company announced the closure of 70 KFC restaurants in Russia.

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