Kirkorov in a massage chair and Dunyasha robot bartender: opening of SPIEF 2022 in Saint-Petersburg

Kirkorov in a massage chair and robot bartender Dunyasha: opening of SPIEF-2022 in St. Petersburg

Vladimir Putin plans to meet military journalists at the forum.

On Wednesday, June 15, the 25th SPIEF-2022 Economic Forum opened in St. Petersburg. The forum will become a meeting place for representatives of 127 states. The main theme of these three days was the motto “New World – New Opportunities”.

We already know that Vladimir Putin has adjusted his participation in SPIEF. The Kremlin assured that the president's speech would be “extremely important” and “very interesting”.

In Vladimir Putin's plans, there is no tea with foreign business leaders, instead of talking with world media leaders, the president will meet with military journalists who cover the country. special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and their chief editors. The roundtable with Putin will be moderated by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan.

The reason for the roundtable was the Kremlin's concern about “the adequacy of information from Western journalists”.

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“They all went crazy speaking Russian”, – Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Vladimir Putin, expressed his opinion.

It will be possible to participate in the round table for 1 million rubles, reports MK.

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One of the prominent figures of SPIEF was Philip Kirkorov, who, together with the governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko, signed an agreement on social and economic cooperation.

< p>According to Kirkorov, he invested in the construction of the shopping and entertainment complex “Zvezda” in Novosaratovka near St. Petersburg. The cost of the shopping center is almost 1.5 billion rubles.

“At first they wanted to advertise a contest on social media for the name, then they thought about it and I decided: the mall will be called Zvezda. How else could it be called ? – the artist explained.

Kirkorov said that in the evenings he would “sing” with partners, and also sat in the new Yamaguchi massage chair .

By the way, the Readovka Telegram channel reports that Kirkorov refused to answer questions about the special operation. defiantly returned and went the other way, saying the forum was not political.

Attention was drawn to the robot bartender Dunyasha, who sells ice cream on the forum. Some noticed that the “cashier” was created in the image of the heroines of the “Stepford Wives” or saleswomen in the USSR in the 50s of the XX century.

The media found out that Dunyasha was copied from a real woman – Diana, the wife of the founder of the Perm Gorky Park, Rashid Gabdullina, became her. She is also “Mrs. Perm” – 2014″. The couple plans to receive a grant from Skolkovo and make 18 such robots.

By the way, there is another Dunyasha in a park in Perm. Such a robot costs about 10 million dollars.

“A beautiful wife, che. By the way, they have four children, quite a happy family”, & # 8211; Ksenia Sobchak defended Gabdulinna.

By tradition, high buffet prices interested the forum. Lunch will cost 4,500 rubles, luxury alcohol costs up to several hundred thousand rubles.

“And in the best traditions : eat at home”, – Ksenia Sobchak filmed the food prices at SPIEF and posted it on her Telegram channel, Bloody Lady.

Sobchak also showed a video of a robot working at booth 1C and always winning.

Sobchak also showed a video of a robot working at booth 1C and always wins.

An automated (non-humanoid) bartender happened to be in the VEB room.

Ksenia Sobchak also recounted the fact that Alexei Navalny also appeared at SPIEF. At the TASS information stand, they showed the agency's news feed, it hung only on news from the opponent.

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The media also note the strict anti-coronavirus requirements at the forum – participants take tests, all visitors wear masks. If anyone violates the requirements, their badge can be cut off.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Kremlin has warned that Vladimir Putin will address global investors at SPIEF. His words will be about Western and worldwide sanctions.


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