Lukashenko threatened the EU to cut the Yamal gas pipeline – Europe

Lukashenko threatened l & # 39; EU to close gas pipeline & ldquo; Yamal & ndash; Europe & rdquo;

It has been learned in which case the gas pipeline could be cut on the side of the Republic of Belarus.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened the European Union.

According to him, before imposing sanctions on Minsk, Brussels needs to think about how gas and goods in transit through the republic will enter the Old World.

Commenting on Poland's statements about possible border closures, Lukashenko wondered what would happen when the border through Belarus was closed.

At the same time, he noted that Ukraine is also inaccessible for transit due to the border closure. with Russia, and through the Baltic states have no roads.

& # 8220; I just listened to these scoundrels, who are usually headless & # 8221;, & # 8211; Lukashenko said.

He noted that he could close the border for Poland and Germany, since Belarusian authorities have no intention of closing down the border for Poland and Germany. Stop at anything to protect their sovereignty.

Alexander Lukashenko recalled the gas pipeline passing through Belarus & # 8220; Yamal-Europe & # 8221; with increased supplies.

& # 8220; We warm up Europe, they always threaten us to close the border & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; he was outraged.

Lukashenko wondered what would happen if Belarus & # 8220; cut off natural gas & # 8221; was going to the European Union.

According to him, if additional sanctions are introduced, the republic will react in the harshest way.

As TopNews wrote, Belarus is currently experiencing a major migration crisis. The country is inundated with refugees from the Middle East.

Families with children and, as a rule, without money, have accumulated en masse in the cities of the country, as well as on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Migrants hope to travel to EU countries and gain asylum there.

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