McDonald's is still leaving Russia, the media found out what will happen to the brand

McDonald's leaves Russia, the media has found out what will become of the brand

They are looking for a buyer for the company of a fast food chain.

The world's largest fast food chain, McDonald's, is leaving Russia. Previously, the owners had suspended their activities in Russia due to the Ukrainian special operation. A month and a half later, the McDonald's office decided to sell the entire Russian business.

The McDonald's report says the issue of selling the business to Russia has been difficult to resolve. But the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian special operation in Ukraine and the “unpredictability of the operating environment” led the company to consider that owning a business in Russia is not “not feasible”.

McDonald's also said in a statement that business in Russia no longer aligns with their values. Management also announced the sale of the business, and only to a Russian buyer.

McDonald's reports that the new buyer's restaurants will not be able to use their menu and branding, but the company plans to keep its brands in Russia.

McDonald's calculated that due to the exit from the Russian market, they would have to write off $1.2-1.4 billion .

A TASS company source said that in mid-June McDonald's will reopen in Russia under a new brand. The restaurant chain, menus and jobs will remain.

Recall that McDonald's in Russia employs nearly 62,000 people. Another 100,000 people work in supplier companies.

Insiders say more than 90% of McDonald's suppliers are Russian. They plan to continue working with them.

“In fact, only the name will leave”, – say knowledgeable sources.

Recall that McDonald's has been operating in Russia for more than 30 years. The first cafe opened on January 31, 1990 in Moscow.

McDonald's accounted for about 25% of the restaurant industry's tax revenue.

As Topnews reports; wrote earlier, in March this year, media sources became aware of the withdrawal of Google employees from Russia. This was done on the eve of the blocking of Youtube in the Russian Federation.

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