Media: 20 companies in Europe have opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas

Media: 20 companies in Europe opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas

In this context, it became known that several Gazprom subsidiaries in Germany had stopped receiving gas from Russia.

According to US media, 20 accounts of European companies have already been opened with Gazprombank.

With their help, Russian gas consumers intend to pay for blue fuel in rubles.

According to Bloomberg citing knowledgeable sources, the same number of European companies that previously had opened accounts with Gazprombank joined the 10 European companies that had previously opened accounts with Gazprombank.

In addition, 14 other companies requested the necessary data in order to open accounts with Gazprombank. Gazprombank in the future.

It is reported that these companies will pay for Russian gas in foreign currency.

The names of 20 companies that have opened accounts with Gazprombank are not specified.

In this context, it is reported that the former daughter of several “Gazprom” Gazprom Germania GmbH does not receive gas after the imposition of sanctions against Western companies in Russia.

According to German Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek , the market is able to compensate for the shortage of gas from Russia, and Germany has found an alternative supplier. At the same time, he did not specify the details, writes TASS.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Gazprombank does not accept gas payments in rubles for the Austria and Germany. According to the media, ruble payments from Gazprom Germania have been rejected.

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