Media: Crooks from Russia and China stole US $ 400 billion in profits

 Media: Fraudsters from Russia and China stole US $ 400 billion in profits

Personal data is misled or threatened by citizens.

The US authorities are faced with a problem that “passed” from the previous administration. This was confirmed by a source in the administration of US President Joe Biden.

According to him, fraud with state payments for unemployment is widespread in America.

The publication Axios reported the amount & # 8211; $ 400 billion is exactly the size of any allowances paid that could be in the hands of scammers.

That's half of all unemployment benefits authorities started paying during the pandemic in 2020.

It turned out that scammers often used stolen US data. According to RBC, personal data was often confiscated from citizens through threats or deception.

They were asked for benefits, and later money (often in the form of cryptocurrency) was transferred abroad.

Experts say up to 70% of funds received have been withdrawn from the United States. The money could have fallen into the hands of crooks from Nigeria, China, Russia, etc.

“These groups are definitely supported by the state”, & # 8211; according to analysts.

Another third of the money ended up in the pockets of American street gangs.

The White House is aware of the fraud, but earlier it was decided to start delivering benefits without finding fault with the documents … But the fact that the money went to the foreigner made the problem a matter of national security.

How exactly the US authorities will solve it is not reported.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Russians have been made aware of the new form of fraud. Now the attackers claim to be a call for law enforcement. And even the phone number looks realistic.


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