Media: German Ministry of Finance wants to nationalize part of Nord Stream 2

Media : German Finance Ministry wants to nationalize part of Nord Stream 2

Information about Germany's plans was commented on by analyst Stanislav Mitrahovich.

The German Ministry of Finance intends to nationalize the part of the Russian gas pipeline “Nord Stream-2” that crosses German territory.

Spiegel writes about it, citing informed sources.

According to journalists, the pipes will be needed to pump gas from the floating LNG terminals.

Previously, RWE AG chartered two similar units. They allow the supply of up to 14 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

A negative consequence, according to the publication, is the reaction of Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin to these actions of Berlin.

It also requires a new environmental harmonization, as the passage area of ​​the pipelines is protected and any change of route requires further assessment.

The publication notes the need to take into account the opinion of the representatives German companies hoping for the start of operation of “Nord Stream-2”.

Others note that Russia could respond to the nationalization of SP-2 by seizing German factories on its territory.

Germany is discussing such plans in fear of stop gas deliveries from Russia: gas transit via “Nord Stream” has shrunk by more than half, and next month the pipe will be shut down for two weeks for maintenance.

In this context, expert Stanislav Mitrakhovich said that in response to the nationalization of “Nord Stream-2” Russia can indeed nationalize a number of German assets.

“We live in a situation where nationalization has become the norm in relations between Russia and Germany. #39;West. It can take place with compensation, without payment, in the form of a temporary freezing of assets – all sorts of options are possible&#8221 ;, – he said in an interview with RT.

It is sure that these measures will not help to force the supply of Europe to stop not be reduced.

Mitrakhovich noted that Gazprom needs to carry out maintenance of the gas pipeline . In addition, it is necessary to return from Canada the turbines necessary for pumping, and for that it is necessary to lift part of the sanctions of the Western collective.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Germany was talking about unable to approve the SP-2.

Berlin took this position last December.

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