Media: Interior Ministry and FSB will be able to block Russians' money transfers without trial for 10 days

 Media: Interior Ministry and FSB will be able to block Russian money transfers without trial for 10 days

Rosfinmonitoring made a proposal corresponding.

Rosfinmonitoring proposed to make it possible to block Russians' accounts and cards without trial.

Such action can follow if it is suspected that these instruments are being used to finance terrorism, extremism, riots or drug trafficking.

According to the published document, the Home Office and the FSB will only be able to take a blocking decision in cases which, according to the authors of the project, do not tolerate the postponement.

At the same time, the information received by government agencies must be sufficient, documented and previously confirmed.

Such a block can last up to 10 working days, and a court order may be required to extend it.

A limited category of officials will be able to take such a decision.

Among them it is proposed to include the leadership of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, the FSB, Rosmfinonitoring and a number of individual leaders and their deputies.

The project notes that within 24 hours it is necessary to inform the Attorney General, his deputy or another prosecutor subordinate to him about the decision to suspend operations.

The decision is subject to appeal if it is taken in violation of the law. The event can be considered within 48 hours.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Roskomnadzor said it could block YouTube.

Such action can follow if the service does not remove restrictions on RT channels in Germany.

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