Media: Rostrud clarified how unvaccinated employees should be removed from work

Media: Rostrud explained how unvaccinated employees should be taken off work

Even employees working remotely can be taken off work.

Rostrud elaborated on the rules for firing employees who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

They write about it & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; citing a letter from the ministry.

The message states that the employer can remove an unvaccinated employee from work without pay.

Relevant requirements apply even to those who work remotely and do not have a medical point.

The work suspension must be pronounced after August 15th. Beforehand, the employer must request a written exemption from vaccination from his employee.

Such a person can return to work either after being vaccinated or after the end of the pandemic.

As noted in Rostrud's letter, the work suspension is provided for in article 76 of the Labor Code. In this case, the department refers to the law & # 8220; On the 'immunization of infectious diseases' Disease that the head of the Ministry of Health reported how many Russians got sick from the coronavirus after vaccination.

He also noted that people between the ages of 18 and 30 have fallen seriously ill with the coronavirus.


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