Media: the tax on deposits will affect Russians with deposits of 700,000 rubles.

Media: Deposit tax will affect Russians with deposits of 700,000 rubles.

According to journalists, the new tax will affect citizens whose deposits are less than 1 million rubles.

According to media reports, Russians with less than one million rubles in their accounts could be subject to a deposit income tax.

Initially, this tax was positioned as a tax on deposits of more than a million rubles, but according to the results of last year, bank customers with less than the specified amount of savings, but have received interest of more than 42.5 thousand rubles, fell below.

This became possible due to the fact that the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation doubled over the course of the year, and at the same time bank rates increased.

By law, tax cannot be levied on income obtained by multiplying the rate of the Bank of Russia at the beginning of the year – 4.25% – from 1 million rubles.

So, according to the results of the past year, a tax assessment can be received by depositors from 700,000 rubles.

This estimate is given by RBC with reference to the specialist Lidia Kashirina.


The publication notes that a bank client with an initial amount of a single deposit of 710 thousand rubles and a rate of 4.5%, who transferred funds at an interest rate of 8% in August, could earn 42.85 thousand rubles in interest per year, which will lead to the accumulation of a tax of 13% from 350 rubles, or 45.5 rubles.

Specialists note that when forming the tax, the amount of the contribution – not the most important factor, since all interest reduced by the deduction is taken into account.

Tax will be levied on the difference between income from deposits and 42.5 thousand rubles.< /p>

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