Media: Yakutia Airlines dismantled two SSJ-100 aircraft for spare parts

Media: Yakutia Airlines dismantled two SSJ-100 aircraft for spare parts

The carrier has a total of four Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. This decision was made by Yakutia airline regarding aircraft leased from State Transport Leasing Company.

The publication Vedomosti, citing its sources, the management of Yakutia decided to dismantle the aircraft after inspecting them.

p> < p>It will be impossible to restore the flanks: they no longer have working power plants and other basic spare parts.

In the company of business; Irkut, which produces the SSJ 100, it was reported that carriers would not be able to buy parts – in the West there are sanctions in place in the country.

Also, neither the engine nor the model aircraft have not received certificates.

This At the same time, STLC is preparing to seize the Yakutia liners – rental contracts will be terminated.

The airline has accrued a debt to the lessor in the amount of more than 1.5 billion rubles. And at the same time in 2021-2022. Yakutia received large subsidies from the state budget.

Interlocutors of Vedomosti also revealed that up to 80% of the aircraft fleet could to be broken down in Yakutia.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the carrier in November 2022, there were only 15 aircraft left. Although the Yakutia website speaks of more than 20 aircraft of Western and Russian production.

Recall that airlines in Russia fell under sanctions. Unable to get insurance, spare parts, new planes, carriers started dismantling planes for parts.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in August 2022, Reuters was the first to report “cannibalism” in the aviation industry. One of the first Aeroflot began to dismantle its aircraft for parts.


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