Medvedev posted a funny photo in response to expecting a new sanctions package

Medvedev posted funny photo in response to anticipation of new sanctions package

The cat in the photo looks relaxed and calm.

The Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, published another article on his telegram channel, in which he touched on the subject of the next package of sanctions that the West is planning against Russia.

In the message, he posted a funny photo of a cat lying relaxed on the carpet.

The photo is captioned: “Waiting the next package of sanctions”.

In another publication, the politician explained that in his opinion, the importance of Russia in the world economy is gradually beginning to reach Western countries.

According to him, they cannot survive without it, because their citizens simply cannot obtain food and fertilizer for its production, sources of energy to make food, metals to produce cars and other mechanisms.< /p>

Finally, he mentioned fuel for nuclear power plants in Europe and the United States, which produce 20-40% of the electricity for their citizens.

“We look forward to the next EU sanctions package and Grandpa Joe (Grandpa Joe) big sanctions decisions,” he said.

Medvedev pointed out that if the locomotive of the Western economy of services and digital currencies is “ramming full steam into the wall”.

“Smile, gentlemen, smile! ”, – cited the deputy head of the Security Council as the hero of the Soviet cult film.

According to “Kommersant”, the deputy head of the Security Council believes that the West will not stop attempts to destroy the Russian economy. One of the ways he called the exclusion of the Russian Federation from a number of organizations and the introduction of new sanctions.

He mentioned the decision of the Arctic Council to start work without the participation of Russia.

Recall that it includes Canada, Denmark, Finland, ;Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the United States and Russia. Previously, the organization announced the cessation of work in connection with the NWO of Russia in Ukraine, and recently announced the continuation of its activities, but without Moscow.

“In zeal to destroy the economy internally, our enemies will go all the way”, – the politician commented on the situation.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the political scientist explained the radical change in Medvedev's behavior by the fact that the politician “cut ties” to remain in the “superelite”, the political elite of the country.

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