MEPs accuse Gazprom of raising gas prices in Europe

MPs accused Gazprom of raising gas prices in Europe

Angela Merkel's successor accused Moscow of non-market relations.

The European Commission has been called upon to control the Russian company Gazprom, which could be implicated in the rise in gas prices in Europe.

A group of 40 MPs from Poland and the Baltic States made an official statement request, TASS reports. p>

Recall that in Europe, gas prices are kept at a high level. On September 15, the cost per thousand cubic meters was almost $ 1,000.

Due to the shortage of electricity, rising gas prices in the UK have started to shut down large businesses.

Against this In the background, one of the alleged Annalena Berbock accused Moscow of non-market relations, which led to an increase in gas prices.

The leader of the Greens Soyuz-90 & # 8243;/& # 8221; said the Kremlin wants to launch its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, for this they will have to increase political pressure to launch this project.

A possible successor to Angela Merkel accuses the ruling bloc of doing Germany a disservice by supporting the construction of the gas pipeline. As a result, Germany has found itself in a “blackmail situation”, and ordinary citizens will have to pay.

Now the politician is asking Angela Merkel to influence Moscow to supply sufficient volumes of gas to Germany. .

At the same time, Alexey Miller, director of Gazprom, said he was convinced that gas prices would only increase.

Miller attributes this to the fact that underground storage facilities are slowly pumping fuel, and demand is increasing.

As Topnews wrote earlier, German politicians are demanding that Russia sell Nord Stream 2 to another provider. Under the new rules, the part located on the territory of the EU cannot belong to Russia.

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