NR: If the United States is involved in the attack on Nord Stream, Russia will retaliate

NR: if the United States is involved in the attack on Nord Stream, Russia will retaliate

National Review believes that this option makes the United States a “military adversary” of Moscow.

Western media offered a version of the “Russian response” if evidence of US involvement in the incidents with leaks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines is found.

According to National Review columnist Antonio Wright, Russia could react in mirror and attack the already American gas infrastructure.

According to him, the incidents could force Moscow to treat the United States as a full-fledged military adversary. Such is the damage caused by the alleged “immediate lack of participation in the explosions,” Wright said.

The second consequence of – these are completely spoiled relations with the allies, including Germany, participating in the “Nord Stream-2” project. Wright thinks Berlin would not forgive Washington for such an act.

In turn, a retired colonel, ex-adviser to Pentagon chief Douglas McGregor, told media that the United States and Britain could have been the attacking party.

On Judjing Freedom's YouTube channel, he explained that “it's the Royal Navy, the United States Navy” who “obviously”. The fact is that the “SP” durable, and it takes hundreds of kilograms of TNT to damage them.

Moscow's response, he said, is nonsense, nobody cares. Including Germany, which needs Russian gas.

Recall, as Topnews wrote, three incidents, one in Danish and two – on Swedish soil happened last week. The pressure in the gas pipelines has dropped dramatically, which is why the authorities in Bornholm have announced sabotage or an emergency, but while the investigation is ongoing, the exact reasons are not known.< /p>

The Kremlin reported a glaring fact about the gas pipelines and demanded an immediate investigation and prosecution of all those responsible.

According to the Representative of the Russian Federation to the ;UN Vasily Nebenzi, it cannot be held without the participation of Moscow.


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