Media: Yakutia Airlines dismantled two SSJ-100 aircraft for spare parts

Media: Yakutia Airlines dismantled two SSJ-100 aircraft for spare parts

The carrier has a total of four Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. This decision was made by Yakutia airline regarding aircraft leased from State Transport Leasing Company.

The publication Vedomosti, citing its sources, the management of Yakutia decided to dismantle the aircraft after inspecting them.

p> < p>It will be impossible to restore the flanks: they no longer have working power plants and other basic spare parts.

In the company of business; Irkut, which produces the SSJ 100, it was reported that carriers would not be able to buy parts – in the West there are sanctions in place in the country.

Also, neither the engine nor the model aircraft have not received certificates.

This At the same time, STLC is preparing to seize the Yakutia liners – rental contracts will be terminated.

The airline has accrued a debt to the lessor in the amount of more than 1.5 billion rubles. And at the same time in 2021-2022. Yakutia received large subsidies from the state budget.

Interlocutors of Vedomosti also revealed that up to 80% of the aircraft fleet could to be broken down in Yakutia.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the carrier in November 2022, there were only 15 aircraft left. Although the Yakutia website speaks of more than 20 aircraft of Western and Russian production.

Recall that airlines in Russia fell under sanctions. Unable to get insurance, spare parts, new planes, carriers started dismantling planes for parts.

As Topnews wrote earlier, in August 2022, Reuters was the first to report “cannibalism” in the aviation industry. One of the first Aeroflot began to dismantle its aircraft for parts.


Nabiullina spoke of “searching for the bottom”, and Gref found advantages in the crisis in Russia

Nabiullina talked about “fundamental research”, and Gref found advantages in the crisis in Russia

Lively statements are discussed on the web.

Central Bank Director Elvira Nabiullina spoke to reporters about the state of the Russian financial sector. According to her, in the fall there was a cash outflow of 600 billion rubles from the country. But at the same time, the amount is lower than in February-March 2022.

Nabiullina added that the Central Bank plans to come up with a new concept for regulating the banking sector.

She also warned that each case on the issue of the sale of assets of foreign banks is considered separately.

By the end of 2022, the agreement on the sale of Otkritie will be concluded in Russia.

We clarified with Nabiullina whether the Russian economy has bottomed out or whether the decline will continue.

“I don't really like touching the floor”, &#8211 ; replied the financier.

And the boss of Sberbank, German Gref, during his speech at the Finopolis forum of innovative financial technologies, found advantages in the crisis.

< p>< /p>

“Life has become brighter, more colorful and more interesting. It looks like it will be even more interesting in the years to come,” said the man of 39;business.

Gref is convinced that the crisis in Russia is a motivation for growth and development. there was no sign of an end to the crisis in the country.

As Topnews wrote earlier, this summer German Gref predicted when the Russian economy would return to 2021 levels.< /p >


NetEase: Russia received 'bad news' from G7, upsetting 8 countries at once with response

NetEase: Russia received 'bad news' from G7, shocking 8 countries at once with response

In response, bad news awaited the eight countries expected to shell out.

Chinese analysts reported new problems for Russia, which it faced when 8 countries announced new anti-Russian measures.

According to NetEase, US attempts to limit the export of Russian energy supplies have continued since the start of the NWO, but there has been no success, leading only to #39;to an increase in world gas, fuel and oil prices.

The United States recently proposed a new strategy to reduce Russian revenues.

Thus, the G7 countries and Australia are considering introducing a cap on oil prices. It is understood that it will not be possible to buy it from Russia if the country puts forward a price above the limit that will be set by these countries.

According to the media, this could reduce the revenue side of the Russian budget, which the states and their allies are trying to achieve.

Also, according to G7 participants, Moscow will have to accept the new rules of the game, Russian supplies will continue and a fuel shortage in the market will be avoided.

Analysts describe this as an attempt by eight countries to “join hands” and “besiege the Russian Federation”.

“Moscow received bad news”, say the authors.

At the same time, apart from eight powers, so far no one has wanted to join this initiative. Other countries, including China and India, have expressed doubts about the effect of the initiative and have shown no interest in it.

The publication believes that due to the lack of “meaningful support” According to the American plan, Russia will be able to continue to deliver energy resources against the will of the states.

In response to the declaration of the “eight”, Moscow said that it simply will not sell its fuel to participants in the agreement.

As a result, the effect was the opposite of the desire of the United States: oil prices soared.

Previously, Topnews wrote that the introduction of a cap on Russian oil prices in the G7 was discussed in September this year.

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In the Russian Federation, the maternity capital program has been extended until the end of 2026: the maternity capital for the first child in 2023 will amount to about 590,000 rubles

In the Russian Federation, the maternity capital program has been extended until the end of 2026: maternity capital for the first child in 2023 will be about 590,000 rubles

The President of the Russian Federation announced the indexation of payments to veterans and the disabled from next year.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotyakov said that in 2023 the amount of maternity capital will increase.

At a meeting on the social issues with the President of the Russian Federation, he explained that several types of payments would increase at the same time. Namely: the amount of payments for the first child will increase by 65,000 rubles, the total amount will be almost 590,000 rubles, almost 780,000 will be paid for the second child.

According to RIA Novosti, at the same meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the program will be extended until 2026.

The second thing the Russian leader talked about: from February 1 2023, the pensions of the disabled and veterans will be indexed.

The total amount of money that will be sent for the payment of maternity capital will amount to more than 550 billion rubles .

Recall that in 2022 the payment for the first child is 524,500 rubles, for the second child – 693,100, in the event that the family did not receive maternity capital for the first child.

If maternity capital is allocated for the second time, the amount will be 168,600 rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the government of the Russian Federation has approved a draft law on the rights of men to the parent capital.

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The Ministry of Defense clarified the procedure for a one-time payment of 195,000 rubles to mobilized Russians

The Ministry of Defense has clarified the procedure for a one-time payment of 195,000 rubles to mobilized Russians

We are talking about those who signed a contract from September 21, 2022.

The representative of the financial bloc of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergey Mikischenko, said that all conscripts and citizens called up for partial mobilization will receive a lump sum payment of 195,000 rubles.

The money is due to those who signed a military service contract for a period of one year.

Mikishchenko noted that the presidential decree refers to those mobilized who signed a contract from September 21, 2022.

RIA Novosti writes about this.

“Further, they will receive monetary allowances with appropriate allowances, like all soldiers performing their military service under contract, depending on the tasks performed”, – Mikischenko said.

According to him, the main amount depends on the salary, depending on the military position, rank and length of service.

The minimum amount is 195 thousand rubles. This money can be received by an ordinary motorized rifleman, and the platoon commander will already receive about 225,000 rubles.

The money will be transferred to the settlement account of the mobilized person from 10 to 20 monthly for the previous month of military service.


At the request of a serviceman, a monetary allowance can be transferred to his relatives. To do this, you need to issue a power of attorney or an additional card to the current account.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that a fake about the mass death of Voronezh residents in the LPR had been exposed on the web.

Before that, rumors appeared on the web that more than 500 mobilized people died in the NVO area.

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Dutch owner of Vimpelcom Veon sells Russian business

Dutch owner &ldquo

This was reported in the statement of the organization.

Holding Veon of the Netherlands, owner of mobile operator “Vympelcom” and known as “Beeline”, sells assets in Russia.

This information is published in the company's press release.

The message indicates that the company has started the sale process &# 8220;with respect to its activities in Russia”.

Currently, the company's management is considering options to satisfy the results of all parties.

Representatives of “Vympelcom” said they do not expect a change in strategy if the company changes ownership.

Veon Ltd. brings together telecommunications operators in Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and a number of other countries.

'Vympelcom' is considered the biggest asset of the holding.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Mercedes-Benz is leaving Russia.

The company has already sold the plant in Russia.


Since November 1, meter control rules have changed in Russia

C On November 1, the rules for checking meters were changed in Russia

The expert explained whether this will affect the amount of payments by Russians.

Associate Professor of the PRUE Statistics Department GV Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya told the media that on November 1, a new GOST began to operate in Russia in accordance with the requirements of organizations that check meters in Russians' homes.

From Tuesday, companies are required to be accredited and have documentation in which a procedure for checking and inspecting devices on the premises is prescribed.

According to & #8220;Premium” with reference to the authors of GOST, it solves the problem of combating fraudsters, also removes the contradictions that existed in the verification of meters, and along the way establishes the standards for this work.

At l& #39;future, according to Lebedinskaya, readings will be carried out automatically and remotely.

After all, most of the population simply replaces the old meter with a new device, explained the ;expert. Usually the cold water machine works for 6 years, hot – 4 years.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the market “AliExpress Russia” has already reported problems with the processing of payments from Russians.

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Bloomberg: Russia buys imported breast pumps from Armenia and Kazakhstan for military use

Bloomberg: Russia buys imported breast pumps from Armenia and Kazakhstan for military use

The publication states that the exported household appliances are used for military purposes.

The media believe that part of the European exports of household appliances destined for Armenia and Kazakhstan are used for military purposes in the Russian Federation.

According to Bloomberg, the supply of washing machines, refrigerators, electric breast pumps and other household appliances exceeded 2021 figures this year. At the same time, both countries are exporting units to the Russian Federation.

European officials believe that some parts of the products can be used for other purposes, but for military purposes. Thus, the EU statistical service Eurostat indicates that from January to August 2022, the export of washing machines to Armenia from the EU exceeded the total figures for 2020 and 2021 .

As for electric breast pumps, with a decline in the birth rate in Armenia of 4.3% exports have tripled. In Kazakhstan, these devices have already recorded an increase in exports from the EU by 633%, the data is given for the period from January to June. Again, the birth rate dropped by 8.4%.

From January to August, $21.4 million of refrigerators were delivered to Kazakhstan, the size of exports has tripled since 2021. At the same time, according to the local government, exports to the Russian Federation have increased.

From January to August, more than twice as many milk pumps were sent to the Russian Federation compared to last year, and ten times as many refrigerators. The amount of exports of washing machines to the Russian Federation in 2022 amounted to 7.5 million dollars.

The publication also notes that the customs of the Russian Federation has not published statistics on imports and exports of goods since the spring of 2022.

Western analysts say Moscow is probably trying to cope with the shortage, but the assortment has shrunk. And after the EU banned the supply of household appliances for more than €750 and video-audio electronics for more than €1,000, according to Bloomberg, European equipment can be used domestically to disassemble and use components and semiconductors in civilian production.

the opinion of a number of officials, in particular the representative of the Royal Joint Institute for Defense Studies, James Byrne (UK), that complex missile defense systems often use components found in some commercial products.

US experts have confirmed that for repairs, military equipment can use microchips from home appliances.

Thus, it was reported that some parts of EU refrigerators and washing machines were found in Russian tanks.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that earlier the government of the Russian Federation legalized parallel import, allowing the import of goods into the country without the permission of the copyright holder.


In Kyiv, about 1 million people were left without electricity

В In Kyiv, about 1 million people were left without electricity

The energy company reported on the consequences of the Russian armed forces' strikes on infrastructure.

The head of the energy supply company YASNO (Ukraine), Sergey Kovalenko, announced the number of disconnected houses in Kyiv, whose inhabitants were left without electricity.

According to RIA Novosti, 159,000 apartments were de-energized in the capital of Ukraine, in a single day – that's more than 320,000.

As a result, about 1 million people in Kyiv were left without electricity.

According to Kovalenko, they can't plan their day normally, work normally&#8221 ; .

He pointed out that the closures have disrupted the work of thousands of companies, which in such a situation cannot work for the Ukrainian economy.

The situation in Kyiv the region does not looks no better. Thus, about 260,000 inhabitants were left without electricity, more than half a million subscribers – without mobile connection. This all happened during the day.

According to the deputy head of Vladimir Zelensky's office, Kirill Tymoshenko, on the night of October 26, an “energy facility” was attacked, which led to a lack of electricity in central Ukraine .

Emergency power cuts affected kyiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy and Chernihiv regions.

In “Ukrenergo” told the agency that in the regions of Kyiv, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr, the backbone network equipment was damaged, which required restrictions on the supply of electricity. promised "hard and long" blackouts.

Attacks by the Russian Armed Forces against Ukraine's infrastructure are known to have been carried out since October 10. This is a response to the explosion of the Crimean Bridge and other Russian facilities by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Russian armed forces had repelled the attacks of the Ukrainian forces in the direction of Kupyansk.< /p>


Elon Musk came to Twitter headquarters with a sink in his hands

Elon Musk came to Twitter headquarters with a shell in his hands

The billionaire has confirmed that he bought the messenger.

A video with Elon Musk appeared on the web, which came to the office of Twitter with a sink in his hands. The billionaire also added “Twitter Chief” to his profile.

Media have noted that the sink in Musk's hands is a joke about the company. Most likely, this is a reference to the phrase “let it flow”, which can be translated as “being aware of what has happened”. But the literal translation would be “let that shell in”.

Elon Musk has promised he will complete the deal to acquire Twitter by Friday, October 28.


He said this during a videoconference with bankers to help fund the deal, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Banks provide 13 billion dollars of debt financing to Musk. They made the final loan agreement, everything went to the stage of signing the documents.

 Elon Musk came to Twitter headquarters with a shell in his hands

By the way, Elon Musk denied that Twitter's staff will be cut by three-quarters. According to Bloomberg, the entrepreneur made such a promise to company employees.

Earlier, the Washington Post published articles that talked about Musk's plans to lay off nearly 5 ,5,000 people, leaving only 2,000 employees.

Recall that the amount of the agreement to buy Twitter is 44 billion dollars.

Earlier, Elon Musk tried to walk out of the deal, but the court ordered him to acquire Twitter, according to the agreements.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Elon Musk billed the Pentagon for the services of Starlink satellites in Ukraine, the billionaire offered the authorities to pay the fees.

According to the latest data, they could exceed 120 million dollars by the end of the year.

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