The Russian stock market has posted a record drop since the start of the pandemic

Stock the Russian market has recorded a record decline since the start of the pandemic

As a result, a sharp drop in the share price also affected the flight of investors.

Today's trading on the Russian stock exchange ended with a record drop in recent times for major indices, which was the largest since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This data is given on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

The Moscow Stock Exchange index fell by 5.5%, while the RTS index lost 7.59%. At the same time, during the session, the stock market index fell by 7.59%, to 3,314.66 points.

The last time the index fell below 3,400 points was in February-March of last year. And, according to RBC, the Moscow Stock Exchange index fell below 5% and even traded at the start of the coronavirus pandemic on April 15, 2020.

At the same time, the RTS dollar index fell from 6.38. % (1380.91 points).

We note that such a sharp drop was influenced by geopolitical tensions on the background of the Ukrainian file.

Thus, a sharp drop share value occurred in such companies as "Gazprom", "Sberbank", "Rusal", "AFK "Sistema", "Nornickel" ;, “Novatek”, VTB , “Rosneft”. All of these companies lost an average of 10-15% of their value.

As a result, a sharp drop in the share price also affected investor flight.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in March 2020 At the start of the pandemic, the US stock markets also experienced their biggest crash in 30 years.

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EU extends economic sanctions against Russia until July 31

UE extended economic sanctions against the Russian Federation until July 31

Anti-Russian sanctions have been adopted by EU countries with regard to the financial, energy and defense of the Russian Federation.

The European Union has decided to extend the sanctions against Russia for a period of six months until July 31, 2022. This follows from the statement of the Council of the EU.

Note that the extension of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation was adopted at the December summit in the context of Russia's alleged refusal to follow the Minsk agreements.

Furthermore, the Council of the European Union has also urged the Kremlin to return to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Recall that anti-Russian sanctions were adopted by EU countries in connection with the financial, energy and defense sectors of the Russian Federation.

They were introduced for the first time in 2014 after Russia joined Crimea for a year, but they were subsequently extended several times every six months.

In particular, the sanctions plan to restrict access to the primary and secondary capital markets of the EU for a number of Russian banks.

Also prohibited any financial assistance in intermediary relations with banks sanctioned also fell. In addition, the import and export of defense sector dual-use goods, especially in the energy sector, is prohibited.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Kremlin discussed the consequences of US sanctions against Putin.

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The market reacted to the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister by lowering the shares and the ruble

The market reacted to the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister by lowering the shares and the ruble

Sergei Ryabkov made a statement on the United States and NATO.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who participated in recent talks with the United States in Geneva, said Washington and NATO are not ready to meet Russian demands.

The senior diplomat has expressed his opinion on RTVI.

According to him, the Russian Federation presented draft documents and declared themselves ready to work on them to prepare for the signature.

Nevertheless, according to Ryabkov, this is now impossible.

& # 8220; For key elements of these texts, the United States and its allies are actually telling us & # 8220; no & # 8221; & # 8221;, & # 8211; Ryabkov said, noting that the United States is ready to continue the dialogue on some issues, but this is “secondary to the same non-expansion of NATO”.

He called the situation & # 8220; dead end ' or & # 8220; kind of a difference in approach, noting that he sees no serious reason to continue the discussion in the near future.

Ryabkov's remarks sparked a reaction at the auction. So, after his statement, the Mosbirzhi Index fell 2.23% – up to 3744 points.

The ruble fell against the dollar and the euro & # 8211; up to 74.99 rubles (+0.28 rubles) per unit of US currency, up to 85.96 (+0.47 rubles) & # 8211; per unit of European.

Recall that due to the growing tension on the Russian-Ukrainian border, Russia has proposed to the United States and NATO a draft treaty on security guarantees in Europe.

Among other things, Moscow has proposed to exclude Ukraine from being included in the list of member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Estonian Prime Minister was outraged by the negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States. However, Kai Callas' position has been ridiculed on the web.

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Expert: ration cards can be introduced in Russia and it's no shame

Expert: Russia could introduce food ration cards and it's not a shame

Against the backdrop of rising consumer prices, analysts again hint at the unpopular measure of subsidize the poor.

Reslan Grinberg, scientific director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told media that rising food prices in the country could lead to the introduction food rationing systems for low-income citizens.

As noted With reference to his remarks to RIA Novosti, there is a similar practice in many countries, including the United States, and the expert sees nothing wrong with such subsidization Population.

As Grinberg explained, the second option, besides cards, may be to subsidize production … He called the condition for such innovations & # 8220; acceleration or growth & # 8221; consumer prices.

Speaking of the foreign practice, he said that in the United States millions of people are sitting on the cards'.

& # 8220; In the minds of Russians, a food card is a disgrace, – he noted, in fact, this is nothing special.

Recall that a few years ago the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to introduce a supplementary feeding system for low-income Russians, who were supposed to receive cards who would receive funds for the purchase of a number of domestic products.

However, as Topnews previously wrote, the Ministry of Finance did not find funds in the budget for such a novelty.

And in the spring of 2021, food suppliers and manufacturers remembered the department's project … They called on the government to hand out food cards to Russians who found themselves without jobs and means livelihood during the coronavirus pandemic.

They estimated the number of such users at 10 million, and the amount on each card was assumed to be 10,000 rubles.

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Retirees who received January payments before the New Year were disappointed

before The retiree & # 39; s New Years payment in January was disappointed

Retirees have already been receiving allowances since December of last year.

Elderly Russians were amazed at the meager retirement benefits, which began to flow at the end of December 2021.

Recall that from January 1, 2022, the indexation of pensions began in Russia, which was to be 5.9%. At the same time, many Russians hoped for a significant increase.

As a result, according to PRIMPRESS, some retirees in the regions received from 590 to 750 rubles. The publication cites retiree Elena as an example, who reported that she received 600 rubles more, and now her pension was only 9,800 rubles.

Another pensioner Olga said that with 40 years of experience her pension is from 2022 with a stipend amounted to only 13,500 rubles. Others don't do much better.

In general, retirees expected an increase of at least 1,000 rubles, given that the prices of some products rose by almost 50%.

In contrast, retirees in Moscow can be calm. According to RIA Novosti, the minimum pension for inactive retirees in the capital reached 21,193 rubles.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on indexation – the municipal surcharge for pensioners and social benefits for residents increased by 4.8%.

According to the latest estimates, 2.1 million Muscovites will pay the surcharge. As a reminder: the last time the pension in the capital was significantly increased a year ago, also in January. Then it rose to 20,222 rubles.

Since January 2022, insurance pensions for inactive Russians have been indexed by 5.9%. Their average size is 18,521 rubles. In 2023 and 2024, the indexation will be 5.6% and 5.5%.

Presumably, the amount of pensions will reach 19,476 rubles and 20,469 rubles.

In January 2020, the average pension insurance reached 16,789 rubles.

Recall that Vladimir Putin said at a press conference that the Pension indexation should equal the rate of inflation. Apparently the government is doing everything for this, the president said in his speech.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the internet has compared Russians' pensions with celebrity payments that occur at company New Year's parties.

< p> To earn money from 80 to 400 thousand rubles, a retiree has to save it for about 100 years and not spend it on anything.

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For the first time since November, the dollar exchange rate exceeded 75 rubles

Exchange rate dollar for the first time since November exceeded 75 rubles

The rate of the euro exceeded 85 rubles.

On the Moscow Stock Exchange on the last trading day of the outgoing year, the ruble fell.

The collapse of the Russian currency against the world's major currencies happened before the November lows.

So, on the afternoon of December 30, the dollar was trading around 74.69 rubles per dollar, euro & # 8211; 84.51 rubles.

At the highest, currencies were worth 74.87 and 84.66 rubles, respectively.

the level of 8.39%.

Oil prices have stopped below $ 80 a barrel Brent.

Investors, in turn, are concerned about the rapid spread of the omicron strain of the coronavirus.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the dollar rate collapsed in December 2020.

At that time, bank analysts believed that the decline in the US dollar would continue.


The State Duma introduced a bill on the annual payment before the New Year to retirees

B State Duma introduced bill on annual payment before New Year to retirees

Liberal Democrat faction submitted bill to State Duma for exam.

LDPR deputies submitted to the State Duma a bill proposing additional payments to retirees before the New Year.

The corresponding document was published in the database electronic data of the State Duma.

The authors of the initiative were LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a number of deputies from his faction, Senators Elena Afanasyeva and Irina Kozhanova.

According to the project, those who receive insurance pensions, state support pensions and & # 8220; military pensions & # 8221; will be subject to an additional payment.

It is proposed that the amount of such a payment be equal to the same amount of the pension itself, due to the citizen at the time of receipt of payment.

According to the explanatory note, real pensions have been reduced in Russia for many consecutive years, and inflation negatively affects the income of retirees in Russia.

On New Year's Eve, when gifts are bought and food is prepared for the holidays, retirees, MPs say, need support.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Russians had been made aware of n new rules for paying pensions in 2022. These included processing payments without request.


Russians have been told about new pension payment rules in 2022

The Russians have been informed of the new rules for the payment of pensions in 2022

These included the recording of certain payments on an unannounced basis.

The media reported that from January 1, 2022, new rules for the payment of pensions will come into force, which had previously been approved by the Ministry of Labor.

As reported by & # 8220; Rossiyskaya Gazeta ', one of the most important rules has become the ban on withholding a pension if a retiree is declared bankrupt.

As the expert on the publication explained, this category of citizens often cannot afford the borrowed amount, and now it will be impossible to withhold funds from the pension according to court documents.

The rules also include an algorithm of actions that must be performed when issuing and receiving social benefits, and for which Russians do not have to write a dossier of application and submit documents.

For example, the registration of early retirement in the event of the dismissal of an employee or the closure of the organization will be carried out by employees of the employment services. They will themselves make proposals on the appointment of payments.

Social supplements, as well as pensions for disabled people will be granted without request from citizens.

More advantageous payments for Russians who receive a pension or survival insurance.

For rural retirees, the supplement to the place of residence will be saved when leaving the place of residence.

Also, unless otherwise regulated, & # 8220; WG & # 8221; clarifies that from the new year, the PFR will report on the probable amount of old-age pensions for two categories of Russians & # 8211; men over 45 and women over 40. This will be done three times a year.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the 13th pension may appear in Russia, which will be awarded before the New Year.


Russians warned of biggest currency reform in 30 years

warned on biggest monetary reform in 30 years

Central Bank analyst recounted its steps.

The Deputy Director of the Central Bank, Olga Skorobogatova, said that immediately after the holidays, the biggest monetary reform in the country will begin, comparing its magnitude only with the reforms of the 90s.

According to the expert, the Central Bank intends to introduce the digital ruble to the country's money market … So in winter the Russians will be able to pay with digital banknotes.

Pilot projects will start working with such banking operations in January. In addition, in the first stage 12 credit agencies will be involved, said Skorobogatova.

The Rrimpress edition writes about it.

In the first stage of testing, only banks willing to cooperate will be able to log into the use of the new currency format, and in 2023 individuals will be able to make money transfers in digital rubles, said the financier.

Transfers between legal persons, individuals and the state will follow, after which the federal treasury will connect to them.

According to Skorobogatova, The reform will end when currency and digital exchange become possible.

She believes that using digital rubles for citizens won't be any more difficult than using cards and cash, which helps to save money. perform offline transfers.

Topnews explained how, according to media reports, the Central Bank will control Russians' money transfers from January 1, 2022.