Experts have warned Russians about possible problems with salary cards

Experts have warned the Russians about possible problems with salary cards

They made a forecast of what could happen during the crisis.

Experts warn Russians that in a crisis they could lose pay card funds.

According to IA DEITA.RU, experts say the crisis will force Russians to go to ATMs to cash

It is known that many payroll cards are linked to credit institutions which are not the largest and do not have a large network of ATMs.

The massive influx of customers wishing to withdraw cash will cause them to quickly run out of paper money, which is why they will will direct to big bank ATMs, even if they have to pay quite a large commission for the money withdrawn.

According to the newspaper, in April & # 8211; In July 2020, the number of cash Russians withdrew from their cards hit a record high. And it can happen again due to the high level of inflation.

Recall that seven years ago & # 8220; wage slavery & # 8221; when citizens did not have the option to independently choose a bank to receive a salary, it was canceled.

And two years ago, the Central Bank reported receiving complaints from citizens who encountered obstacles in their attempts to change the & # 8220; salary & # 8221; Bank. This is what they called the High Commissions for Transfers.

The media reports that in the fall of 2020, in 76.7% of cases, salaries in the Russian Federation were made without commission.

As Topnews previously wrote, it was recently learned of the Central Bank's intention to verify card transfers from Russians.


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced the issuance of a new 100 ruble banknote

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced the issuance of a new 100 rubles banknote

The updated form of the 100 rubles banknote will be put into circulation at the end of 2022.

The Vice President of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Mikhail Alekseev spoke about the appearance in Russia of a new banknote with a face value of 100 rubles .

He noted that the ticket will be issued next year.

As they write & # 8220; Izvestia ', a sketch of a new 100 ruble banknote has already been approved, and it will be put into circulation in 2022, but the turnover of payments with new banknotes will be gradually saturated .

As Mikhail Alekseev pointed out, the regulator will need time to adapt current conditions to a new bill.

For example, for banks to reconfigure their equipment & # 8211; ATMs, calculators and other devices & # 8211; it will take several months for the updated post.

Recall that the issue of banknotes of a new design in denominations of 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 rubles was announced at the end of March.

Regulator at the same time he refused to create a 300 ruble banknote with a view of Yekaterinburg.

Each banknote of its denomination will be assigned a unique serial number. In addition, the banknotes will receive their new color.

Presumably, the symbols of Moscow will be depicted on the 100 ruble banknote, but what sites will be placed & # 8211; not specified yet.

Alekseev only noted that one of the most popular objects in Red Square will be placed on the front of the banknote.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Central Bank announced the new design of 100 ruble banknotes. The regulator's representative explained how the new tickets will be different.

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Daily Mail: Britain is in 'Putin's power' after Yorkshire gas storage closed

 Daily Mail: Britain found itself in 'Putin's power' after the closure of a gas storage facility in Yorkshire

British readers of the publication, who are “ashamed” of the country, defended Russia.

The UK edition of the Daily Mail claims the UK became dependent on Russia after gas storage in Yorkshire was shut down.

The authors of the article believe that this situation was caused by the authorities' orientation towards fuel imports instead of the decision to expand energy production in my country. And now the British are dependent on the decisions of Vladimir Putin.

As RIA Novosti points out, Great Britain is at the head of the European gas crisis, as the level of its consumption in the country is high. Against a backdrop of reduced production from the North Sea and Irish Sea fields, the country is forced to buy it from other states.

According to experts, the energy vulnerability is only increasing from the supply system '. just in time & # 8221; by sea and pipelines, instead of shale gas production in Britain itself.

Four years ago, the last gas storage facility in Yorkshire was shut down, causing gas prices to rise sharply. As a result, residents will have to face a difficult winter, because, given the shortage of natural gas, it is extremely expensive.

The rise in prices was prompted by a shift towards the Asian market, which inflated them above the European markets. And gas storage facilities in the country itself are poorly stocked.

The publication also believes that the country's government will have to make a difficult choice: keep tariffs growing or allow them to grow. ; increase suppliers

In this situation, the edition of the Daily Express takes up the political context. The words of Russian experts on & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221; he considers it to be some kind of signal sent by Moscow.

According to journalist Jacob Paul, it is the Kremlin that is responsible for the growth in electricity consumption in the EU and Britain. And he hardly calls this blackmail from Russia in order to get a certificate for the & # 8220; SP-2 & # 8221 ;.

Yet Daily Mail readers defended Russia. They were ironic when Moscow was accused of deliberately limiting Britain's supply of blue fuel. In their opinion, it is customary to criticize Russia with or without reason.

So, according to PTFE98, the gas belongs to Russia, and she sets the price she wants . Some users have said that bureaucrats from the US and EU are hampering the pipeline launch and Russia has nothing to do with the price hike. And it was the United States and Europe that used sanctions to slow down construction.

& # 8220; If something goes wrong, Russia is immediately to blame! & # 8221;, & # 8220; The United States was not going to sell gas to Europe ' they only export gas a few months a year and import it in winter & # 8221;, & # 8211; they wrote.

User Leo Kassan believes the EU should impose sanctions on the US for interference in the European energy market.

& # 8220; It's not about Putin, and British eco-fanatics, 'concluded Leo Kassan.

Third-party users believe UK authorities should be responsible for the crisis, which made stupid decisions and had nothing planned in advance. And now the British are “ashamed of their country” and are asking Russia for something.

Earlier Topnews wrote that the first thread was “SP-2”; has already started to fill with gas.


Media: Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor prepared new parameters for physician remuneration system

Media: Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor have prepared new parameters for the remuneration system for doctors

Kommersant announced a pilot project in seven Russian regions.

Two Russian departments, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, set the parameters for the reform of the remuneration of medical personnel.

According to & # 8220; Kommersant & # 8221; the pilot project will affect 7 russian regions … There are 440 institutions in which the new system will be tested.

As a result, the introduction of new payment rules will affect more than 170,000 people, the department said.

The Ministry of Labor clarified in the publication that in the draft resolution of the departments in the near future will be posted on the Web for public debate.

According to the document, which was available to & # 8220; Kommersant & # 8221 ;, the salary of medical workers will be formed from two parts & # 8211; salaries and incentive payments.

The rules are uniform for all of Russia.

The developers of the project are convinced that the wage reform will lead to an increase in the share of wages, as well as the total amount of earnings.

In addition, the level of pay will cease to depend on the burden on the employee. But specific values ​​can only be named based on the results of a pilot launch at regional level.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Ministry of Labor previously explained when the payments of 10,000 rubles will begin to retirees.


Economist Delyagin warned Russians with deposits against the next 'big collapse' in the dollar

Economist Delyagin warned Russians with deposits on the next

Expert Mikhail Delyagin said what awaits the Russians who hold deposits in rubles.

The famous Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, in an interview with the media, made a forecast on a new crisis which could arise in Russia.

On the Aurora YouTube channel, he explained that a collapse in the US stock market cannot be ruled out.

In the event of such a development of events, the whole world would find itself in a crisis, which could affect Russia.

The expert said that the fall of the US market will inevitably lead to an increase in the value of the dollar, and among the holders of ruble deposits in Russia might start to panic.

The ruble can & # 8220; sink a little & # 8221; in price, predicts the economist, because all products on the shelves of Russian stores have a value component that is expressed in dollars.

& # 8220; Therefore, it will seem to many that this currency exchange would be the right decision & # 8221;, – predicts Delyagin, adding that buying the US currency could become a fatal mistake.

The reason is that after the rise, the dollar will start to fall in prices, and then its indicators will normalize.

In the end, the only winners will be the Russians who are not inclined to panic. They will be able to maintain the same level of their savings.

In favor of the normalization of the dollar, he argues that the state of the US economy, which is in a recession, and its recovery at his previous positions could take many years.

As Topnews wrote previously, an economist explained how Russia can make money with it one dollar & # 8220; printer & # 8221; United States.


Media: Central Bank decided to control Russians' card transfers

Media: The Central Bank decided to check the card transfers of the Russians

The regulator requested all data on transfers of natural and legal persons from credit institutions.

The media have learned that Russian banks and other credit agencies have received a letter from the Central Bank, which contains a request for information on monitoring customer transfers from card to card.

In addition, the Central Bank requires to assess the risks that arise in connection with such operations and to transfer their lists by June of this year. In the latter it is mandatory to indicate information about the sender and recipient.

RIA & # 8220; News & # 8221; with reference to the text of the document, reports that the Bank of Russia also requested data on transfer control mechanisms, the amount of commissions that organizations receive for them, as well as data on the limits of transfers of funds. money.

Finally, judging by the document, the Central Bank is interested in how banks identify & # 8220; dropper & # 8221; & # 8211; legal persons and citizens through whom illegally withdrawn money has passed.

According to the agency's source, Russian financial services are discussing the idea of ​​collecting data on beneficiaries. In the event that this initiative receives legislative support, then for the transfer, customers will only have to indicate their card number.

However, such innovation will require both changes in the parameters of payment systems and in the work of credit institutions themselves, he believes.

In turn, & # 8220; Kommersant & # 8221 ;, after reading the document, reports that the response to the request must be provided to the Central Bank by October 18. In response to a request for the publication, the Central Bank said that the purpose of the document is not to minimize such transactions (P2P transfers), which currently constitute a significant part of the payments market.

They called the study the risk management activities of banks that accompany such transfers.

The experts intend to study and identify existing best practices, and prepare recommendations for everyone as needed.

However, not all market participants positively welcomed the intention of the Bank of Russia. A number of them are willing to refuse customer service.

According to Alexander Pogudin, a member of the directors of the RNCO Payment Center, there are simply no effective methods of controlling transfers if the service is provided by a customer.

Bank & # 8230; is deprived of the possibility of assessing the risks of legalization “, & # 8211; believes the expert, adding that they have made the decision to refuse such a service.

And the head of the RTM group Evgeny Tsarev admitted that this type of transfer is indeed often used by fraudsters.

As an alternative, he called transfers through the central bank's fast payment system, which has a different architecture, and the bank can more easily monitor the funds that individuals transfer to each other.

& # 8220; In the SBP everything is more complicated in this regard, there is still a mobile bank, a device, a phone number & # 8221;, & # 8211; Tsarev said, adding that if blocked all cards will become unavailable which is not possible with P2P transfers.

However, if the SBP gains momentum and such measures enforced, then problems will appear en masse not only for fraudsters, but also for ordinary citizens.

As Topnews wrote previously, earlier the Bank of Russia expressed a scenario that a global financial crisis could occur in 2023.


The Ministry of Economic Development has indicated which products will increase in price the most by the end of the year

The Ministry of Economic Development has indicated which products will raise the most prices by the end of the year

The ministry expects the prices of non-food products increased by 7.2%.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, prices are expected to increase by the end of this year, and most importantly, according to experts in the department, prices for non-food items will increase.

This is reported by & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; referring to the forecast of a number of inflation indicators from the Ministry of Economic Development.

The group of goods that the department expects will increase in price the most by the end of 2021 include gasoline, building materials, tobacco products, fabrics.

Inflation indicators in this economic sector are expected to be around 7.2% by December of last year.

On average, in 2021, the prices of goods in the non-food sector will increase by 6.8%.

The Ministry of Economic Development is believed that in the period 2022 to 2024, inflation in the non-food sector will not exceed the Central Bank's 4% target.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, food products will be the second in terms of price increases, excluding fruits and vegetables.

The publication writes that here the prices will increase by 6.6% by the end of the year to last December, and for the year rising prices price will average 7%.

In this sector, inflation is expected to stabilize over the next three years at 3.8%, 3.5% and 3.6%, respectively .

According to the ministry's calculations, by the end of the year, food prices will increase by 5.3% on average.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised the rate to 4.5%. This decision was made last spring due to inflation.


FT: Putin's statement lowered global gas prices

FT: declaration Putin was bowled over by global gas prices

Journalists noted the drop in prices after Putin's remarks about his willingness to influence them.

Inosmi drew attention to recent statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said he was ready to stabilize rising energy prices.

According to the Financial Times, the Russian leader's remarks preceded a sharp drop in the global market.

Recall that Putin said that the work of price stabilization should be based on a commercial basis, taking into account the interests of all parties.

According to the Russian leader, soaring gas prices could lead to a restriction of industrial activity and a sharp rise in inflation.

Vladimir Putin supported Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak's proposal to increase gas sales on Gazprom's e-commerce platform not through the European spot market, and through the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange.

After that, gas prices in the market started to fall.

According to trading information, gas prices in Europe, after an all-time high of $ 1,937 per thousand cubic meters on Wednesday, have lost over $ 600 per day, and are also down 10% compared to the estimated price for Tuesday.

Nevertheless, respondents & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; Analysts believe gas prices could climb to $ 2,500 this week in the midst of the approaching winter.

Experts predict that the next season could get even colder than a year ago.

In addition, gas may increase prices due to increased consumption in China, decreased supplies in Europe, as well as due to the Stock market panic.

The rise in gas prices in Europe began in early August. At that time, the price of the thousand cubic meters was around $ 515.

Several factors may have caused the price increase & # 8211; depletion of European underground gas storage facilities, shortage of supply from suppliers and high demand from Asia.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that five European countries had called for an investigation into the record rise in gas prices.

The President of the Russian Federation called the situation hysterical and confusing.


Five EU countries urged to investigate reasons for record rise in gas prices

Five EU countries called to investigate reasons for record gas price hike

Putin called the gas price situation in the EU a hysteria and confusion.

Five EU countries & # 8211; France, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania and Greece & # 8211; issued a joint statement.

In their speech, the states announced their decision to investigate the reasons for the record rise in gas prices in Europe.

Bloomberg reporter Javier Blas wrote on Twitter that countries have also been urged to develop general rules regarding gas reserves in order to mitigate price spikes.

States also proposed to increase bargaining power by strengthening coordination, reforming the electricity market in Europe and underlined the need for energy independence by diversifying the energy supply sector and reducing Europe & # 39; s dependence on natural gas exporting countries.

Against this background, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the gas price situation in Europe hysterical and confusing.

He stressed the need for sustainable development of the energy industry, and also drew attention to the, in his view, the underestimated problem of climate change .

& # 8220; You see what's going on in Europe, there is hysteria and some sort of confusion in the markets & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; the president said in a meeting with the government.

He said the transition to alternative energy sources should be smooth and Russia has every chance of not making such mistakes.

& # 8220; We see what certain unbalanced decisions, unbalanced development and abrupt reshuffle lead to & # 8221; & # 8211; he said.

Remember that in recent weeks in Europe, the price of gas has risen sharply.

In early August, securities for the fuel supply were trading at around $ 515 per 1000 cubic meters, then a month later, prices rose to $ 614, and at the end of September soared twice.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the first channel of & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221; is filled with gas.

After this news, there was a strong variation in blue fuel prices in Europe.

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