Ukraine seeks $750 billion in damages from SVO

Ukraine demanded damages from the SVO for 750 billion dollars

The report was published by experts from the Kyiv School of Economics.

Experts from the Kyiv School of Economics have published a report in which they assess the damage inflicted on Ukraine by the Russian North.

According to RIA Novosti, he names the amount which, according to the authors , will be necessary to restore the economy of the country &# 8211; $108 billion.

But the final figure looks even more impressive: $750 billion.

A similar amount was announced earlier by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

They explained that, following the principle of the World Economic Forum, to “build back better than it was”, it will take not 108, but 185 billion more.

< p>Of which: 75 – for the construction of new residential buildings, to replace those lost during the hostilities, about 42 billion & # 8211; to restore the destroyed infrastructure, the rest of the funds will be used to restore order in agriculture and industrial production.

Earlier, Timofey Mylovanov, adviser to the chief from Zelensky's office, explained that restoring Ukraine over several years would require funding of $100 billion a year.

Shmyhal believed that Russia should pay the $750 billion that ;he had declared for the restoration of the country.

He cited confiscated Russian assets among the sources.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that refugees from Ukraine complain about the hellish living and working conditions in the European countries that have taken them in.


The Ministry of Justice has proposed to exempt companies in Russia from criminal penalties for entrepreneurship without registration

The Ministry of Justice has proposed to exempt companies in Russia from criminal penalties for entrepreneurship without registration

The Ministry of Justice has proposed to 39;exclude three economic articles from the Criminal Code of Russia.

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation by a new bill has proposed to exempt companies from criminal liability for entrepreneurship without registration. The bill is still in the process of being approved by the executive authorities.

From now on, all entrepreneurs caught for this offense will be held liable under Article 14.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses with a fine of up to 200,000 rubles with confiscation of products.

A suspension of activities for up to 90 days is also possible. Previously, the penalty was provided in the form of a fine of up to 300,000 rubles and arrest for up to six months. In case of action as part of an organized criminal group, the penalty was five years in prison.

It is also proposed to exclude from criminal offenses the recording of illegal real estate transactions, deliberate misrepresentation of survey data, and other things, evasion of disclosure or provision of securities information.

The authors proposed to recognize these articles as obsolete, and the changes aim to liberalize criminal law on economic crimes in order to minimize unreasonable criminal prosecution and improve the business climate.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice in the bill proposed to increase the maximum amount of damages from 12 to 18 million rubles to bring criminal liability for qualification ” especially large size”.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Ministry of Justice recognized Bykov, Albats and Aleshkovsky as foreign agents.


Gazprom said it was impossible to supply a turbine to Nord Stream

“Gazprom&rdquo ; said that it was impossible to supply a turbine to Nord Stream

The reasons are given.

“Gazprom” on the Telegram channel, she spoke about problems with the supply of a turbine to “Nord Stream”.

According to the official press release, Canada's sanctions policy, from the EU and the UK is the reason. They are the ones who make it impossible to deliver the turbine for the pipeline.

He points out that after the repair the turbine is in Germany.

But send the 39;unit to the Russian Federation at the compressor station “Portovaya&# 8221; is impossible, as there are inconsistencies between the current situation and Siemens' obligations.

It should be noted that Siemens, commenting on the situation, stated that the company had fulfilled all the conditions of delivery, while there were no documents from the Russian side.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after inspecting the turbine, also said that he did not ;there were no obstacles to sending the turbine to the Russian Federation.

In addition, Germany stated that there is no need to send and transport the turbine to Russia without additional documents, since this equipment does not apply to sanctions.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the program to supply Siemens turbines to the Crimea has become known.

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Bloomberg: Germany is three months away from disaster

Bloomberg: the ;Germany counts three months before the disaster

There is nothing the German government can do yet.

Bloomberg analysts have come to the conclusion that Germany is on the verge of a gas disaster, which will occur in about three months in the country. Cause – the accumulation of gas in the gas storages is insufficient for the winter heating season.

It appears from the content of the article that there is little time left in Berlin for replenish or correct the situation with a severe shortage of energy.

Moreover, the administration of German Chancellor Olof Scholz is not particularly in a hurry to deal with this problem. They only call for a reduction in gas demand, as there are no agreements yet on alternative energy sources.

As a result, the dim lighting in German cities, hot water cut off, Bloomberg watchers have caught the eye.

The authors also noted that Germany's closest partner in Europe, represented by France, will also not be able to provide assistance, as the country's nuclear reactors are out of service and their use will not be possible. can only aggravate the already deplorable situation.

But for In Germany, the restrictions imposed and the sharp rise in prices against the backdrop of energy shortages will eventually cause unrest in society. According to statistics, all Germans have fallen into energy poverty.

This undoubtedly worries the German government, but politicians cannot do anything yet.

Furthermore, in Absent a solution, Berlin will have to introduce a state of emergency, which will involve controlling fuel distribution, as well as a fight for limited LNG supplies, Bloomberg says.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper because of Russian gas.


IP: “The Russians have made Europeans into monkeys – Gazprom is teaching Europe the basics”

IP: “Russians turned Europeans into monkeys “Gazprom” teaches Europe the essentials”

India's ex-ambassador predicts Europeans will be 'dead' even after fuel suppliers' trial.

Former Indian ambassador and journalist M. K. Bhadrakumar believes that Russia is teaching Europe how to trade diesel. Before the long “war” in the fuel market, the Russian “Gazprom” has prepared in advance and is now teaching Europeans the basics.

As the author of the Indian Punchline report reports, the miscalculations of European policy are obvious.

Thus, by imposing an embargo on oil, coal and gas, the Europe has thus practically done Russia a service. Moscow was able to sell fuel in smaller quantities, but at a higher price.

The columnist believes that Germany, which was counting on the Russian fiasco, got it wrong. #39;expecting the Kremlin to be vital to sell large volumes .

In fact, the lack of liquefied natural gas in the global fuel market has led to higher prices. And later the problems only grew.

What hurts Germany the most is that it is not just about freezing houses, but also about the collapse of its entire economic model, too dependent on industrial exports through the import of cheap fossil fuels from Russia. German industry accounts for 36% of gas consumption.

However, according to Bhadrakumar, Germany estimates that “Gazprom”, which attributed the drop in gas supplies to the lack of turbines “Nord Stream”, sent to Canada for repair, is simply stunning.

As a result, experts predict a big lawsuit, but its outcome may not necessarily benefit Europe.

According to the politician, in the end the Europeans will be 'dead', because now it has become obvious: it is impossible to impose sanctions on the largest supplier of raw materials.

Those who imposed them suffer more, says the ex-ambassador.

< quote block>

“The Russians turned the Europeans into monkeys”, said Bhadrakumar.

According to the expert, it is obvious that it is impossible to impose sanctions on a country that sits on valuable products. Russia is the world's second largest exporter of oil, the largest exporter of gas, and the largest exporter of wheat and fertilizers, as well as a number of rare earth metals such as palladium.

Boeing and Airbus have complained about risks in their supply chain. Airbus, in particular, imports large quantities of titanium, with around 65% of the metal supply coming from Russia. She has publicly called on the EU not to impose restrictions on the materials used to manufacture critical aircraft components.

So it's no surprise that the #39;EU slows the pace of sanctions imposed on Russia. Bureaucrats in Brussels have exhausted their potential to increase sanctions, and political elites admit they were wrong.

Meanwhile, the consequences for European economies are already dire. Rising energy prices are fueling inflation across the EU.

France is expected to reach 7% this year, Germany 8.5-9% and Italy 10%. And that's just the beginning.

Most countries will also face a sharp decline in GDP next year – by 2 to 4%.

Topnews previously wrote that due to gas shortages, Germany may be left without toilet paper.

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The Hill: US allies 'totter and fall under the weight of Putin's counter-sanctions'

The Hill: U.S. allies «stumble and fall under the weight of Putin's countersanctions

The veteran intelligence officer has admitted the incompetence of Biden's national security team.

Former US intelligence officer Jonathan Sweet, in a conversation with reporters, said that US NATO allies face serious problems due to restrictive security measures. reprisals that Russia had introduced in response to anti-Russian sanctions.

According to PolitRussia “Referring to The Hill, the politician believes that states and their economies are 'falling or staggering under the weight of Putin's counter-sanctions'. In particular, major losses have affected trade.

As an example, the expert cited the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the reason for which was rising prices for utilities, food and other problems.

Sweet pointed to the fact that problems with American allies could worsen over the coming winter. As a result, more and more doubts arise about the need to support Ukraine in the NMD.

In Russia this is understood, therefore gas supplies have been reduced.

All this affects the United States, whose existential risks are growing day by day. And they, according to the expert, are not limited exclusively to Eastern Europe.

There's also China in the arena, threatening to crack down on Taiwan, Iran, which is “watching for” its nukes. And Russia, “tight against Ukraine” , is trying to build a “back door” to the United States via Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, an experienced intelligence officer believes.

Hill's expert indicated that; a 'reset' in areas of national security. Sweet believes that Biden's team is useless from this perspective, which is demonstrated by the US leader's visit to the Middle East.

Sweet is making it clear that the president must “fire” Chief of Staff Ron Klein” and the entire Western NB team.

“They don't create conditions necessary to defeat Russia, China, Iran or North Korea,” Sweet said.

< p>Earlier, Topnews wrote that the United States had urged to prepare to repel nuclear strikes from Russia and China.


“Closet Obshak. Lava Ahead”: Federal Prison Service plans to replace IKEA with prisoner products ridiculed on the web

“Closet Obshak. Wash forward”: Federal Penitentiary Service plans to replace IKEA with products of prisoners ridiculed on the web

The Federal Penitentiary Service in Sverdlovsk proposed to replace IKEA with products from prisoners.

Russian media are discussing an import substitution proposal by Alexander Fedorov, head of the Federal Penitentiary Service in Sverdlovsk.

According to him, quoted by the local publication “Oblgazeta' 8221;, products that are produced in Russian colonies can replace products produced by foreign companies that have left the Russian market.

As an argument, he cites the price-quality indicator, which is higher for Russian convicts than for foreign manufacturers. Substitution is possible “in a number of segments”.

The boss considers his proposal viable, taking into account an important indicator.

“The turnover of products and the number of people employed in the year of production, they are increasing year by year,” he assured.

Fyodorov was supported by his subordinate, the head of the labor adaptation department of the same Federal Penitentiary Service, Ivan Sharkov. He thinks settlements can “take the place of IKEA”.

The quality produced in Sverdlovsk penal institutions, Sharkov said, is better, and prices – below.

He also added that the management of the Federal Prison Service is not a business person and performs the main task of – the employment of prisoners.

As RBC clarifies with reference to data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the authorization of & # 8220; parallel & # 8221; imports have already affected products in the fields of electronics (Apple, Samsung, Asus, Intel, Sony, HP), cars (Jaguar, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley), rare earth metals, sports equipment, trains and the like.

Ironic statements about this have appeared on the web.

Thus, the TG “Nemalakhov” posted a collage that reflects a possible “import substitution” brand names leaving Russia.

For example, the IKEA brand itself was renamed “ICENAKH”, and popular products to which the company has the company; habit of giving names are called Shkonka (double sofa ), Obshyak (cabinet-showcase), Fraer (mirror), clearly borrowed from robbers & # 8211; prison jargon.

All prices – the number of blocks of cigarettes per unit of merchandise, accompanies a comment that uses the noun for money in the same slang: “Lave forward”.

& #8220;What a waste”, – comment “variations on a theme” the authors of the message.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Sberbank announced an increase in the cost of messages for the first time in 20 years.

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Sberbank announced an increase in the cost of notifications for Russians for the first time in 20 years

Sberbank announced an increase in the cost of notifications for Russians for the first time in 20 years

State Duma deputy from LDPR asked FAS and the Central Bank to verify the legality of the decision.

For the first time in the last twenty years, the management of Sberbank has decided to increase the monthly cost of notifications for Russians.

The credit institution explained that this step was caused by a “ doubling of business volume in the last five years&# 8221 ;. According to the Security Council, both the growth of the transactions themselves and the types and number of messages are recorded.

It is known that the number of customers – individuals increased from 100.5 million to 103.8 million in 2021. The number of corporate clients – up to more than 3 million.

Depending on the type of card, the price will increase by 10 rubles per month, or 40 or 70 rubles. The new rules will come into effect on August 1.

According to RIA Novosti, the decision was taken against the background of new sanctions adopted by the European Union against the bank.

At the same time, a deputy of the State Duma from the LDPR faction Vasily Vlasov, in his Telegram channel, said that he sent a request to the Central Bank and the FAS with a request to verify the fact of an increase in the cost of notifications .

According to him, almost all Russians use Sberbank notifications.

“Are the Sberbank guys really already? .. 100 million multiplied by 10 rubles per month equals one billion every month”,– Vlasov calculated.

He thinks that monitoring organizations should check the legitimacy of such a measure.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that ;from July 1, the bank introduced a commission for transfers to cards of other credit organizations.


Die Zeit: Germany to face toilet paper shortage due to Russian gas

Die Zeit: Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper due to Russian gas

Some companies in the country have decided to reduce production.

According to German media, the shortage of gas from Russia could become a problem for the German paper industry.

In particular, the production of toilet paper, as well as ; packaging for drugs and other products, can be cut.


Die Zeit writes about this with reference to the head of the Bavarian Association of Paper Manufacturers Jurgen Schaller.

He noted that many products can become scarce under unstable conditions and the production of products Paper drying is quite expensive in terms of fuel, namely gas, because paper drying is resource-intensive.

“Paper production requires water, electricity, heat and personnel. The technology has been perfected, it cannot be changed quickly ”, – noted the specialist.

Due to the fact that the energy markets are experiencing instability and rising prices, part of the production in Germany is forced to reduce or to stop work.

In particular, 16% of companies have already announced a drop in production volumes.

Remember that Europe is experiencing an energy crisis due to the actions of “Gazprom”.

< p>The Russian company has in recent months reduced the flow of gas to the region due to problems with the gas turbine.

Also, from July 27, 2022, the volume of supplies via “Nord Stream” to Europe.

Earlier, TopNews wrote about what became known when Finland would stop supplying gas from Russia.

This decision came in a context of record sales.

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InoSMI: Putin outwitted Biden with help from Saudi Arabia

InoSMI: Putin foiled Biden with help from Saudi Arabia

Situation affects energy supply.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wins with his decision to set higher prices for Russian energy resources, as well as oil and gas supplies from Saudi Arabia.

For this reason, US President Joe Biden sanctions restricting imports lose their meaning on oil from Russia.

Thomas Lifeson, columnist for The American Thinker, argues as much in his publication.

According to him, by avoiding sanctions, Russia wins.

< p>“In general, [Russia benefits] by getting much higher prices for its oil (and gas) exports than before the imposition of the sanctions”, – the reporter is sure of this.

He noted that Russia's energy resources participate in world trade – the Saudis buy them.

Russian oil is used to generate electricity in Saudi Arabia as fuel.

Thus, the country uses Russian energy resources to extract minerals. raw materials on its territory.

In such a scheme, Russia and the United Arab Emirates become the beneficiaries.

Lifson points out that Biden's sanctions become “counterproductive”; and “idiot” because of this development.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that, according to the Turkish leader Erdogan, Putin offered to produce Bayraktar in Russia.

In addition, the willingness to cooperate to the joint production of UAVs expressed by the UAE.