Bulgaria, which lost $5 billion, wanted to return Russian gas supplies

Lost 5 billion dollars Bulgaria wanted to return Russian gas supplies

Sofia wants to resume negotiations with Gazprom.

The Bulgarian authorities have announced that they want to resume negotiations with “Gazprom”, despite the bad past experience.

According to the former Minister of Economy of Bulgaria, Traicho Traikov, earlier when concluding a contract with Sofia lost about 5 billion dollars as a gas supplier of the Federation of Russia.

The ex-official noted that in recent years Bulgaria has agreed to make concessions to “Gazprom&#8221 ; three times.

So in 2006 the country, sacrificing its own interests, changed the transit agreement.

Then Sofia gave preference to ' 8220;Gazprom” during negotiations on the “Turkish Stream”.

And in 2017, Bulgaria did not file a claim for damages after the European Commission's investigation into the actions of the Russian gas supplier in Eastern Europe was completed. East.

Now Bulgaria wants to discuss with “Gazprom” the possibility of resuming gas supplies, but active negotiations have not yet begun.

“We told them that we were ready to resume gas supplies. contract negotiations and that we have proposals for a number of changes to optimize&# 8221 ;, – Bulgarian Energy Minister Rosen Hristov said.

According to him, even now fuel is bought from Russia, simply through intermediaries, and it costs more.

Previously, TopNews wrote about this Gazprom started burning gas that did not reach Europe.

A publication Finnish wrote about this, noting a huge flaming torch on the border with Russia.

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In Europe, complains of billions of losses due to the lack of Russian tourists

Europe has complained about the loss of billions due to the lack of Russian tourists

The tourist flow to European countries has decreased by 90-95% since the beginning of the year.

Europe is suffering from a recession in the tourist wave. The flow of Russians on vacation in the Old World has decreased by 90-95% since the beginning of 2022.

For example, in Italy, one of the travel agencies said having lost 90% of its turnover due to the lack of Russian tourists.< /p>

According to the managers of one of the travel agencies in Italy, before the turnover was around 8 million euros, and now the figures have dropped to around 120,000, writes RIA Novosti.

There are fewer customers due to problems with flights. For example, only the most dedicated tourists now come to southern Italy, but there are very few of them.

In addition, Russians have started to make fewer excursions and to spend more time in nearby hotels and beaches.

Losses Restaurants, drivers, guides also bear.

In 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, 1.7 million Russian tourists traveled to Italy, leaving around one billion euros on vacation.

This year, Rome alone will lose around 150 million euros due to the global situation.

The French Riviera has lost 50 million euros this year because the Russians are not going there.

According to Alexandra Borquio-Fontimp, president of the French Tourism Committee, in pre-pandemic 2019, Russians ranked ninth among foreigners who traveled to the Côte d'Azur, and they accounted for 7% of the region's income. from international tourism, which is about 300 million euros.

The beaches of Bulgaria and many other foreign countries once popular with Russians have become empty.

According to representatives of ATOR, the tourist flow from Russia to Europe has decreased from one million to several tens of thousands of people.

According to the head of the 39; association, Maya Lomidze, Russians made between 1.3 and 3.9 million trips to Italy alone before the pandemic.

According to the speaker of the State Duma; State, Vyacheslav Volodin, the damage caused by the loss of Russian tourists in Europe is estimated at 21 billion euros.

First of all, he attributed this to the; banning the entry of Russians into a number of countries.

“Lowering the iron curtain around their countries, from -for their own stupidity and ignorance they punish themselves' 8221;, – Volodin wrote in his Telegram.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Dmitry Medvedev appealed to the Europeans.

According to the deputy head of the Security Council, Russia is open to them.< /p> Join our group in VK to keep up to date with events in Russia and around the world

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InoSMI called the culprits of the global energy crisis: it's not Russia

InoSMI named the culprits of the global energy crisis: this is not Russia

The analyst refused to blame the Russian Federation.

Italian journalists believe that Russia is not responsible for the global energy crisis, and it started long before the start of the NWO.

Il Corriere della Sera thinks that gas prices in Europe have started to become a special operation, and the latter has only exacerbated the situation. Thus, Europe is now looking for an alternative fuel that can replace the supply of energy resources from the Russian Federation, which countries are refusing due to sanctions.

Analysts believe Europe could be left without gas, which is now looking for deposits. The population is invited to reduce their fuel consumption by saving on toilet paper, soap and other products, and of course on water. Polls in Italy in July showed that 69% of citizens were starting to wash less often.

In Germany, due to rising electricity and gas prices, the Hot water is provided on time, in one of the cities schedule by supply: from four to eight in the morning, from 11 to 13 in the afternoon and from 17 to 21. In addition, city ​​pools are closed here, or cold water is provided.

In the UK, around 70% of pubs are at risk of closing due to the crisis. As a result, 65% of homeowners reported an increase in utility bills of 100% or more. And 8% of restaurateurs – by five hundred.

The authors of the publication believe that Russia is not to blame for this. They see reason in the confusion and misinformation generated by the media, and the NWO started at the height of the crisis, not at its beginning.

“Gas prices skyrocketed over a year ago, long before the Russian special operation,” they write.

But the blame is on the attempt to introduce wind power to the North Sea, i.e. the weather is to blame The second reason 'China, which has started to consume more energy resources, since 2019, Chinese consumption has increased fivefold compared to 2000.

When the pandemic hit, demand fell and prices rose, and in 2021 the crisis began.

Analysts are convinced that Russia has decided to deal with the East, developing ties with India, China and other countries.

“China and India as consumers, and Russia as supplier”, the publication describes the new economic policy.

It is also certain that the media and politicians exaggerate the role of global oil companies. also exaggerated. They note that currently Saudi Arabia's state-owned Aramco is the world's largest company, and other countries are following the same lead, giving fuel to businesses public.

Experts make predictions for the future given the two-year period that the crisis will last. However, it will expand to two – three years or more, again depends on the countries themselves.

The most unproductive way is to accuse and new sanctions against the Russian Federation, this can only worsen the situation. It is necessary to change the political model of the problem to an economic model, based on other reasons for making decisions, journalists believe.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the; EU takes gas from developing countries, denying supplies from the Russian Federation.

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InoSMI: China's Economy Collapsed, and Now the World is Facing a Recession

Inosmi : China's economy has collapsed, and now the world is facing a recession

Experts say production in China won't reach high rates anytime soon coming.

According to experts, the sharp decline in oil prices is a reaction to negative news from China, since the economy of this country showed very modest results last month.

Haqqin notes that in the near future it will not be worth waiting for the release of the Middle Kingdom's global production at a high recovery rate.

At the same time, much of the world depends on Beijing.

At the start of the week, there was a sharp drop in oil prices – at its lowest point, a barrel was five dollars cheaper than the day before.

Now experts are watching for signs of an impending recession.

Oil below $93 a barrel is in line with up to SVO in Ukraine. At the same time, against the backdrop of the special operation itself, prices rose to $139 during the March 7 peak. Then the indicators stayed above $100 for a long time.

The current sharp decline is a reaction to bad economic news from China.

For example, the Chinese real estate market investment collapsed. on July 12, by 3%, while sales fell by 28.9%.

Home prices fell for the 11th consecutive month, indicating a lack of demand.

< p>Production fell by 6.4%. Experts also speak of a drop in cargo traffic, which actively signals a drop in activity in the economy, writes InoSMI.

Unemployment in the country is 5.4%, but among young people this figure is around 20%.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that China has suspended cooperation with the United States in several areas.

This happened after the scandal of the visit of Pelosi in Taiwan.

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InoSMI: Six EU countries for the first time made no new military pledges in Kyiv in July

InoSMI: six EU countries for the first time did not make new military pledges in Kyiv in July

It happened for the first time since the start of the NWO.

According to foreign media, last July Ukraine did not receive another bilateral military pledge from the six largest European countries at once.

This is reported by Politico, citing a study by the Kiel Institute for World Economy.

This situation has developed for the first time since the start of the NWO.

The publication, without naming the states that have refused military assistance, links this situation to the resistance of France and Germany.

According to experts, this suggests that the military assistance to Kyiv may run out just as Kyiv announces decisive counter-offensive.

The article confirms the opinion of politicians and the military of Ukraine that a number of major European countries simply do not have time to provide military assistance to Ukraine at the same level as the United States, Poland and Great Britain.

At the same time, in August, according to Politico, the Europeans pledged to provide military assistance to Kyiv for 1.5 billion euros. However, compared to previous pledges by EU countries, this and experts call this figure miserable.

Note that among EU member states, Poland (1.8 billion euros) and Germany ( 1.2 billion euros) provided the greatest support to Ukraine. In addition, the UK supplied Ukraine with weapons worth 4 billion euros.

One of the scientists from the The Kiel Institute, Christoph Trebesh, pointed to a decrease in European military assistance to Ukraine since the end of April.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Zelensky's office again threatened to destroy the Crimean Bridge.

Mikhail Podolyak called the construction “illegal”.< /p> our VK group to keep up to date with events in Russia and around the world

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Brits switch to reusable toilet paper

Britons switch to reusable toilets paper

Prices of hygiene products have risen by 33%,

Ordinary Britons have felt the consequences of the economic crisis that has arisen against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions.

< p>Thus, the prices for toilet paper increased by 33%, in the end, the inhabitants were advised to use a machine washable and reusable one.

According to the British edition of The Mirror, the maker said a fortune can be saved on new paper.

Erase used paper should be in the machine with hot water. You can first soak the “ecological” product in vinegar or a solution twice a week.

Skeptics said that “it is dangerous for health and unsanitary” , some are ready to run away from customers if they see such a product in the toilet.


And the journalist Vladimir Kornilov in his TG channel asked about how to wash the British, ie. are they ready to wash the product with the laundry.

Britons switch to reusable toilet paper

People are also concerned about the increase in cremation services. Now the price has risen by more than 1,000 pounds at a time.

The Japanese have started to pay much more for salmon and caviar in sushi than before, because the Federation of Russia has banned flights over its territory.

< p>How total – We're struggling to deliver our favorite products.

Britons switch to reusable toilet paper

Topnews has previously reported that Germany will face a shortage of toilet paper in reason for Russian gas.< /p>

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Soho Rooms co-owner Dan Rapoport, after leaving Russia, committed suicide in the United States

Soho Rooms co-owner Dan Rapoport, having left Russia, committed suicide in the United States

Before his death, the man of ;business released a dog in the park with a suicide note.

In the United States, 52-year-old businessman Dan Rapoport, co-owner of cult club Soho Rooms in Moscow, has died. According to sources, the oligarch committed suicide for unknown reasons.

Journalist Yunia Pugacheva was the first to report Rapoport's death.

According to her, the businessman committed suicide in Washington. Also, before the suicide, the man released a dog in the park with a suicide note and money.

The tragic news was reported by journalist Yunia Pugacheva – Dan Rapoport is deceased. Soho Rooms co-owner committed suicide in the United States, leaving a suicide note.

“Co-owner of the iconic club Soho Rooms in Moscow, one of the first expatriates to come to Russia during the privatization boom and make a fortune on the stock market, before committing suicide he released his dog into the park with money and a suicide note. He was 52 years old, ”wrote the journalist.

Pugacheva remembers that she saw Rapoport for the last times in London, he was cheerful, well-dressed, young girls were nearby.

What caused the businessman's fatal step is unknown.

The millionaire left Russia in 2021. In Washington, he lived in a luxurious house with his wife and his two children. And after the divorce, Rapoport sold the mansion to Donald Trump's wife for $5.5 million.

Rapoport also tried to start a business in Kyiv, where he met his second wife – she gave birth to her daughter, but the marriage fell apart.

“Terrible pity. There are no words,” commented on the death of businessman Yuni Pugachev.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the vice-rector of the Russian Customs Academy is committed suicide in a pre-trial detention center.

The teacher was under investigation for distributing and selling drugs. The news of the death of the vice-rector was confirmed by his lawyer.

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Media: rules for transferring money without opening an account could be tightened

Media : the rules for transferring money without opening an account may be tightened

Experts speak of “a lot of difficulties” that the new rules will cause.

Rosfinmonitoring has proposed to introduce a maximum bar for transfers from individuals who make them without opening an account. The amount proposed by the department is 60,000 rubles.

According to “Kommersant”, it is planned to change two federal laws: On the national payment system and the fight against corruption .

It is also reported that the bill of Rosfinmonitoring cancels the right of the bank to independently complete the settlement documents during the identification procedure.

That is,& #39;a ban is introduced on the use of data received from payers without their personal participation.

The publication reports that the bill allows not to indicate the place of residence of ;an individual when transferring up to 100,000 rubles.

As for the timing of the project, the Bank of Russia announced that it had received the document, but could not say when it would end its 'development'.

According to the head of the Association of Banks of Russia Alexei Voylukov, he does not know the reasons for the new law, since there is no explanatory note, and the proposals “cause a lot of inconvenience”.

Another expert, AED head Viktor Dostov, the maximum transfer amount without opening an account should be set at 600,000 rubles. This will affect a smaller number of Russians, he explained.

They may reserve the option of not going to a bank branch to make a transfer.

Also, experts have indicated that the banks will also have to reorganize. They will have to modify their automatic payment systems to meet the new requirements.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Sberbank of Russia had previously announced an increase in the cost of notifications for Russians.

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Global Times: Putin's ultimatum forces other countries to ditch the dollar

Global Times: Putin's Ultimatum Forces Other Countries to Ditch the Dollar

Actions by US authorities encourage other countries to ditch the US dollar.

Chinese journalists published an article in which they spoke about the fact that more and more countries in the world are deciding to abandon the American dollar as a means of payment.

These decisions are taken due to the actions of the US authorities, freezing the assets of the Russian Federation and conducting the wrong monetary policy.

According to the author of the Global Times article, d' 39;other countries fear that the United States will seize the assets of any country that refuses to obey Washington.

As a result, states that decide to diversify its assets are not in favor of the US dollar.

The analyst reminds that the US Federal Reserve only cares about America. In addition, the US Central Bank has made many mistakes in recent years, causing liquidity ups and downs, as well as inflationary crises.

According to the author of the article , after the start of the NWO, the West decided to take numerous sanctions against Moscow, freezing, for example, the assets of the Russian Federation in the amount of about 300 billion dollars.

Putin responded to this by offering the possibility of buying Russian gas only for rubles .

As a result, the dollar exchange rate fell and the ruble showed ” staggering growth”.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Putin's secret guest list was making the West nervous.

Foreign countries lured the pay attention to the meeting in Moscow on August 16.

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UK media predicted 'stab in the back' from West to Ukraine in winter

British media predicted Ukraine in winter

The situation is influenced by rising prices.

The West could 'stab Ukraine' in the back.

According to journalist Simon Tisdall, this could happen as soon as this winter due to rising fuel prices. #39;energy and food.

He wrote about it in an article for the British edition of The Guardian.

According to him, society is now outraged by the situation in Ukraine, but feelings such as anxiety and panic due to rising prices ensue.

“There is now an uncomfortable, even troubling question: should Ukrainians prepare for a stab this winter?” – the journalist is interested in it.

He points out that due to rising prices there are doubts about the resilience of the West.

The columnist also criticizes the statement of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who said that the Russian Federation should withdraw from Crimea to the borders by 2014.

He called Truss a “crazy generalissimo”, emphasizing his words about pushing back against Russia.

“Who “we” ? You and what army?” – Simon Tisdall is interested.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Zelensky demanded that the West close entry to all citizens of the Russian Federation.

According to the Ukrainian President, it is necessary to take further measures vis-à-vis the Russians.

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