The US Treasury has warned of the default, calling its exact date

Ministry The United States has warned of the default, calling it the exact date

It will be the first time in the country's history and will cause irreparable damage to the country. 39; US economy, but also for global financial markets.

By October 18, the United States may have completely depleted its currency reserves and lost the ability to meet its obligations.

To avoid this situation, U.S. Treasury Chief Jannette Yellen sent a letter to Congress, where she said there was an urgent need to increase or freeze the cap on public debt.

Yellen pointed out that if no action is taken in the near future, the Ministry of Finance “ will exhaust the potential of their emergency measures '', after which the ministry will be unable to fulfill its obligations.

This will be the first time in the country's history and will not only cause irreparable damage to the US economy, but also to global financial markets, reports & # 8220; Premium & # 8221 ;.

It should be noted that today Congress is also considering a bill to remove restrictions on borrowing until the end of 2022.

the horn has not been lowered and is now approaching the maximum.

Note that in Congress, Republicans are in favor of lowering the threshold again, however, on condition that the Joe Biden administration and the Democrats take action to reduce the national debt, and also cut spending.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Zyuganov gave a rather disappointing forecast for Russia's economic state, citing signs of a new default in the country.


Expert: Poland's complaint against Gazprom led to a sharp rise in gas prices in Europe

 Expert: Poland's claim against & ldquo; Gazprom & rdquo; led to a sharp rise in gas prices in Europe

Analysts believe the reason was the $ 3 billion lawsuit won against Gazprom's dollars.

Experts believe that the Warsaw policy on legal claims against & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; leads to an increase in fuel prices for Europeans.

According to energy expert Boris Martsinkevich, as quoted by YouTube channel & # 8220; Baltnews', prices in long-term contracts can no longer protect Europeans from the growing cost of blue fuel in the spot markets. A & # 8220; thank you & # 8221; Poland should be warned about this.

Polish company PGNiG won the Stockholm court last year with & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221 ;, forcing to take into account market conditions when concluding contracts.

As a result, the Russian monopoly was forced to pay $ 3 billion, and this year the price of Russian gas has increased over the year, only a few months late. And the price increase comes precisely from “long” contracts.

Thus, the company & # 8220; carefully collects all money spent on the trial & # 8221; Europe.

“Will collect for the second and third time”, & # 8211; Martsinkevich believes.

He added that, for example, for Bulgaria, $ 230 per 1,000 cubic meters at the start of the year turned out to be $ 570 in September. And that's just & # 8220; repeat & # 8221; what the future of gas awaits all EU countries.

According to Gazprom Export, spot fuel prices affect it by 83%.

According to Martsinkevich, now & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; expects $ 269.6 for 1,000 cubic meters, at the start of the year the price was $ 170.

In October, the adjustment can exceed $ 300, or even $ 400, the analyst predicts.

As Topnews wrote, Poland is among the opponents of the Russian-German gas project.

Contract & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; with it will expire in the year next, but Warsaw does not rule out that supplies will continue.


The media have covered the new reform of retirement savings, supported by the Ministry of Finance

media spoke about the new reform of retirement savings, supported by the Ministry of Finance

The agency offers a scheme similar to the relationship between the bank and the client on deposits.

The media learned that on September 24, in a meeting on the cumulative component of compulsory retirement insurance, the head of the Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, announced that the department supported changes to the “frozen” since 2014, the funded part of the standardized voluntary NGO regime, which will operate under uniform rules.

According to Kommersant, citing pension market and government sources, in fact, the scheme, which was conventionally called OPS, resembles the relationship between a client and a bank on deposits.

That is, the transfer of funds from one fund to another fund means a deviation of contractual relations with a non-public pension fund and an agreement with another, in which the money accumulated is transferred in non-monetary form.

The ministry also expressed support for the creation of a system that would guarantee the rights of Russians who participated in voluntary programs.

At the same time, it remains to stimulate the voluntary transition of the Russians to a new system of retirement training. a question for debate.

We will also discuss tax deductions under the new regime and co-financing.

According to experts, it is the nature and volume of these incentives that will affect the success of the restart of OPS.

To its turn, State Duma Deputy Svetlana Bessarab, speaks with the publication & # 8220; Duma TV & # 8221; said the pension reform in Russia “is long overdue”.

“The Ministry of Finance offers a rather interesting scheme”, & # 8211; thinks the politician.

As Topnews previously wrote, earlier Russian unions have offered to cancel the funded portion of the retreat.

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Gazprom signed a 15-year gas supply contract to Hungary, scandalizing Ukraine

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused the Hungary for signing a “political contract” to the detriment of the Ukrainian economy. In Hungary, they responded to Kiev.

& # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; Russia has signed a contract with Hungary for the supply of gas for a period of 15 years, under which Russia will supply Hungary with 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

According to the agreements reached, the terms of the contract can be adjusted ten years after its entry into force.

The signatures were affixed on both sides by the Deputy General Manager & # 8220; Gazprom Export & # 8221; Dmitry Averkin and CEO of Hungarian energy company MVM Group György Kovor.

However, the signature of & # 8220; not political & # 8221; the contract provoked an angry reaction from the Kiev authorities.

In particular, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry characterized Hungary's decision as exclusively political and economically unjustified.

In addition, the contract, as the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry points out, was concluded only in the interest of the Kremlin and to the detriment of the national interests of Ukraine, which will certainly affect Ukrainian-Hungarian relations.

The reason for this was the possibility of uninterrupted pursuits supplying gas to Hungary by the shortest route via the gas transport system of Ukraine.

In response, Hungarian authorities accused Kiev of interfering in the country's internal affairs, expressing a protest note.

As the Hungarian Foreign Ministry pointed out, on the issue of cooperation with Russia, the Hungarian authorities will decide for themselves which direction to go, and no one will have the right to influence that.


The media talked about additional payments to Russians' pensions from October 1

The media talked about additional payments to pensions of Russians from October 1

Additional payments may vary depending on the subjects of the Russian Federation.

On the International Day of Older Persons, retirees in Russia will increase payments and increase benefits.

The holiday is traditionally celebrated on October 1st.

About possible additional payments writes & # 8220; First & # 8221; with reference to lawyer Alexei Gavrichev.

Additional payments, according to him, are set individually in each subject of our country. At the same time, in some constituent entities of the federation, the elderly can receive gifts, and in others & # 8211; pay money.

According to the human rights activist, as a rule, pensioners receive 5,000 rubles, and people over 70 can receive 15,000 rubles.

In general, the amount of payments depends on the welfare of the budget of this or that region.

The lawyer recalled that the salaries of military posts are increased by 3.7%. In addition, an increase in pensions for the military is expected.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the government had rejected the possibility of indexing pensions for active retirees.

The reason for the refusal is stated in the explanation of the Liberal Democratic Party, which initiated the legislative standard.

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After Erdogan's statement on Crimea, Russian Federation claimed Turkish fruits: they found wrinkle virus

 After Erdogan's statement on Crimea, the Russian Federation claimed Turkish fruits: they found wrinkle virus

Rosselkhoznadzor said fruits and vegetables from Turkey could be dangerous.

Russian Rosselkhoznadzor discovered that Turkish vegetables and fruits can be dangerous. They do not meet sanitary standards. Thus, experts have found a virus of brown wrinkles in tomatoes and monilious brown rot in fruits.

Russia has already demanded that Turkish authorities take measures to ensure the safety of export products.

It is also noted that in the spring of this year Russia increased the import quota for tomatoes from Turkey – from 250 to 300,000 tons.

Meanwhile, the media note that Russia's claims to Turkey's products emerged after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recalled that they did not recognize Crimea as Russian .

The leader of Turkey said this at the United Nations General Assembly.

According to Erdogan, he considers the annexation of Crimea to Russia an “annexation” which they do not recognize. They consider it important to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Recall that on September 29, Erdogan will meet with Vladimir Putin in Sochi, heads of state are expected to discuss of the situation in Syria.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Erdogan offered to strike at Israel, suggesting such a move to the President of Kyrgyzstan.

The media discovered they had had a phone conversation.


MEPs accuse Gazprom of raising gas prices in Europe

MPs accused Gazprom of raising gas prices in Europe

Angela Merkel's successor accused Moscow of non-market relations.

The European Commission has been called upon to control the Russian company Gazprom, which could be implicated in the rise in gas prices in Europe.

A group of 40 MPs from Poland and the Baltic States made an official statement request, TASS reports. p>

Recall that in Europe, gas prices are kept at a high level. On September 15, the cost per thousand cubic meters was almost $ 1,000.

Due to the shortage of electricity, rising gas prices in the UK have started to shut down large businesses.

Against this In the background, one of the alleged Annalena Berbock accused Moscow of non-market relations, which led to an increase in gas prices.

The leader of the Greens Soyuz-90 & # 8243;/& # 8221; said the Kremlin wants to launch its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, for this they will have to increase political pressure to launch this project.

A possible successor to Angela Merkel accuses the ruling bloc of doing Germany a disservice by supporting the construction of the gas pipeline. As a result, Germany has found itself in a “blackmail situation”, and ordinary citizens will have to pay.

Now the politician is asking Angela Merkel to influence Moscow to supply sufficient volumes of gas to Germany. .

At the same time, Alexey Miller, director of Gazprom, said he was convinced that gas prices would only increase.

Miller attributes this to the fact that underground storage facilities are slowly pumping fuel, and demand is increasing.

As Topnews wrote earlier, German politicians are demanding that Russia sell Nord Stream 2 to another provider. Under the new rules, the part located on the territory of the EU cannot belong to Russia.

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The government rejected the indexation of pensions of active retirees

The government rejected the ; indexation of pensions for working retirees

In conclusion, the reason for the refusal at the initiative of the Liberal Democratic Party is invoked.

Media reports that the Russian government rejected the previously proposed LDPR bill, which was supposed to index active retirees.

As stated in the conclusion of the Council of Ministers, which is published in the database of the lower house of the State Duma, the project & # 8220; not supported by & # 8221; due to the lack of funds for its provision in the federal budget, reports RIA Novosti.

Recall that previously the LDPR faction, together with Senator Sergei Leonov, had submitted to the State Duma a project that was supposed to return the indexation of payments to salaried retirees .

The rationale, which was developed by the authors of the project, did not indicate which sources would be involved in its provision and what is the order of their attribution.

As Topnews wrote, the leader of the LDPR party threatened to withdraw the faction from the State Duma.


US calls on Russia to increase gas supply to Europe via Ukraine

United States calls on Russian Federation to increase gas supply to Europe via Ukraine

Department of State insists on growing transit flows “as soon as possible”.

The US State Department insists that Russia has increased the volume of its gas supplies through Ukraine.

Washington recalled that earlier Moscow had ensured that it had enough natural gas to cover the needs of Europe.

This, according to Bloomberg, led to a request from the US State Department to increase fuel transit through Ukrainian territories.

The publication reports that this was announced on the eve of a department representative Amos Hochstein, who stressed the need for such measures in the context of the pan-European gas crisis.

He explained that the US authorities are seriously alarmed by the previously announced Russian company & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; refusal to reserve increased fuel transit volumes for October. According to Hochstein,

Ukraine has gas pipelines, the capacity of which will supply fuel to EU countries. Why Russia should not give up growing supplies to its neighbor.

& # 8220; She should do it as quickly as possible & # 8221; – Hochstein will express the demands of the American side.

Earlier, Topnews reported the statement of Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, who believes that the construction of & # 8220; Nord Stream 2 & # 8221; has become an asset in the hands of Russia.


“Helping retirees is a bit late”: Deputy Central Bank manager angered Russians with his reasoning

Sergei Shvetsov suggested to think independently about making money retired.

The web discusses the statement of the first deputy director of the Central Bank Sergei Shvetsov for his statement on retirees.

At the meeting of the Federation Council Committee, the financier expressed the opinion that helping pensioners in Russia is already “a bit late.” p>

According to Shvetsov, by the time of retirement, the Russians should have their own savings. For this reason, government support should be provided throughout life (during employment).

This will allow future retirees to build up capital and retire – “with a good retirement plan”. But it must be formed by the citizen himself.

Shvetsov also noted that it is time to move away from the “Soviet past”: retirees are already used to relying on the state, and this is Is “socialism”. In Russia, it is necessary to build a system of capitalism, the responsible one is sure.

The deputy head of the president of the central bank called on the authorities to create retirement institutions, cleanse them of unscrupulous gamblers and campaign among citizens to save money.

Shvetsov suggested keeping funds in pension funds, insurance companies, you can get passive income from stocks, bonds – or even from bonds. 39; buy real estate.

“Will help someone to rent it”, & # 8211; Sergey Shvetsov concluded.

The financier's remarks angered the Russians, who demanded on social networks the return of their frozen funded part.

They did not understand the meaning of the declaration, and given the fact that they have passed an election.

“That is, pay for retirement funds, and fucking pensions? “

” Let the offshore areas rely on the grandmother of our state. And what about retirees? Dust “

” I urge the state not to rely on my taxes “

” So why are deductions from the pension fund? “

” After the elections, the Russians started a black streak? “

” We cannot rely on this state “

” And rightly so, state pensions & # 8211; it is for the state. Although, in general, it was expected and I had no illusions that I would never count on it ”, & # 8211; indignant on the web.

According to Topnews, this summer the Central Bank began to frighten the Russians with the economic crisis.

The deputy director of the Central Bank explained the reason for the restrictive monetary policy.