Five EU countries urged to investigate reasons for record rise in gas prices

Five EU countries called to investigate reasons for record gas price hike

Putin called the gas price situation in the EU a hysteria and confusion.

Five EU countries & # 8211; France, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania and Greece & # 8211; issued a joint statement.

In their speech, the states announced their decision to investigate the reasons for the record rise in gas prices in Europe.

Bloomberg reporter Javier Blas wrote on Twitter that countries have also been urged to develop general rules regarding gas reserves in order to mitigate price spikes.

States also proposed to increase bargaining power by strengthening coordination, reforming the electricity market in Europe and underlined the need for energy independence by diversifying the energy supply sector and reducing Europe & # 39; s dependence on natural gas exporting countries.

Against this background, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the gas price situation in Europe hysterical and confusing.

He stressed the need for sustainable development of the energy industry, and also drew attention to the, in his view, the underestimated problem of climate change .

& # 8220; You see what's going on in Europe, there is hysteria and some sort of confusion in the markets & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; the president said in a meeting with the government.

He said the transition to alternative energy sources should be smooth and Russia has every chance of not making such mistakes.

& # 8220; We see what certain unbalanced decisions, unbalanced development and abrupt reshuffle lead to & # 8221; & # 8211; he said.

Remember that in recent weeks in Europe, the price of gas has risen sharply.

In early August, securities for the fuel supply were trading at around $ 515 per 1000 cubic meters, then a month later, prices rose to $ 614, and at the end of September soared twice.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the first channel of & # 8220; Nord Stream-2 & # 8221; is filled with gas.

After this news, there was a strong variation in blue fuel prices in Europe.

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Gref, Ernst and people around Putin found themselves in the 'Pandora dossier' on offshore world leaders and officials

 Pandora's 'dossier' on offshore world leaders and officials received Gref, Ernst and people around Putin

Konstantin Ernst has already commented on the mention of his name in Pandora's dossier.

What is the & # 8220; Pandora's Record & # 8221 ;?

On October 3, 2021, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released the so-called & # 8220; Pandora's Record & # 8221; (The Pandora Papers), which contains information that the leaders of several countries, show business stars and other famous people around the world have been involved in offshore projects.

Over 600 journalists from 117 countries have studied the archives in detail at 14 largest offshore registrars. From Russia, & # 8220; Important stories & # 8221; * participated in the work of ICIJ.

Investigators spoke of the offshore transactions of more than 100 billionaires, as well as 35 leaders of countries around the world and 400 government officials.

The material is based on information from over 11.9 million files, totaling 2.94 terabytes, obtained from an offshore data breach, which reporters call the largest of history.

Before that, the biggest case of a leak of classified documents called & # 8220; Panama Archives', which became publicly available in 2016, where it was said about the offshore schemes of a large number of businessmen and politicians around the world .

Which of the world leaders owns offshore?

In the new & # 8220; Pandora's file & # 8221 ;, in particular, there is a mention of the name of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky , who used offshore ploys to benefit his family from abroad. 39; foreigner without declaring such income.

It is reported that during the 2019 election campaign the current leader of Nezalezhnaya ceded 25% to his close friend Sergei Shafer shares an offshore company. The man is said to have now become Zelensky's advisor.

In addition, Zelensky and his associates could be involved in transfers of $ 40 million from structures associated with Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who, incidentally, according to reporters, was engaged in the laundering of billions. dollars through shell companies.

In addition to Zelensky, in offshore programs, according to investigators, the family of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev was involved, who has earned around £ 400million in recent years from the sale of UK real estate.

Czech Prime Minister Andrey Babish could have used offshore companies to buy a castle in France for 22 million dollars.

The documents also mention the Pakistani politician Munis Ilahi and the government minister of that country Imran Khan , the King of Jordan < strong> Abdullah II , the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair and other world leaders.

The name of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the & # 8220; Pandora record & # 8221; not mentioned.

The stars mentioned in & # 8220; Pandora folder & # 8221;

But the materials showcase the model Claudia Schiffer and the singer Shakira , who appeared in Spanish court in 2019 for tax evasion. It is noteworthy that during this period the world star registered new offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands.

Singer Julio Iglesias , according to investigators, has opened at least 20 companies in offshore areas by which has bought homes for $ 112 million.

Featured in the & # 8220; folder & # 8221; and the current football club coach & # 8220; Manchester City & # 8221; Josep Guardiola , who, when he worked at & # 8220; Barcelona & # 8221; hidden from the Spanish tax inspection of the Bank of Andorra about 500 thousand euros received from the Qatari club “Al-Ahli”.

News SMI2

Which offshore waters were used by the Russian officials and those close to Putin?

In the & # 8220; Pandora folder & # 8221; it is said that the CEO of & # 8220; Channel One & # 8221; Konstantin Ernst acted as a secret partner in the acquisition of real estate in Moscow. The facilities, according to reporters, included 39 cinemas, the funds of which were allocated by Russian state banks.

It is alleged that Ernst could have received part of the agreement for the organization of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi

Ernst himself has stated that & # 8220; never hid & # 8221; his participation in the privatization deal, pointing out that this deal was not compensation for his work at the Olympics.

Featured in & # 8220; Pandora's Record & # 8221; and Svetlana Krivonogikh , whom journalists previously called a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Investigators found her apartment in Monaco for 3.6 million euros and parking for two cars.

In the ICIJ lists there is also mention of the family of the head of & # 8220; Rostec & # 8221; Sergey Shemezov … In particular, according to reporters, the 34-year-old daughter-in-law of the official Yekaterina Ignatova and her grandmother across the Virginia offshore have assets and goods worth 22 billion rubles, including a luxurious 85-meter yacht Valerie and a villa in Spain./p>

Journalists claim that the former son-in-law of the leader of & # 8220; Transneft & # 8221; Nikolai Tokarev has Cypriot nationality, and the head of Sberbank German Gref held around $ 50 million in family offshore waters in Singapore, Panama and Samoa about 10 years ago.

The nephew of the Russian leader Roman Putin , the student friends of the president Viktor Khmarin and Nikolai Egorov , head of the & Presidential administration Anton Vaino appears in the lists published by ICIJ , the son-in-law of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Alexander Vinokurov , as well as relatives of some Russian officials.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Vladimir Zelensky had been found offshore. The survey was published in 2019.

* By decision of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, “important stories” are included in the register of media performing the functions of ; foreign agent


Tinkov pleaded guilty in US court

Tinkov pleaded guilty in US court

The businessman also pleaded guilty to one of the charges against him.

Russian banker and businessman Oleg Tinkov has pleaded guilty in a US court to a tax evasion charge brought against him under a deal with the US Department of Justice.

Following the court hearing, he agreed to pay $ 506 million in restitution.

The trial took place online. Tinkov participated via a video link from London.

It should be noted that the above amount is not a penalty fine, but the verdict will be officially delivered on October 29.

According to the investigation, Tinkov provided false information about his assets after he renounced his US citizenship in 2013.

A criminal case has been opened in the States- United, in which he risked 6 years in prison.

However, during the trial, the parties came to an out-of-court settlement and the amount of compensation consists of US tax losses ($ 240 million), taking into account interest and fines ($ 448 million), as well as additional tax debts.

In terms of imprisonment, the parties agreed that he had already served a one-year sentence in London, when he was imposed movement restrictions, with supervision for one year and a fine of $ 250,000.


Experts: Ministry of Economic Development plans to impose taxes on beer, wine and perfume from the EU will deal a 'hard blow' to the consumer

 Experts: The Ministry of Economic Development plans to impose taxes on beer, wine and perfume from the EU will bear a

Experts predict the disappearance of consumer goods from counters and rising unemployment.

Two Russian departments, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, are considering the possibility of increasing tariffs on a number of goods from the Russian Federation. EU, and restrictions on importing Russian steel to Europe are ongoing

As reported with reference to the RBC Departments Press Service, officials are still assessing the feasibility of such measures in response to EU sanctions. Also, the topic of discussion is the list of goods that may affect the increase in collection.

Recall that the previous edition of & # 8220; Vedomosti & # 8221; suggested that the tariff increase would affect the cost of consumer goods imported from the European Union.

An insider on the publication said it could be such popular products among Russians as a number of wine, beer, perfume, home decor cosmetics. An increase in duties on farm equipment, refrigerators, footwear and other goods is also planned.

Despite the fact that the amount of the new duties is still unknown, experts are already forecasting rates up to prohibitive.

According to expert, Interportfolio company chief and OPORA board member Alexei Kanevsky, once taken, these measures are likely to inflict a “serious blow” on Russian consumers.

He suggested that the goods would rise sharply in price, or disappear from store shelves altogether. Against the background of a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, products may turn out to be unnecessary in Russia.

& # 8220; Most likely, the products .. will slowly leave the market “, – quotes Kanevsky radio & # 8220; KP & # 8221;.

In addition, nothing will be found to replace it in the next ten years, he added, citing the export wine and beer as an example. # 8221;. But in this case, there is no need to compare with the original drink from Germany or France, “says Kanevsky.

He also said that thousands of people could be left out of work as the market will start to leave transportation, trading companies and manufacturers.

Today, the department recalled that in June, the EU extended by three years restrictions on the import of certain Russian steel products to the countries Union.

For example, supplies that exceed a certain quota are subject to a 25% duty. And according to the WTO agreement, Russia in response can suspend trade concessions by doing so to the extent that damage has been done to Russian exporters.

Experts from the ministry Industry and Commerce explained to the media that the ratification of the retaliatory measure may in fact include a unilateral increase by the Russian side of import tariffs on certain types of products, however , they did not specify what type of goods they were talking about.

The second option retaliatory measures could be “suspension”; tariff preferences compared to the EU, “explained the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Officials assure that these measures cannot be characterized as sanctions, but they will work until the EU protective measure is lifted.

As Topnews previously wrote, Russia may introduce new taxes on purchases in online stores.


Media: from October 1 in Russia will increase the salaries of state employees and pensions of the military

 Mass media: from October 1, salaries of state employees and military pensions will be increased in Russia

We know who can expect an increase in income in the second month of fall.

The media have learned that from October 1 in Russia, some categories of citizens expect an increase in their income. Their salaries will be increased, pensions will be transferred. In addition, the payment procedure for children will be changed.

The security forces will see their salaries increased

From October 1, the salaries of conscripts and contract soldiers will increase by 3.7% , police, FSIN and enforcement officers, customs and firefighters.

Moreover, as clarified by RIA & # 8220; Novosti & # 8221 ;, salary growth will affect the courier service specialists. Military retreats will also increase in volume, but the size will depend.

Government employees will see their wages indexed

Edition & # 8220; Premium & # 8221; with reference to the words of the PRUE professor. G.V. Plekhanov Yulia Finogenova, reports that the magnitude of the increase will depend on the capabilities of the region in which the state employee lives, as well as the specifics of the industry. But it cannot be lower than the federal level.

For some officials, the hike is expected to be at least 6.6%. For those who work in the public sector, economists, psychologists & # 8211; 3.8%.

Payments for children

In October, payments for the 1st and 2nd children will begin to be credited exclusively to the card & # 8220; Mir & # 8221 ;, including in families where children have appeared since January 1, 2018.

Unemployment, pregnancy and childbirth allowances, childcare allowances will start to come on the same map.

Complements to pensions

The same & # 8220; Premium & # 8221; Referring to the head of the AVG Legal law firm Alexei Gavrichev, he reports that pension payments will increase from October, as well as benefits in honor of the Day of the Elderly will be expanded .

The increase is obtained in money. If a citizen wants to refuse the service, then the money will be added to the pension. To notify your intention, you must submit a request to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, MFC or to your personal account & # 8220; State Services & # 8221; before the 1st of the month. on the change of method of receiving the service.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the FIU explained how to get a lump sum payment from the pension savings.


The brother of the governor of the Moscow region could appear in the TOP-200 of Russian millionaires by Forbes

The brother of the governor of the Moscow region could appear in the TOP-200 of Russian millionaires by Forbes

Maxim Vorobyov heads the board of the Russian Sea Group of Companies.

A new member will appear in the list of the 200 richest people in Russia, which is compiled by the local edition of Forbes.

For the first time at the top with a fortune of $ 550 million an entrepreneur, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC & # 8220; Russian Sea Group of Companies & # 8221; and the head of the company “Russian Aquaculture” Maxim Vorobyov, brother of the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

According to the publication, Maxim Vorobyov is the son of deputy chairman of the Fed- eds Council Yuri Vorobyov. It owns almost 3% of its stake in mining and metallurgical company Evraz, as the company announced last June.

The entrepreneur & # 39; s share in it is estimated at $ 340 million. According to Vorobyov himself at the publication, he acquired it in part by taking out a bank loan.

In addition, & # 8220; Russian aquaculture & # 8221; managed to increase its capitalization by 80%, and Vorobyov's share in it is 47.67% and is estimated at $ 270 million. founded by the Vorobyov brothers, Andrey and Maxim.

The current governor of the Moscow region sold his stake to Maxim in 2002, when he began his political career.

Maxim Vorobiev is also the owner of a Russian-Singaporean fund called Amereus Group.

According to the entrepreneur, the fund owns “a dozen technology companies from Russia, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia” .

Finally, Maxim Vorobyov owns 28% in one of the daughters of the developer “Samolet”, which began with the construction of housing in the Moscow region. This is why the entrepreneur could not become a shareholder of the parent company & # 8211; there was a conflict of interest.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Forbes published a list of the stories of the richest people on the planet.


The FIU explained how to get a lump sum from the pension savings

The FIU explained how to get a lump sum payment from the pension savings

The categories of Russians and the conditions of reception are indicated.

The PFR explained to the Russians under what conditions they can receive a lump sum payment of their retirement savings.

As reported on the portal of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Pension Fund, some categories of Russians can rely on this money.

Thus, these are:

  • those born after 1967,
  • men born in 1953-1966,
  • women Born in 1957-1966

However, they can receive payments if they were formally employed during the period 2002-2004, and their employers deducted insurance contributions to the FIU.

Participants who entered the public pension co-financing program before the end of 2014.

It is specified that it does not matter whether the contributions were paid to the public pension fund or private. But this payment is not available for Russians & # 8211; recipients of a funded pension.

The FIU also said that in addition to this, there are three other types of pension payments. These include urgent pension payments, funded pension and pension savings which are received by the insured's dependents.

Additional obligations of the Pension Fund

From The Pension Fund 2022 will take over the payment of 17 types of benefits, which were previously processed by other departments.

Now the FIU must apply for allowances for pregnancy and childbirth, childcare, the fund will pay a monthly allowance to conscript wives, as well as make several lump sum payments.

The department will also take into account charges compensation, such as insurance premiums for people with disabilities (under OSAGO), and those paid to victims of radiation, law enforcement and rehabilitated citizens of the Russian Federation.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the aid will cover 2,083 million Russians who now receive social protection and Rostrud benefits.

Increase in pensions

Recall that the current average size of the insurance pension is 17,444 rubles. But the day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced that he had announced an increase in pensions in the coming years.

According to the Russian leader, financial support for indexation has already been provided. Also in 2023, the rate of indexation of salaries of military and law enforcement personnel will increase.

In addition, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova announced the average amount of Old age insurance pension. According to her, next year it will reach 18,521 rubles. It is planned to increase to 20,000 by 2023.

In economy mode

As for the indexation of retiree pensions assets, the Russian government issued a negative verdict.

News SMI2

The proposal, which was submitted to the State Duma, did not indicate the sources of funding, which should be very important for the implementation of the bill .

As Topnews wrote earlier, the media covered the pension savings reform, which the Justice Department supported.

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Yandex Bank opened in Russia

Yandex bank opened in Russia

The deal was worth 1.1 billion rubles.

The media have learned that & # 8220; Yandex Bank & # 8221;,

According to & # 8220; Interfax & # 8221; With reference to the press service of the company, this is the name of the old Akropol bank, which was bought by Yandex.

Recall that a year ago, as Topnews wrote, an attempt was made to make a similar deal with Tinkoff Bank, but then it failed, because, according to Oleg Tinkov, & # 8220; Yandex & # 8221; offered him $ 200 million less than the owner intended.

According to media reports, the purchase of the “Acropolis” & # 8221; was completed in July of this year, the total amount of the transaction is almost equal to the value of the assets of & # 8220; Acropolis & # 8221; and is equal to 1.1 billion rubles. The premium is estimated at 75 million.

The transaction resulted in the 100% ownership of the lending institution by Yandex. The company received both all shares and licenses, including a universal banking document.

As VTB Capital clarifies, the company could start issuing loans as early as next year.

It is known that previously the owner of “Acropolis” was the head of the company “Svyaznoy” Evgeny Davydovich.

The lending institution, as of June 1, was in 321st place in terms of assets among Russian banks.


The US Treasury has warned of the default, calling its exact date

Ministry The United States has warned of the default, calling it the exact date

It will be the first time in the country's history and will cause irreparable damage to the country. 39; US economy, but also for global financial markets.

By October 18, the United States may have completely depleted its currency reserves and lost the ability to meet its obligations.

To avoid this situation, U.S. Treasury Chief Jannette Yellen sent a letter to Congress, where she said there was an urgent need to increase or freeze the cap on public debt.

Yellen pointed out that if no action is taken in the near future, the Ministry of Finance “ will exhaust the potential of their emergency measures '', after which the ministry will be unable to fulfill its obligations.

This will be the first time in the country's history and will not only cause irreparable damage to the US economy, but also to global financial markets, reports & # 8220; Premium & # 8221 ;.

It should be noted that today Congress is also considering a bill to remove restrictions on borrowing until the end of 2022.

the horn has not been lowered and is now approaching the maximum.

Note that in Congress, Republicans are in favor of lowering the threshold again, however, on condition that the Joe Biden administration and the Democrats take action to reduce the national debt, and also cut spending.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Zyuganov gave a rather disappointing forecast for Russia's economic state, citing signs of a new default in the country.


Expert: Poland's complaint against Gazprom led to a sharp rise in gas prices in Europe

 Expert: Poland's claim against & ldquo; Gazprom & rdquo; led to a sharp rise in gas prices in Europe

Analysts believe the reason was the $ 3 billion lawsuit won against Gazprom's dollars.

Experts believe that the Warsaw policy on legal claims against & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; leads to an increase in fuel prices for Europeans.

According to energy expert Boris Martsinkevich, as quoted by YouTube channel & # 8220; Baltnews', prices in long-term contracts can no longer protect Europeans from the growing cost of blue fuel in the spot markets. A & # 8220; thank you & # 8221; Poland should be warned about this.

Polish company PGNiG won the Stockholm court last year with & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221 ;, forcing to take into account market conditions when concluding contracts.

As a result, the Russian monopoly was forced to pay $ 3 billion, and this year the price of Russian gas has increased over the year, only a few months late. And the price increase comes precisely from “long” contracts.

Thus, the company & # 8220; carefully collects all money spent on the trial & # 8221; Europe.

“Will collect for the second and third time”, & # 8211; Martsinkevich believes.

He added that, for example, for Bulgaria, $ 230 per 1,000 cubic meters at the start of the year turned out to be $ 570 in September. And that's just & # 8220; repeat & # 8221; what the future of gas awaits all EU countries.

According to Gazprom Export, spot fuel prices affect it by 83%.

According to Martsinkevich, now & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; expects $ 269.6 for 1,000 cubic meters, at the start of the year the price was $ 170.

In October, the adjustment can exceed $ 300, or even $ 400, the analyst predicts.

As Topnews wrote, Poland is among the opponents of the Russian-German gas project.

Contract & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; with it will expire in the year next, but Warsaw does not rule out that supplies will continue.