The Central Bank announced the biggest hike in the key rate since 2014

The Central Bank announced the biggest hike in the key rate since 2014

The regulator will raise it to 6.5%.

The Central Bank has announced its decision to immediately raise the key rate to 6.5%, by one percentage point, as a result, experts recognize the growth as the highest since 2014.

Recall that then the Central Bank Bank is in the context of the devaluation of the ruble and the growth of inflation has taken it from 10.5 to 17%.

The same goes for the inflation forecast, which at the end of 2021 was 5.7-6.2%, according to the Central Bank website.

At the same time, the price hike is predicted to return to pre-pandemic levels, to just 4 -4.5% next year.

Central Bank analysts note that the return of the Russian economy is already in the second quarter of the year at the level that was demonstrated before the start of the epidemic , has led to a gap between production and growing demand.

This, in turn, affected inflation to deviate upwards from the 4% target, and slow the decline.

The regulator's statement says the central bank is assuming a further rate hike. The feasibility of such decisions will be assessed at the next board meeting.

Recall, as RBC wrote, earlier market analysts predicted a rate hike. director, which was set at 0.5 & # 8211; 1 point. The most accurate forecast was given by Bloomberg, assuming growth will be 1pp, which has happened.

It is known that in June the price growth in Russia amounted to 6.5%, which was the maximum value since 2016 … So, for example, by compared with May, potato prices rose 20.3%, building materials 23.9%.

In July growth slowed, which is why Rosstat reported deflation of 0.01%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in the spring of last year Russian banks announced an increase in mortgage and deposit rates.


Russians have been warned about falling prices for clothes and shoes

price drop for clothing and footwear

RBC referred to the gloomy predictions of experts.

Retailers in chain stores in the Russian Federation are reporting a likely increase in prices for clothing and footwear, which could occur this fall and next winter. The minimum price increase will be 10%.

According to RBC, after interviewing experts, the maximum price increase will be 15%. This is the opinion of the head of the Baon Network, Ilya Yaroshenko. Another expert, the boss of Gloria Jeans, Vladimir Melnikov, predicts a rise in prices from 2022 to 18 & # 8211; 20%.

All retailers believe that price increases are inevitable due to the rising cost of logistics and raw materials. So, the founder and one of the owners of the Zenden Group, Andrey Pavlov, said that, according to his calculations, only supplies from Asia (China) to Europe at a price multiplied by 5 to 6.

As for the increase in the cost of raw materials, since January of this year, the price of cotton has increased by 35%. Melnikov clarified that the cost of things in the manufacture of which petroleum products are used has increased.

The publication reports that the spending of Russians on the minimum whole school set also increased by 13%, in mid-July it is estimated at 12,900 rubles.

On average, the price of a student's ready-made set (pencils, pens, office supplies) has increased by 6% since the start of the year and costs 690 rubles.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Moscow is threatened not only by rising food prices, but also by a shortage of goods.


US and Germany have agreed on “Nord Stream-2”

USA and Germany Agree on & ldquo; Nord Stream 2 & rdquo;

Insiders announced increased funding for the Ukrainian energy sector.

The media, citing their sources, claim that the United States and Germany have been successful in resolving the disputes that have arisen over the Nord Stream 2 project.

So, according to Reuters, over Last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Joe Biden, discussing & # 8220; Nord Stream 2 & # 8221; and the impact of the launch of the project on Russian-Ukrainian relations.

According to Merkel, the positions of the two countries on this issue were different. For example, Germany believes that the transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine will not stop, and the SP-2 will not replace the transit of Kiev.

According to sources, “everything is fine”, the negotiations will soon end.

A second insider clarified that the US and Germany are close to a deal that blocks the possibility of further US sanctions on the project, which could be directed at the operator of the Nord Stream project. 2 AG and its director Matthias Warnig.

The two countries also intend to better finance the Ukrainian energy sector and monitor the country's energy security.

The way in which the intentions will be realized is still unknown. Both government funding and the use of private sources are possible.

As Topnews wrote, & # 8220; & # 8221; SP-2 & # 8221; & # 8211; These are two pipeline lines for 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which are laid from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

The project has repeatedly become the subject of conflicts between Russian Federation and Western countries, which is why the construction of the gas pipeline has stopped over Once.


Putin named four main unresolved issues in Russia

Putin named four main ones unresolved Russia & # 39; s problems

As the President pointed out, these problems are currently the most sensitive for the citizens of the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects, spoke about four unresolved issues in the country, despite significant progress and achievements in various fields.

According to the head of state, the main problems in Russia continue to be the poor and low wages and incomes of families, as well as insufficient work in primary health care and the problem with the school building fund.

As stressed president, these problems are currently the most sensitive for the citizens of the country.

For a solution, Putin proposed to continue to increase growth rates both in the economic and social spheres, as in the spheres of development and improvement of the regions.

It is also worth, as Putin noted, to pay attention to environmental issues.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Putin has ordered families with children exempt from home sales tax.


'They eat everything': German Sterligov insults Russians who buy food in supermarkets

'They eat everything': German Sterligov insulted Russians who buy food in supermarkets

The businessman sure idiots go to chain stores.

Russian businessman German Sterligov spoke acutely about food buyers in supermarkets.

The businessman commented on the news about the fall in the price of bananas in the country and called Russians who frequent chain stores as ” idiots ”.

In an interview with, Sterligov said that in Russia it was necessary to think about the production of bananas earlier, but now it is too late.

At the same time, there are “idiots” in the land who buy this poison – “gmosh bananas grown on chemistry.”

According to the businessman, the demand for bananas will drop, which means that the logistics with the delivery of the fruit will also collapse. At the same time, Russians still don't care what to “stuff and devour”.

Sterligov designated the “domain”, which constitutes the majority of the population not only in the Russian Federation, but all over the world.

“This is the class of those who eat in the fillets, so they eat right away: you give them bananas – they eat bananas, they eat don't care what to eat, the main thing is that the price be lower “, & # 8211; didn't hesitate in Sterligov's expressions.

The businessman is sure these citizens will disappear eventually, and the prospect does not upset him.

Meanwhile, according to the latest data, the cost of bananas reached 2016 prices. In June, the cost of fruit fell to 84.1 rubles. Bananas were the most expensive in the spring of 2015 – about 96 rubles.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Herman Sterligov has made headlines more than once, voicing his opinion virulently.

So in 2019 the shocking entrepreneur sentenced schoolchildren for the BDSM ball in Vladivostok and said they “deserve to die”.


Media: Rostrud clarified how unvaccinated employees should be removed from work

Media: Rostrud explained how unvaccinated employees should be taken off work

Even employees working remotely can be taken off work.

Rostrud elaborated on the rules for firing employees who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

They write about it & # 8220; Izvestia & # 8221; citing a letter from the ministry.

The message states that the employer can remove an unvaccinated employee from work without pay.

Relevant requirements apply even to those who work remotely and do not have a medical point.

The work suspension must be pronounced after August 15th. Beforehand, the employer must request a written exemption from vaccination from his employee.

Such a person can return to work either after being vaccinated or after the end of the pandemic.

As noted in Rostrud's letter, the work suspension is provided for in article 76 of the Labor Code. In this case, the department refers to the law & # 8220; On the 'immunization of infectious diseases' Disease that the head of the Ministry of Health reported how many Russians got sick from the coronavirus after vaccination.

He also noted that people between the ages of 18 and 30 have fallen seriously ill with the coronavirus.


Russian families named the minimum income required in the event of a pandemic

Russian named families minimum income required in the event of a pandemic

Rosstat compared the level of household income before and during the coronavirus crisis.

Rosstat provided data on how much money Russian families need each month to make ends meet during a pandemic.

Total income is expected to be at least 61,000 rubles, which is 2,500 more than in 2018. According to the agency, 25% of families do not have financial difficulties.

According to the survey, 76% of them experience both major and minor difficulties, others can only buy what they need.

Judging by the results of the study “Comprehensive monitoring of living conditions of the population” for 2020, the financial situation of Russian families has improved compared to two years ago.

79.5% of families were having difficulty with material support even with minimal purchases, in 2016 & # 8211; 84.6%.

If we consider the categories of families, then more than others the cost of living has increased among young households with children, their monthly expenditure is 80,900 rubles. The expenses of families with disabled children increased further: 88,400 rubles.

Recall that such studies are carried out by the department every two years, the current survey took place in the fall of 2020, and included data received from 100,000 families.

As Topnews wrote, in October of last year, Rosstat calculated that 64% of young families only had enough money for food and clothing.

In addition, the department announced data on real wages in Russia in April – May this year. It rose 2.5% from March.


The Ministry of Finance has proposed to increase insurance premiums for wages above 122,000 rubles per month

 The Ministry of Finance has proposed to increase the insurance premiums for wages above 122,000 rubles per month

In total, the adjustment of the tax system includes nine measures.

The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes to increase insurance premiums for salaries exceeding 122,000 rubles per month.

As Forbes clarified, this is a measure proposed by the Budget Committee Department to increase tax revenue to the Treasury by increasing the collection of dues.

Recall that at present the employer takes 22% of the salaries of the employees of the FIU. This continues until the cumulative amount reaches 1.46 million rubles.

After exceeding this threshold, the rate is reduced to 10%.

The innovation, according to the calculations of analysts from the Ministry of Finance, is able to give the country's budget an additional 16 billion rubles next year, as well as 45 billion & # 8211; in 2024. The publication clarifies that the height of the new threshold is unknown.

Additionally, according to Forbes, the agency intends to introduce new rules for calculating property tax at a price of more than 500 million rubles. He wants to tax the owners of such property at 0.3%.

For the moment, the rate is differentiated. For example, for dwellings and garages, it is 0.1%. With the increase and unification of the rate, the budget can receive an additional 50 billion rubles every year.

As part of the tax readjustment, the department, in total, has proposed nine measures, including an increase in excise alcohol taxes from next year by 10%.

Earlier, Topnews reported that State Duma MK Rashkin said the department was secretly preparing a new pension reform.


Forbes named the 100 richest Russian officials

Forbes named the top 100 Russian officials richer

According to analysts, the Russian authorities have been enriched by pandemics.

According to Forbes experts, the real incomes of Russian officials and MPs increased during the pandemic year 2020.

This conclusion was drawn by experts on the basis of the Analysis of the tax return.

The top 100 richest public servants increased their incomes from 65.8 billion in 2019 to 75.9 billion in 2020, and 34 participants in the current ranking were not in the previous list.

The list was topped by the deputy of the Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly Konstantin Strukov , whose family earned 8.6 billion rubles in 2020, or 3 , 5 billion more than a year earlier.

Strukov is the President of & # 8220; Yuzhuralzoloto & # 8221; and In 2020, there was an increase in the price of gold around the world, which helped the official get rich.

Next comes the representative of the ZAKS of Kamchatka Igor Yevtushok , who earned 7.7 billion rubles, with 2.7 billion of this amount going to his wife. In 2019, the family of an official declared income of 5.5 billion.

The three leaders are closed by the deputy of the Sakhalin Regional Duma Dmitry Pashov . In 2020, its revenues increased from 6.2 billion rubles to 6.3 billion. Last March, Pashov was arrested for customs payment fraud.

By the way, among the heads of regions, the leader is the representative of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov , whose family earned 382.7 million rubles in the during the pandemic year 2020.

In government, the richest in 2020 was Denis Manturov , who with his family won 754 million.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Forbes had 117 dollar millionaires in Russia. The list was published in April 2021.