Pensioners warned about new rule for withdrawing money from the card

Pensioners warned about the new rule for withdrawing money from the card

Experts recommend withdrawing savings at least once every six months.

The media reports the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, due to which the rules for withdrawing pensions paid on the card have changed.

According to PRIMPRESS, the changes protect citizens . The reason for the court ruling was an incident with a military retiree who had not withdrawn his pension from his bank card for 10 years.

When he attempted to do so, the bank refused him, citing a norm that regulates the rules for receiving pension payments.

According to previous regulations, if a pensioner does not withdraw money from the card for a long time , it is considered not received and the funds are returned to the bank.

They agreed to give him money only for three years.

The new Constitutional Court ruling not only restored the pensioner's rights to receive statutory payments, but also introduced a rule that would allow everyone else to receive funds six months later and more late.

However, the publication's experts point out that it is better to cash out the accumulated money at least once every six months to avoid unnecessary problems.< /p >

As Topnews wrote earlier, the retirement terms are named after the “former” retirement age.


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