Polish court overturns almost 6.5 billion euro fine on Gazprom for building Nord Stream 2

Polish court overturns fine of nearly «6.5 billion for Gazprom for construction of Nord Stream 2” /></p>
<p> Verdict affects five other construction companies </p>
<p>The Office for Competition and Consumer Protection of Poland (UOKiK) reported that the sanctions against the Russian company 'Gazprom' in the amount of 29.08 billion zlotys (6.46 billion euros) was cancelled.</p>
<p>The reason for the antimonopoly authority is the cancellation of the decision of the Polish competition and consumer protection court.</p>
<p>A large part of the Russian monopoly had to pay to start the construction of the “Nord Stream-2” gas pipeline.</p>
<p>The five companies that participated in the construction also received fines, the total amount of which is 52 million euros. The Polish court issued a similar ruling against them.</p>
<p>For its part, the UOKiK declares that it intends to appeal the court's decision.</p>
<p>The agency explained that the court called the absence of all six companies the reason for the cancellation of the fine only one company, which makes it impossible to determine the consequences of their actions on the economy of the country.</p>
<p>Furthermore , the judges decided that the UOKiK's expertise was incorrect, because the department does not have jurisdiction to evaluate the companies' attempts to circumvent the law.</p>
<p>We know that UOKiK, in addition to Gazprom, fined Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall.</p>
<p>This happened on October 7, 2020. Now the completed gas pipeline n& #39;is not in service.</p>
<p>Earlier, Topnews wrote that “Gazprom” played on Siemens demands and signed the verdict for Europe.</p>
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