Political scientist: Europe 'shot itself in the foot', making Russia $ 50 billion rich

Political scientist: Europe

According to the expert, the current situation of the European gas market is beneficial for Russia.

According to political analyst Dmitry Abzalov, tying gas prices from Russia to the spot market allows our country to receive 50 billion rubles in two years.

He is convinced that the current situation of gas in the European market is more profitable than ever for Russia.

The political scientist noted that the price of the resource in the contracts of & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221;, as a rule, is tied to the spot changes, so the cost of fuel responds to the spot correction.

By the middle of 2022, as Abzalov expects, Russian & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; will supply blue fuel to Europe at prices close to the current market price & # 8211; more than $ 1000 per thousand cubic meters.

Thus, Russia will receive a whopping $ 50 billion in the budget.

& # 8220; We will get the same high prices next year & # 8230; & # 8220;, & # 8211; he said, noting that the main budget revenue comes from tariffs linked to the price.

There is no doubt that high gas prices in Europe will remain at least until April 2022 due to the shortage of blue fuel, which will intensify.

& # 8220; The demand for gas will increase. The resource will no longer be & # 8221;, & # 8211; the expert has no doubts.

According to him, Europe itself & # 8220; shot himself in the foot & # 8221; due to the fact that she demanded to tie contracts to the spot market and succeeded.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Poland opposes & # 8220; Nord Stream & # 8221 ;.

However, the specialist also noted that Europe shot itself in the foot.

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