Putin raised the price of Gazprom stock in one sentence to SPIEF

Putin increased the value of Gazprom shares in one sentence to SPIEF

The media named the key points of the Russian leader's speech to SPIEF.

Data from the Moscow Stock Exchange indicates that the mention in Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech of the completion of the construction of the first line of Nord Stream 2 has forced Gazprom's stock to rise by 1% to 273.79 rubles per share.

The Russian leader participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, June 4.

Recall that in his speech, Putin said that the linear works have been completed on the construction of the gas pipeline, including on the offshore section of & # 8220; Nord Stream 2 & # 8221 ;.

As he noted, & # 8220; lift and weld & # 8221; pipes from the Russian side, from the German & # 8220; the pipe has arrived & # 8221 ;.

Among the key topics, Vladimir Putin named a new form of support that Russian companies will receive.

Thus, this year a new scheme of lending to small and medium-sized enterprises Medium-sized enterprises will start their activities.

According to him, it is planned to launch a provision ” umbrella 'guarantees. They will be issued by the “Corporation PME”, which & # 8220; will assume part of the risk & # 8221; entrepreneurs, and credit will become more affordable than before, said the head of state.

In turn, businessmen will be able to carve out additional resources for development. As the President explained, this fund will amount to around 600 billion rubles by 2024.

A number of other great topics were also brought up. Thus, the president stressed that the discussion is now underway to organize the vaccinations of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation on a paid basis, the government will make a proposal in June.

According to the head of the & State, Russian medicine is recognized as the safest and most effective with minimal side effects.

The head of state also raised the issue of mortgages. According to him, concessional loans for housing can be extended until July 1 of next year, plans to increase the annual rate & # 8211; from 6.5% to 7%. The limit will be 3 million rubles.

As for loans to families, if a child is born after January 1, 2018, it will be one of the beneficiaries of a preferential mortgage.

Companies operating in the catering sector with an annual income of up to 2 billion per year will be exempt from paying VAT. The president also mentioned that the commission in the fast payments system will be reduced to zero for small and medium-sized businesses.

According to Vladimir Putin, in the next 2, 5 years the volume of real investments in the regions should be at least 500 billion rubles. He also pointed out that the authorities managed to avert a catastrophe, having managed to save millions of jobs and prevent a sharp drop in income.

He also touched on the problem of climate change, calling it “nonsense, myth and downright distortion” the view that they are not concerned.

By order of the President, the government is to present a lower emissions reduction plan than the EU's by October 1.

Earlier, Topnews reported that the president intended to announce a new economic policy for Russia. This was announced to the media by the President of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov.

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