Renault plant to resume production of Moskvich cars in Moscow

В In Moscow, the Renault plant will resume production of Moskvich cars /></p>
<p> This was stated by the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin. </p>
<p>The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, announced that the Renault plant in Moscow will become the property of the capital.</p>
<p>According to him, the enterprise will be used for the production of cars, as before.</p >
<p>Thus, the authorities intend to resume the production of cars of the Moskvich brand.</p>
<p>The mayor explained that the decision was taken after the former owner of the car ;factory, Renault represented by CJSC “ Renault Russia”, announced the closure of the company.</p>
<p>“It's his right,” – Sobianine said.</p>
<p>He added that authorities in the capital will do everything possible to ensure that factory workers do not lose their jobs. Thus, the idea arose to transfer the household brand to the city's balance and renovate it.</p>
<p>Shortly before that, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that all Russian assets of the French company would become state property.</p>
<p>Thus, with the exception of the Moscow plant, the share of Renault in AvtoVAZ, which represents 67.69% of the automaker's shares, will be transferred to FSUE NAMI. And the remaining shares of “AvtoVAZp” The state company “Rostec” will retain it.</p>
<p>As for the maintenance of cars, Renault service in Russia will be entrusted to “AvtoVAZ”, which will continue to produce models Lada. </p>
<p>The department explained that the French company has the right to buy back the share for another six years.</p>
<p>Earlier, Topnews wrote that the boss of Renault and Nissan , Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in Japan.</p>
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