Reuters: Russian airlines dismantle planes for parts due to sanctions

Reuters: Russian airlines dismantling planes for spare parts due to sanctions

The agency reports that the Russian government had previously recommended such measures.

Russian airlines, which have fallen under Western sanctions, have begun to dismantle the aircraft.

Thus, the owners of the ships intend to ensure the availability of parts spare parts.

In particular, they are now standing on the ground and dismantling several aircraft, including the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and the Airbus A350, owned by Aeroflot.

This is reported by Reuters, citing four aviation industry sources.

At the same time, the agency reports that the Airbus A350 – the liner, which had virtually no maintenance issues, the ship is “almost new”, the source notes.

A similar fate befell two other “Aeroflot& #8221; – Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, from which special equipment was removed.

The reason for this is that these parts are needed for the remaining ships.

The authors of the documents believe that by decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, which recommended airlines, against the background of sanctions, to dismantle some of the planes they used.

Thus, there are guarantees that in the event of a breakdown, foreign ships will receive repairs and will be able to stay in the skies until at least 2025.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Boeing suspended airline maintenance Russian airlines and the supply of spare parts.


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