Russia allowed the emergence of a tax on meat

The tax has been authorized to appear in Russia for meat

Experts believe that containing climate change will require such a global measure.

The President's Special Representative of Russia for Digital and Technological Development Dmitry Peskov has said that a new tax may appear in Russia.

The expert named the reason for climate change, which will affect the quality of the produced product. To contain them, comprehensive measures will be necessary, he believes.

As quoted by an expert from TASS, Peskov believes that such an accounting policy, which marks the hydrocarbon footprint, could also affect Russian animal production.

He predicted that in the next few years, producers will be “strongly outraged”, and then the authorities will have to move on to introducing a tax on meat. Under the influence of the climate agenda, the sphere itself will also change, new technologies will emerge in Russian breeding.

Media reports that previously the introduction of a meat tax was proposed by the Beyond Meat company. Founder Ethan Brown believes the measures will force people to eat less of it.

According to the entrepreneur, & # 8220; Piguvian & # 8221; the tax should target meat of animal origin. It will be expressed by receiving payments from companies which in the course of their activities have a negative effect on society.

And developing countries will force the tax to invest in the production of a product from protein vegetables.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the WHO was going to equate meat with carcinogens, along with cigarettes and arsenic.

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